Saturday, February 25, 2006

The Saying Goes "Money Talks ..."

... and, well, you know-what-walks. That sounds fitting for a runway, doesn't it?

This is in from BPR reader Lissette (she even compiled a spreadsheet!):


Who's your favorite designer? We each have an opinion, but if you judge who this season's best designer is, based on the total gross sales of their garments (from the Project Runway online auctions of the season two episodes' garments*), you may (or may not) be pleasantly surprised!

The "best" season two designers (based on total sales*) are as follows (dollar figure represents total sales gross**):

  1. Nick.........$4,967
  2. Santino.....$4,611
  3. Daniel V....$4,169
  4. Chloe.......$3,931
  5. Kara........$2,183
  6. Andrae.....$2,098
  7. Emmett....$1,336
  8. Diana.......$1,220
  9. Zulema.....$1,112
  10. Guadalupe....$875
  11. Daniel F.......$870
  12. Marla..........$635
  13. Raymundo....$505
  14. Heidi...........$90
  15. Kirsten.........$75
  16. John............$65

* The auctions considered for these results include: all garments from episodes 1 - 11 (except for the Episode 9: Garden Party outfits) and each designers' MyScene Barbie from episode 3 "All Dolled Up".

** All sales figures were rounded up to the nearest dollar. Auctions not considered or included in the Total Sales Gross include miscellaneous projects, such as:
1) the MyScene Barbies sold with Nick's autograph (Sales of which totaled $1465)
2) Olympus Fashion Week - Project Runway Fashion Show Tickets
3) the yet undetermined, Designers' Original Sketches


Maggie said...

Shouldn't the "favorite" be based on average sales (i.e. total sales/# of episodes), since not all of the designers were there for the same amount of time?

For example (remember - these are averages PER item):

Nick: $496.7
Santino: $419.18
Daniel V: $379
Chloe: $357.36
Andrae: $233.11
Daniel F: $217.5
Diana: $203.33
Kara: $198.45
Emmett: $190.86
Guadalupe: $175
Raymundo: $168.33
Zulema: $139
Marla: $105.83
Heidi: $90
John: $65
Kirsten: $37.5

It's pretty much the same (especially at the top), except it's putting the designers on a level playing field and you can really compare. But the few changes are BIG: people were willing to pay more for the few things that Daniel Franco created than for Kara's stuff or Diana. Zulema moves towards the bottom of the pile, even below Raymundo.

I'm a statistics dork, so...this is just my obsession.

nsa said...

I must say I agree with Maggie :) Any method that gives Diana a leg up, I'm in agreement with :)

However, I think both ways of calculating the favorites have merit. It's nice to see how much these auctions have raised.

The Scarlett said...

I believe Lissette is an accountant, Maggie, but I like seeing the statistics, too. I'm glad you were the first comment! :)

Jan the Dan Fan said...

Daniel's sales $ will go way up once you include his evening gown. It went for over $1,000.

Maggie said...

Scarlett - I'm not saying Lissette did anything wrong - I'm totally trusting her on on the gross sales for each designer. BUT, because some of the designers had more episodes to create something to be auctioned, obviously those who were on the longest will have a higher total. Looking at these totals is just that - the only ones on the original list that you can scientifically compare are Santino, Daniel V., and Chloe, because they had the exact same number of items up for auction.

If there are any math/science people out there, you might remember it as being something like dimensional analysis (something you can google easily, but again - it's not exactly like the same). Think of it this way - someone who makes $2000 in one week of work, but doesn't work for the other 3 weeks of the month makes the same amount of money in a month as someone who works 4 weeks and makes $2000. The difference between these two people is that one is making $2000 a week, and the other is actually making $500 a week.

Does that make sense? I just want to explain why I did what I did to Lissette's numbers.

I bet you all never thought you'd see so much math on BPR - I guess it took the math-y stuff brings me out of lurkdom. Perhaps this explains my affection for Diana's designs...

Anonymous said...

Just a thought - Nick's all dressed up garment for MyScene Barbie was bought by Mattel for $1700 -

and was it Guadalupe's clothes off your back garment that was bought by her boyfriend? - because she had used her underwear in it

The Scarlett said...

Maggie, I'm not saying it is wrong at all. In fact, I like that you took the time to do that because it presents the numbers in a new light. Also, I like that Project Runway can be observed and appreciated on different levels. I found the statistical perspective you gave interesting and I'm really glad you shared it.

PhillyKat said...

omg i thought i was the only nut who was paying attention to the sale amounts. i wonder if she was bored the first time too?