Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Zulema Griffin - Brooklyn Fashion Week(end)

BPR reader and sometime BPR tour guide, Dianne (of the mustard coat fame) was our correspondent for the Zulema Matador show. Don't miss the video at the end!
Dianne and Zulema, Matador Show
Thanks to the magic of BPR and the generous Zulema Griffin and Robin Sprance, I was lucky enough to attend Brooklyn Fashion Week(End) to see Zulema's show, Matador. Five friends in tow with me, we headed over to DUMBO (that's a section of Brooklyn that's Down Under the Manhattan Bridge Overpass) and promptly got lost. Luckily we spotted another fashionable group of people who were headed to the same show. The tent at Brooklyn Fashion Week(end)We eventually managed to find the tent, and we ran breathlessly down the red carpet to see Zulema. Much to our relief, we had only missed the first of the night's three shows (sorry Simon Duncan), and Zulema was last. PHEW. We each received a free gift bag and dug in as soon as we snagged seats (third row from the front, near-ish to the end of the runway--not bad). Inside was a copy of Fader magazine, several pamphlets and coupons (if anyone wants a free sunless tan, I've got a coupon for you), a small bag of peanuts still in their shells, a pink flower hair tie (too bad my locks are too short for a ponytail), very bright pink lipstick, a street map of Manhattan with bars and clubs marked on it, and a fun wooden fan. Cool! I won't lie; I am easily won over by free swag.

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Tbone said...

Dianne - I hardly recognize you without your mustard coat. Thanks so much for covering Zu's show, what a great picture of the two of you!