Saturday, February 11, 2006

Report & Photos of PR Fashion Week

At Project Runway Fashion Week, February 10, Bryant Park
We have the best readers! Click here for an exclusive slide show.

This report came in from Christine who wrote to us even before she posted her experience on her own blog!

so i was there yesterday and it was fabulous! i saw everyone (including austin, and melissa his model from last year, she couldnt have been sweeter) and jay and kara saun. even collier strong was behind me in line! i said hi to him shyly :) michael kors, nina garcia, debra messing, even heatherette! and four of the fab five of queer eye! the only ppl i saw missing were wendy pepper and tim gunn. i was one foot away from anne hathaway!! *swoon* it was total star struckedness.

i was sitting next to david paul, nick's partner of 14 years, who was absolutely darling, and also enjoyed meeting marla's friend donna who came up from bethlehem, pa for the show.

i will blog the entire experience soon (on bliu blog and how everyone was (basically they were just as they seemed on the show, andrae v. enthusiastic, nick as sweet as can be, gentlemanly emmett, lupe super smiley, etc. and all in good spirits esp from 3 nonstop days of reunion filming i can imagine ) but i have some pix up here.

i can email to anyone interested higher res versions of any of the photos (2048 x 1536) if you want to zoom in.

i didnt take any pix of the actual runway action (since i figured the press would do a better job anyway) and because i was so awestruck at the clothes. it was such an emotional thing, i almost cried! esp knowing that these designers really put their souls on the line, and you know all their energies and love and passion were embodied in these pieces.

chloe's enormous fam is so cute (she has 7 sisters!) and heidi is the most beautiful woman ever, and very light-hearted and happy. she was goodhearted when they had to refilm the opening sequence, and heidi teased, 'what is this? the cameras werent on? we have to do this again? baloney!' with a smile. she was adorable, and also esp. giving interviews to the press in german afterwards.

anyway, enjoy!! if you have some questions for now, i'd be happy to divulge. it was a wonderful wonderful experience, and i feel so lucky. i'll be thrilled to share my story with BPR readers.

Wow, Christine! Thanks for sharing with us. Hugs to you from all of the readers of Blogging Project Runway!


nsa said...

Thanks Christine! The photos are a great behind the scenes look at Fashion Week.

It looks like Diana is wearing one of her mathematical pattern knits!

AJ said...

Christine, these are wonderful! Thank you so much for sharing the pictures with us...I love them!

Anonymous said...

Thank you so much! I'd love to hear what you thought of the clothes later.

I'm not sure who's prettier, Austin or the guy from Heatherette.

OurBoyDaniel said...

Hey Christine, thank you!! Great fun pix, great report. I am so glad Diana gave her ticket to you!

lem0ntart said...

Thanks for sharing with us! :) The photos are fun to look at.

christine said...

hey all -- so happy that i could deliver as token BPR spy + representative at the show! yes, good eye, diana is wearing her mathematical knit coat (as showcased at the seamless fashion show last week in boston.

heatherette were so fabulous. as you can tell, they milked the attention for as all get out. actually, IMG fashion week used one of their graphic motifs as one of the official graphics of the entire event! (i.e. for the publications, wallcoverings, website, etc.)

since i took off a day and a half to get to new york and back, i'm using today to work a little bit. :) soon after i will post the entire experience. all i can say is that i was surprised by all the collections! i.e. they werent what i was expecting at all from them from the work we saw on the project runway episodes. but there were good surprises :)

austin was gorgeous. see those air kisses?

btw, on flickr the photos are in reverse chronological order. sorry for taking so many redundant shots, i wanted to make sure i had at least one good one without much blurriness! it's all about the non-flash and the steady hand. :)

anyway, we all could use another pic of heidi to go around... heh.

Tbone said...

Thanks so much, Christine, we appreciate your inside look. The photo of Grace standing a foot and a half above all of Chloe's sisters is priceless!

JRT said...

hey christine, your photos were great. i commented on two of them, but i will repeat the comments in here:

Emmett in that fur coat just made me die laughing. It is so Emmett.

And geez, Grace looks like a giraffe compared to most of the people she was standing around.

Great photos again, you did an AWESOME job. Loved seeing them all in their natural environment (ha ha, talking about them like they are animals). And by the way, so jealous of you.

fashionasart said...

Lovely of you to share the experience with us. It was really the next best thing to being there in person. And I did consider it.

You could feel the drama, and everyone seemed to be on the same page, including the "graduate class". Certainly not like what we're been dealing with in recent episodes.

Rightfully, all the drama was in the fashion where it belongs.
Not one photograph of Daniel though, by which I'm assuming that he was backstage finalizing his collection, not socializing and making the (for some) obligatory social rounds.

GOOD JOB. You're hired!!!!! :)

christine said...

hi y'all! (to paraphrase chloe!) i just wrote up my blog post about the show. hope it satisfies! read about it, and look forward to the next final episodes of PR!

i didnt see daniel out at all, he was probably in the back, getting a shiatsu to iron out his nerves! :)

Anonymous said...

Hello again,
More anonymous thanks (I commented above about Richie Rich and Austin).
Reading your full account was delightful! It sounds like you really appreciated and soaked up the whole experience. It's nice to be able to share in some of the energy of that day through your eloquent blog!

grudge girl said...

Christine! It was just like being there! I absolutely loved the one of Grace just towering above Chloe's family. That was hilarious! I also loved the one of Richie Rich winking at you while everyone else is a blur. Very FASHION, that.

Austin's makeup was FABulous! Gosh, everyone looked just great. As did you!

Chills, I tell you... CHILLS!

Chiffonista said...

I'm verklempt!