Thursday, May 18, 2006

A Plum Report!

Hi Emmett, Hi Kara!

Dear Laura:

Kara asked me to help her set up for her Trunk Show at Plum. It was great to meet the owners Jackie and Jeanie. They have had their boutique for a year and a half and have carried Kara's dresses ever since their debut. These photos are before the event.

Kara arrived with a large suitcase of kimono dresses and her fall collection that she will be taking orders on. Kara also brought along her colorful hats that she is taking orders on as "one of a kind" as each yarn has a unique quality. We unpacked the garments, steamed them and changed the hangers in preparation for the evening.
I had to return to my own boutique and get back to designing my own collection! I hope that all the diehard fans of Kara's will come out in support.

all the best,

Click here for more photos.

Thanks Emmett!


Jan the Dan Fan said...

Emmett is a BPR field reporter! And a photogenic one, at that!

Tbone said...

Hmmmm....Emmett and Kara would make a pretty formidable designing/retailing team. Any thoughts of joining forces, Emmett?

LauraK said...

Yes I dread the day that Emmett gets his website rolling and keeps this great stuff for himself. : ) Just kidding of course.

C Merry said...

The "CB" and I were able to go at literally the last minute, and we did see Miss Mustard Coat and she took pix! So cool to see a BPR Tour alumni. And me, myself am NOT over the Kimono dress and very very happy to have gotten my first one tonight! Yes my sweetie majorly surprised me and I got the wonderful "coffee with cream" color. Not sure thats its official designation.. but thats how delicious it looks. (the one on the blonde, looks smashing on a brunette too...)

As always Kara treats everyone like a friend. The people of Plum are so sweet and friendly and the shop is so adorable. It started out hot-ish and humid and then turned cool and slightly chilly and the sun setting over the skyline... it was a very nice night :)

C Merry said...

OOps my picture I attached didn't work but in the famous model group shot of Kimono dresses you see its that one :)

LauraK said...

Wait! I want to see the photo - If you e-mail it to me I will post it! : )

Anonymous said...

I'm saving up for that green kimono dress. Although, I wish she'd make in red instead. Do you think she takes personal orders?


Anonymous said...

i was thinking the same thing about a red kimono dress! i'm not sure whether or not she takes personal orders like that.