Saturday, May 13, 2006

Top What?!

People often ask us where we get all of our Project Runway news and information from. We must have some inside pipeline or perhaps a magical orb that kinetically transmits secret data, right? Well, no. Almost all of our best "stuff" comes people just like you who happen to stumble on an obscure article or website or are lucky enough to snap a photo of a PR designer somewhere across America. That's what makes this place so great.

One of the sites we do monitor frequently is the
Bravo press release page. We got all excited earlier this week when Bravo issued a flurry of press releases, alas none had any Project Runway news to share. One of the items did pique our interest though, the announcement of a new competition reality series in development:

"Top Decorator"
"Top Decorator" is a new one-hour eight episode competition series searching for the next great American interior designer. Through a series of weekly pressure-filled challenges testing creativity, ingenuity and interpersonal skills, contestants will be competing for cash to start their own design firm and a spot in one of New York's finest designer showcases. Contestants will be drawn together from all walks of life and will possess a range of skills and training.

Top Decorator? Top Decorator?!? Is that the best title they could come up with?
I think you could do better. Strike that, I know you could do better. In our continuing effort to provide free publicity and service to the Bravo network, what suggestions would you have for naming the show that searches for America's next great interior designer?


Trish said...

This I suppose is the show that the man at Mood was telling us about - pretty exciting!

Anonymous said...

I saw that press release also and thought the same thing, that the title of "Top Decorator", is super cheesy, however I am glad they did not pick "Project Decorator"!

Anonymous said...

How about "Super Swatch Sweep"?-


Anonymous said...

Bravo is sure milking it.

Tbone said...

sewlike - Love the cut phrase!

trish - yep, we received an early whiff of this show on the BPR Tour

anon#1 - I actually think "Project Decorator" would be better!

anon#2 - that sounds more like a game show...

christopher.john said...

How about:

Embellish Enterprise
Contemporary Conception
Unusual Upholstery

Just some wild guesses.

Tbone said...

Chris - every last one of your wild guesses is better than "Top Decorator"

christopher.john said...

Wow! Thanks, that means alot! I like Silloutette and Swatch-It-Up the

christopher.john said...

Thanks sewlikethewind!!!

Anonymous said...

top chef is a term that's actuall used in the culinary field so if this show is gonna ape that one then they need to have a name that's actually used in the interior design field like Design Caption or Head Designer or something like that.

The Scarlett said...

I imagined the meeting involved:

Head Honcho: I say 'Project Decorator"

Big Cheese: No, we've got Project Runway and Project Greenlight. We can't use 'project' ... not just yet.

Idea Guy: How about 'Desperate Decorators of Orange County?'

Head Honcho: Bleh. No. Hey, Top Chef worked! Let's do 'Top Decorator.'

Idea Guy: Can we call that fitness instructor show 'Desperate Yoga Instructors of Orange County?'

Big Cheese: Meeting over!

LauraK said...

Design Intervention