Thursday, May 25, 2006

Daniel In Detroit

It figures. A PR designer finally comes cruising through the Motor City and I can't make it! Never to fear. BPR reader, episode re-capper, fellow blogger and now "official BPR field reporter" Tiffany from Previously On... came to the rescue. She sends in this great report from Daniel Vosovic's appearance in Detroit Tuesday evening with new dish (!) on hair brushing, MTV and Rebecca:
Beth, Daniel Vosovic and Tiffany
It was a very special night, I couldn't imagine a more intimate setting to meet Daniel Vosovic!!

It was a show to benefit the Fashion Group International (FGI) Chapter in Detroit. We met Michelle (the event organizer) as we entered, and she couldn't have been more sweet, and she looked great too! Daniel with the models and Michelle, the event organizerShe told us she was a little nervous about the event, but she had no need to be, because it turned out beautifully. There were maybe 40 people there, and there was a delicious spread of food and a cash bar in the back. The beginning was a fashion show of three of his garments he is working on. His two models were both Wayne State University fashion students, and they looked great in their pieces. The first model had on a houndstooth-type patterned dress, with a racerback (a lot like Kara's Iman dress), and the other piece was an adorable fall outfit, with a short jacket over it. We didn't get to see the third piece, but I trust it was awesome.

When we entered the DAC (wow, that building is GOREGOUS), Daniel had just been presented and was giving a casual speech. It amazes me, what a quality extemporaneous speaker he is! Daniel speaking in DetroitHe just speaks what is on his mind, no fumbling for the right words, and he is just such a natural in front of an audience. He spoke about what he is doing now; a lot of interviewing with different designers. He spoke of the importance of gaining experience under another designer. He talked about what Project Runway did most for him: presented opportunities. As a fashion school graduate, he would not have had the opportunities that he does now. And he wouldn't trade that for the world. He also filmed an episode of Made (for MTV) in Ann Arbor, with a 14 year old kid who wants to be a fashion designer. He introduced his mom and dad to the audience (that brought applause and cheers) and explained how important it was for him to try to keep them close with his busy life that he is leading.

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Valerie said...

I'm regretting not scrounging for the $90 it cost to go to this event...Looks like it was well worth it!

P.S.--There was also a second event the next morning, at the 4731 gallery in Detroit. This was billed as a "student event," with a much smaller price tag, but sadly, I couldn't go to this one either because of work!

LauraK said...

WOW! Thanks for the great report, Tiffany. We will all be on the lookout for Daniel's episode of MADE.

Jan the Dan Fan said...

Tiffany-I am so excited and happy for you! And big kudos for being able to chat so easily with Daniel.

Your report was so descriptive, I could imagine being there. Thank you.