Wednesday, February 01, 2006

Wednesday At Last!

Everyone set for tonight?

I have a lot of new readers so I'm going to review a few things.

First, before you comment, it's a good idea to read through at least two or three days worth of posts. Your comment or question might be something that has already been covered. Also, BPR is more interesting when your comments contribute to the discussion. I love it when you agree with me of course, but go ahead and add something new to the thoughts presented. Of course,it's okay to disagree too. BPR would be boring without the many points of view that you all provide. I'm beginning to see this more and more as a collaboration among a group of friendly Project Runway fans and less and less as "my blog."

If you have an entirely new topic to bring up, please e-mail it to me and I'll start a new thread.

Now, for tonight... I'll start two posts again for our east coasts friends to live-post the show. This means that west coast folks (like me) can tune in early and read the discussion. This is also a great opportunity for those who can't watch the show live because they are at work, or don't have cable, or for any other reason. Here in Arizona, the show doesn't start until 11:00. So, you can imagine how distressing it is to visit the Bravo website at 9:00 (my time) and see all of the results posted already. It took me a few weeks to realize this - but once I did, it kind of made me mad. This of course, motivated me to positive action!

If any newbies are curious about how this looks, just go back in the archives to the posts titled: SPOILER ALERT - Live-Posting....etc...

No - something new for tonight: I am NOT going to title these posts "SPOILER-ALERT." Instead I'm just going to call them "Live-Posting." It is possible that when some see "Spoiler Alert" they believe that is an invitation to post spoilers - which it is not. In fact anyone posting an actual spoiler on this post would ruin it - so to avoid any confusion I'm just not going to include this in the title. I hope this is clear.

Now on to the fun:

Once again, I'll set up two threads. I like the way this works. One will be for Tbone only to post his commentary in one voice. The second thread is for the party. That is everyone and anyone who would like to chime in. Let me make this perfectly clear: Any and all west coasters who are watching the show are welcome and encouraged to post commentary during the broadcast of tonight's episode. Sound like fun? It is!

So, just to be sure that we have interest in this - and to encouage others to participate, could I get a head-count? Who will accept this invitation and join the party and live-post the show tonight? TBone? AJ? Moi;? Phillykat? Erin? Diana? Marianne? Divine Calm? Ourboydaniel? Jose? Mike? Scarlett? Dorian? Pursedeals? Gigi? Jennifer? Robin? All Newbies are welcome too, of course. Please check in - it reassures me! Thanks.


diana said...

Count me in... I have an ochem exam tonight so PR is the only thing getting me through today :)

Tbone said...

Are you kidding me, Laura? You know I wouldn't miss this for the world.

Notice to all - I am more than willing to let someone else have a crack at the solo thread for future episodes if they like. Just let LK know!

My biggest challenge on Wednesdays is trying to pretend that I am actually getting any work done at work!!

AJ said...

diana, I like your pic:)

I'll try to pop in during commercials since I watch w/ my mom. I'm sure I'll be doing plenty of steaming over the immunity aspect that is sure to happen...

AJ said...

tbone, me too! It's awful...I'm all like "What face will Andrae make tonight?" "What will the Timpressions sound like?" "Will Daniel V. curse like a sailor again?"

That and my job is DREADFULLY boring!

Matthew said...

predictions for tonight:

(fantasy world)

OUT: Santino (even though he's mellowed lately, and his Timpressions are fabulous)

IN: Andrae

(reality-based world)

OUT: Kara

IN: Santino

Also, as someone who didn't watch the first season of PR, I was surprised to find out (via an episode synopsis from another fan site) that Jay never won a challenge until the final episode, when he won the whole she-bang.

What's up with that? Given this, isn't Kara cruising toward victory at this point? Maybe not...

diana said...

Haha no way is Kara cruising toward victory... Jay come in second a couple times, most notably in the Banana Republic challenge with his "Chrystler Building" dress. I think the only reason he didn't win that challenge is because the dress was very intricate & would have been to expensive for Banana to mass produce

misterminm said...

I think that Jay also came in second for the swimsuit challenge with his S&M strappy thing. Austin won that one with the Esther Williams inspired bathing attire.

I think that I might try to do some live posting tonight for the first time....we'll see.

AJ said...

Kara has been bottom 2 or 3 too many times IMO.

It's also obvious to viewers how she is sort of skating along in the competition. I've said before that I don't think Kara is a bad designer, I just don't think that she has the experience and vision that the other contestants have.

And misterminm, definitely try to post. It's fun and easier to remember the funny/cute/awesome things that happen if you post in real time.

Curly Glamour Girlie said...

Ahhhh...but Santino has been on the chopping block and would've been gone already if someone else's design hadn't been worse than his.

But, taking tonight's challenge into consideration - I think it's a 'Santino-friendly' challenge. But so was last week's and he missed that boat.

My picks

OUT: Kara
WINNER: Santino

My DH's picks

OUT: Andre

I keep telling him that that's a long shot, but he's sticking to his guns!

Selestar said...

Hi everyone,

I guess I'm the new kid on the block (blog???).

I suppose the only comment I have to make at the moment is that I'm with matthew on his "reality-based" guesses for tonight. I'd rather see Santino go, but I'm questionable on Kara's overall talent and skill.
In any case, I'll be around tonight and should be able to live post since I'll be watching it on my TV tuner on the computer. Can't wait!!

Marsha said...

I may not see the show tonight because I have a late class, but I LOVE coming here for the commentary -- even if it ends up giving away what happened! Laura K, you've got a rockin' bunch o' PR fans here!

travis said...

my laptop is already on the couch and fired up...the tivo is set...9hrs and counting...k, gotta get back to life for now.

oh, and I finally registered for an account so now i'm legal to post

The Scarlett said...

Laura, I'm so glued to the television during the live show (10:00 Eastern) that I don't post until the second time it is shown, 11:00 Eastern when I will only add something that hasn't been voiced.

jilouise said...

I got in late a couple weeks ago and the episode was nearly over and I thought I would log in to bravo to look at the past challenge outcome again before catching the current weeks winner (rather than just catch the end of the show). Bravo had the winner and loser up 10 minutes before the outcome aired (and yes I do live on the east coast). Poor form, Bravo.

grudge girl said...

I'm so excited! I don't have to work tonight, so I can hang with y'all!

Jan the Dan Fan said...

Count me in too please!

Thanks. Can't wait!!!

LauraK said...

Yay! Sounds like a party to me!

praddicted said...

Okay, Laura, I did it!! And if I can, anyone can!

erin said...

I'll be there! It's the part of hump day I look forward to most!

I've been so busy at work today that I haven't even had time to consider my predictions for tonight's challenge. I am horribly bad at choosing the week's winner and loser.

Moi ;) said...

I'll be there!

Had a MaJor computer crash yesterday, long story but I will be on Dialup so things may be a wee bit slow out here in Podunk Phone Company Country... I hope you are turning off the word veritifcation thing because it takes me forever to load them....

runaway said...

First time poster - though I've certainly been vicariously posting as I read along and agree/disagree. Will try to join in tonight.

Jan the Dan Fan said...

I'm ready!

When can we start???
"Lost" is a repeat so I'm sitting here watching Inspiration for like the zillionth time.
Daniel just gave the air kiss to Nick. LOVE that scene!