Thursday, May 18, 2006

Attention St. Louis!

Kara Janx will be in St. Louis tomorrow afternoon (Saturday, May 20th) for a trunk show at TheTime Boutique 7298 Manchester Road, Maplewood, Mo. 63143 from 12:00 - 4:00. Also, according to this article in the St. Louis Today, The shop is co-sponsoring a local contest for fashion designers called Project St. Louis! What fun! If any of our readers are able to attend - please consider yourselves our designated field reporters and send us a report and some photos : ) Thanks.


Anonymous said...

I'm about 30 minutes from there!

I'll try to make it out there and report back!

LauraK said...

YAY! Thanks Anonymous.

LauraK said...

Oops - my bad - thanks dizzy!

C Merry said...

You will have a wonderful time. Kara is the nicest person! She will be thrilled to see you in the dress. Whats cute is when I put mine on she came up and cinched me in and tied it the right way. What a rare treat to have the actual designer fitting you in the dress she made. I didn't wear it at the boutique, me personally around people with cups of wine, I knew somebody would splash me LOL. Thats just me tho she will probably be so happy to see you in the dress and then you will show people how wonderful it looks too!