Wednesday, February 15, 2006

This is For Matthew's Live-Posting of Episode #11


Matthew said...

Hi, folks!

First, thanks ever so much to Laura for allowing me to live-blog tonight's episode of our favorite reality show.

It's coming close to show time.

See you in the sewing room. :-)

Matthew said...

To recap where we stand:

Last week, we lost lovable Nick as he went out in a blaze of menswear glory. The suit he designed for Daniel Vosovic was not well-liked by the judges (although I quite liked it).

Santino designed an Emma Peel-type jumpsuit for Kara which was falling apart on the runway, but he managed to make it through.

Kara's design for Santino was well-received. Daniel V. was told he was lucky to have had immunity for the challenge, with his outfit for Chloe being picked-apart like nobody's business.

Chloe won the challenge, with a very smart and swanky vest for Nick. Good job, Chloe!

This past Friday was the runway show for "our" designer's collections for Olympus Fashion Week. Four designers showed their work, but only three are "real." One is a decoy. Tonight, we'll find out which one that is...

Matthew said...

All we know for sure about tonight's episode is that the remaining four designers will have to design an evening dress for a superstar of some sort, and that whoever is left will be in the Final Three.

It's almost that time, kids! Grab your popcorn, make your tea, curl up on the couch, and let the catfight... er, I mean designing begin! :-)

Matthew said...

It's the "greatest hits" bit for the previous episode. Who designed for who. Foreshadowing of Nick's auf'ing. Replay of the drama.

All good.

Matthew said...

We open with Chloe and Kara freshening up in their apartment.

Kara is recounting how Santino bullied her pre-runway during the last challenge.

Chloe is sad to see Nick gone.

Did Kara just say that Daniel was too young to make it to the Final Three? Did I hear that right?

Nick and Santino are interviewing that they basically don't like each other.

Matthew said...

Heidi's words:

The evening gown they are to design is going to "represent [their] collection for Olympus Fashion Week."

Matthew said...

The models are brought out.

Chloe stays with Grace.

Rachel is out.

Wow, Rachel survived Zulema's demise, only to get cut a couple episodes later.

Oh well.

Matthew said...

Tim Gunn is taking the designers on a field trip to meet with "fashion icon" Fern Mallis. Why is it I never know who these people are?

Matthew said...

Santino asks Fern if people at runway shows remember the stuff they don't like more than the stuff they do like.

Hmmmm. What do you have in mind, Santino?

Fern tells them to be nice.

Daniel says he wanted to look at Santino at that moment.

You're not the only one, brother.

Matthew said...

The designers are back at Parson's, discussing the themes for their dresses.

Chloe says she wants "clean lines."

Get me the smelling salts, someone. That's a shock. :-P

Matthew said...

It's 'shopping for fabric' time.

They have $300. Wow.

I keep hearing the word "chiffon" thrown around.

Where the hell is it?

Matthew said...

Daniel is complimenting Kara.

Kara compliments Santino (wow), but Santino interviews that he basically doesn't give a damn.

Nice, man. Way to be.

Matthew said...

Santino is pressing people's buttons.

Of course, that sentence could fit into any episode, sans the "Red Lobster" outing.

Matthew said...

Awwww. Nick left Daniel a "good luck" message on the 3D chalkboard for Daniel!

This has set Santino off. He's not happy with anyone, and isn't holding back.

Daniel is talking back to Santino, letting him know exactly how he feels. You go, boy. Santino's needle is apparently stuck in a groove, as he keeps saying, "Whatever."

Matthew said...

Commercial break:

From the previews, it looks like we'll find out in the next segment who the "celebrity" is they're designing the dress for.

Honestly, shouldn't they have known this before sketching and buying the fabric?

Also, this would appear to make it a double-challenge, what with this dress also having to represent the theme of their Olympus Fashion Week collection.


Matthew said...

We're back: Santino is still complaining about Daniel.

The days of "Red Lobster" and Timpressions hilarity are over, friends.

Matthew said...

Tim is checking on everyone. Can we say "It's Make It Work!" time?

Daniel seems a little unsure of his design. He and Tim are worried that his dress is looking "too period" (translation: "too old").

Chloe's design is bothering Tim.

Tim thinks Santino's is "beautiful," although the design is ambitious, and he's worried about time management.

Matthew said...

Tim's announcement:

The celebrity is supermodel "Iman."


I've liked her ever since she was in Star Trek VI.

The designers are, appropriately, excited.

Matthew said...

Daniel says he wants to win "bad," and that it could jumpstart their careers.

Chloe corrects him and says it would jumpstart his career.

What is it tonight with everyone suddenly pointing out how young Daniel is?

Matthew said...

Montage of everyone working on their outfits.

Tim is taking them all on a field trip during their dinner break.

Matthew said...


They're at a party with Heidi, MK, Austin Scarlett, Jay McCarroll, and some of the models.

Cue thumping club music.

Matthew said...

Jay just told Santino, "I hope you get canned."


Matthew said...

Kara Saun's talking with Chloe, and says how much her life changed after PR.

MK is telling the designers how "invigorated" he feels watching them.

Is it me, or does MK sound a wee bit tipsy?

Matthew said...

Commercial break:

In a preview for next segment, Tim Gunn says "big fat ass."

That's worth the price of admission (if there was a price of admission).

Matthew said...

Back: everyone's returning to Parsons from the party.

The designers have until 1am to finish their dresses.

"Make it work."

Matthew said...

Oh, dear.

Santino's dress is seventies gold with shiny circular things hanging down from the lower sides.


Matthew said...

Cue late-night apartment conversations.

The girls don't "get" Santino's dress.

Santino tells Daniel that he can't believe how "safe" they all played (aside from himself, of course).

I have a feeling that the judges will either love and reward Santino, or send him packing.

Matthew said...

The next day:

Kara asks Santino for help. He turns her down, saying he has to look after himself.

Tim comes in and says he doesn't like Chloe's dress. Apparently, it has a "big fat ass."

He doesn't like Kara's much better. He says it's "just a dress."

Daniel's is a blue dress with straps. He's confident that it'll work on the runway.

Tim says Santino's looks like a "costume."

Matthew said...

It's Loreal prep room time.

The designers are nervous.

Santino is doing another MK impression.

Matthew said...

The models are dressed.

Chloe's outfit looks nice. It's a good grey color. Very "clean" looking.

Matthew said...

Commercial break:

Uh-oh. The previews show that Iman is a guest judge. MK and Nina are basically saying that someone (or someones played it safe, and "boring."

Cue a smug-looking Santino.

Daniel flashes a look reminiscent of his reaction to being dressed-down during last week's runway scolding.


It's getting tense, folks.

Matthew said...

We're back.

Heidi welcomes the designers to the runway.

She says "this is it," and congratulates them on having made it this far. Good for her.

It's time for the runway...

Matthew said...

Iman is a guesy judge, and will wear the winning dress at a fashion event.

Matthew said...

I just wanted to apologize to everyone that this thread just ended 20 minutes before the episode was over.

Blogger locked-up on me, and wouldn't let me comment any longer. It happens. I'm just sorry it had to happen tonight.

Take care.

Tbone said...

Mathhew, I share in your frustration. I had the same thing happen to me two of the last three weeks.

Great job up to the freeze-out!