Tuesday, May 30, 2006

More from our International Readers

(Click on the image for a larger view.)
Thanks, Kestrel!In addition to the countries mentioned here I have noted readers from Mexico, Brazil, Germany, Norway, Macao, Barbados, United Kingdom, Ireland, and Argentina as well. Project Runway is truly international!

Best of all, we are hearing from more of these "International BeePeRs." First, Kestrel from Singapore sent us this article about Jay McCarroll. Season Two is just starting there. Also, Yuki from Japan sends us this scan of a newspaper article featuring interviews with Daniel Vosovic and Tim Gunn. I asked Daniel if he knew about this and he was like "Thanks for the headsup Laura, but yes I was aware - I had to do the interview!" Oh...yeah...

Sunday, May 28, 2006

Marcia Receives Her Prize From Nick!

This doll's next job will be a spokesmodel

The Grand Prize Winner in BPR's very first contest has received her prize. Nick Verreos graciously volunteered to autograph this Barbie for Marcia. An avid doll collector, Marcia is thrilled.

I just wanted to let you know that the Project Runway Barbie has arrived safely, and I'm so happy to have her! I was delighted to see that Nick included his congratulations along with his autograph - what a nice thing to do!

Thank you Nick, and thanks again Marcia and to ALL of our talented designers for your fabulous entries.

Hmmmm... maybe it's time for another contest. Any ideas?

Saturday, May 27, 2006

How Did We Miss This?

They should all be wearing GOWNS!Okay, there is a band named Austin Scarlett that is named after one of my personal favorite PR designers. You can read about the origins of the band's name here.

What's next? Wendy Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band?

Friday, May 26, 2006

A Note From Chloe Dao

Chloe is beautiful!  And happy!Hi Laura,

Thanks for your amazing updates on everyone. I don't even have to call my fellow designers to see what's happening with them. I just need to log into BPR.

Well, here is my update. I finally have some time and exciting news to write about. Life has been so crazy.

First, I got the check!!!! Yeah!!! It is for $100,000, and I will be sure to pay taxes on that when the time comes. No jail time for me. I will get my car soon also. Will send you a picture.

Everyone always ask me how my life has changed since winning PR2. I always say, "Not much" but the more I realized what I have done these past few months, "not much" is an understatement. I think the biggest thing was being invited to meet President Bush at the White House for a gala celebrating Asian Pacific Month. The invite to go to the White House came a week before the event. I asked why such short notice, I found out you never know how the President's schedule can be like so everything is last minute. I couldn't go because I was scheduled to be the keynote commencement speaker for Class of 2006 of Houston Community College. When I agreed to be the speaker, I thought it was only for the fashion design department. It turned out to be the whole college. The graduation was at the Toyota Center, where the Houston Rockets play. It is a huge stadium, I think it holds about 20,000 people. The whole stadium was pretty full. It was an intimidating and exhilarating experience. That was surreal.

I have also been invited to showcase my work in the Smithsonian Museum in January and the exhibition will travel for the next 3 years. How cool is that!!!

For my current news, my sister, Sydney and I will be in NYC on June 5th for the CFDA Awards. The CFDA Awards is like Oscar night for the fashion industry.

Everyone is asking when my online store will be open. It will be very soon. Hopefully in 2 weeks. We are working super hard to get this done.

There is so much happening besides all this but I thought those were the most exciting

Big Kiss,


New Videos Available

Where's Tim?
There are two new videos on the official Bravo site. You can find them here and here. We're wondering, since the coding has changed on these videos, if they now can be viewed by our readers that are Mac users. Let us know!

P.S. to people from the BPR tour. Does this location look familiar?

Welcome International BeePeRs!

Mandy is on the left A quick check of our Statcounter reveals that in a 24-hour period we have had readers from Estonia, France, Israel, Philippines, Singapore, Norway, Korea, Hong Kong, Italy, Great Britain, Belgium, Ecuador, Brazil, Canada, Mexica, Malaysia, Australia, Taiwan, China, Poland, Sweden, Thailand, Japan, and of course, the USA.

