Monday, May 08, 2006

BPR Contest: Grand Prize Winner!

Marcia's entry, First ever winner of a BPR contest
Remember how exciting it was when we first got to see the PR Final 4 collections from OFW? Nobody surprised us more than Kara Janx. After barely skating by week after week, she managed to leapfrog Nick and Andrae for a chance to show in the tents at Bryant Park. She went in as the decoy and came out as the clear cut winner.

BPR reader Marcia remembers this day well:

From the moment I saw the first look in Kara Janx's "decoy" collection, it became the image that leapt to mind every time I thought of Project Runway Season 2. Something about the silhouette, the fabrics, the vibrant colors simply captured my imagination - that is the essence of fashion! This is my favorite moment from Season 2 - when I first saw this design and said "Wow!".

The judges all said "Wow!" when they saw your creation, Marcia. Let's hear more from them:

Laura K: This just makes me feel happy. It's absolutely amazing and it was the hands-down favorite of all three judges. The lighting, the mood, and all of the details contribute to the success of this entry. Marcia chose a great scene to capture and she executed it beautifully.

Tbone: The more I look at this the more I appreciate all of the little details. The colors are perfect. The little Project Runway logo in the background. The doll she chose looks strikingly similar to Kara's real model. The shoes even match! Simply brilliant.

Scarlett: She even has an audience in there! I look at this and all I can think of is how thrilled Kara would be to see this homage! There's no way Michael Kors could snark this doll. This entry took my breath away.

Marcia's inspirationHmmm, show it to Kara? Okay!

Kara Janx: OMG that is AMAZING! Not only am I completey flattered, but that is just Genius!!!!!!!!!

Hey, let's show Tim, too!

Tim Gunn: I loved them all, but this was my very favorite. It would certainly have received my vote!

Congratulations Marcia, you are the winner of the Project Runway MyScene Barbie, autographed by Nick Verreos!


C Merry said...

Just wonderful!! Such a gorgeous picture!! Wowow just adore this!! Okay and let me say *giggle* Tim said he liked them all LOL *yay*
Just wonderful I have loved all of these too I loved this contest!

Anonymous said...

WOW! Beautifully done.

I'd love to know more about Marcia.

-- desertwind

TropicalChrome said...

Oh wow, I have been just speechless since I saw this! Surprised and thrilled doesn't even start to cover it...

I want to say thanks so much for all the wonderfully kind comments - I'm just blown away. I also need to say thanks to my husband, who did the photography and post-production work on the image - he's great!

I've been sewing for these dolls for a number of years - it's one of my hobbies! I have pictures of my dolls and my past work on my website. (I've also added a page with a few of the more technical details about my entry.)

pleightx, it's hard to say how long the outfit took - I think I was working on it over 10 days, but some days I had more time to sew and some less.

And thanks to Laura K, Tbone, and Scarlett for providing this wonderful site and for all the fun. You guys are great!


The Scarlett said...

I just want to say that I had so much fun with this contest. I thought the entries were really great. Openning my mailbox was like openning a present! I also loved coming up with comments on each of the winners and seeing what Laura and Tbone said.

Anonymous said...

Marcia, you must have the patience of a saint.

-- desertwind

LauraK said...

WOW, have you visited Marcia's website? It's awesome that such a serious doll collector has won this!