According to this news release, Project Runway is airing in even MORE countries! Some of them are watching season one and some are in the middle of season two.

Here is a note from Mandy (on the left), one of our readers from Hong Kong!

Hey guys,
I'm a PR fan from Hong Kong. You may not know where it is as it just a small city, nevermind.
As you know, PR2 is broadcasted in HK right now, but I've watched them all. Woo, I love it! In fact, I watched both PR1 and PR2, but, I don't know why I'm so addicted by PR2. I even watch it again and again! It's fun!!!! After watching that show, I think that the designers are so great! They can turn a cloth to clothes~So amazing! I really want to make one for myself. But, I think I can't as I'm too old to start(I'm 19 now). And I don't know how to start~
Click here to continue.

Thursday, May 25, 2006

Top Chef News

No - despite all of your demands, we are not starting a Blogging Top Chef site! Bravo should be so lucky. We do know from your e-mails and comments that many of you watched the finale last night which did feature a teeny, tiny promo for Season 3 of Project Runway "coming this summer". Well, that's old news around here. We do however, have a couple of items to share:
  • BPR regular Trish has posted an interesting comparison between the finales of Top Chef and Project Runway. Check it out here and let her know how you feel.
  • Jan the Dan Fan passes along this news: The winner, Harold Dieterle, is the son of one of the kindergarten teachers I work with. I haven't been a faithful viewer, but it's been very exciting and fun to chat with Sue every Thursday about the previous night's episode. She's been so thrilled when he's done well, and so upset when the judges didn't like his work. And now he won!

    I arrived to school late due to an art bid meeting this morning-but they had a celebration for Sue with a "Congratulations Mom" cake and punch. And one of our fabulous kitchen employees made up t-shirts with Harold's picture on it stating "We're proud of West Babylon's Top Chef", (He's an alumnae of our school district as well) that many staff members are wearing today.

Thanks Trish and Jan!

From The Mailbox

Wait?!?  Is Tim a dog person?  Does Tim even have a dog?  Hmmmmmm....

First, Andrae is mentioned in gawker.com.

Next, here is more coverage of the dog parade in
The Apiary.
Thank you Celia for both of these!

Last, Sophie reports seeing Nina Garcia at the American Ballet Theater!

I was at the American Ballet Theatre Gala performance on Monday night, and on my way out who should I see heading over to the dinner party but Nina Garcia! She was very tall and wearing a lovely long tropical colored (pink, orange and yellow) dress. I had a very strange moment in which I was staring at her thinking 'Who is this?' but then she smiled at me and I heard Heidi Klum's voice in my head saying (insert German accent here) "Nina Garcia, fashion director of ELLE magazine..." I am an avid reader of your site, so glad I could contribute something!

- Sophie

Daniel In Detroit

It figures. A PR designer finally comes cruising through the Motor City and I can't make it! Never to fear. BPR reader, episode re-capper, fellow blogger and now "official BPR field reporter" Tiffany from Previously On... came to the rescue. She sends in this great report from Daniel Vosovic's appearance in Detroit Tuesday evening with new dish (!) on hair brushing, MTV and Rebecca:
Beth, Daniel Vosovic and Tiffany
It was a very special night, I couldn't imagine a more intimate setting to meet Daniel Vosovic!!

It was a show to benefit the Fashion Group International (FGI) Chapter in Detroit. We met Michelle (the event organizer) as we entered, and she couldn't have been more sweet, and she looked great too! Daniel with the models and Michelle, the event organizerShe told us she was a little nervous about the event, but she had no need to be, because it turned out beautifully. There were maybe 40 people there, and there was a delicious spread of food and a cash bar in the back. The beginning was a fashion show of three of his garments he is working on. His two models were both Wayne State University fashion students, and they looked great in their pieces. The first model had on a houndstooth-type patterned dress, with a racerback (a lot like Kara's Iman dress), and the other piece was an adorable fall outfit, with a short jacket over it. We didn't get to see the third piece, but I trust it was awesome.

When we entered the DAC (wow, that building is GOREGOUS), Daniel had just been presented and was giving a casual speech. It amazes me, what a quality extemporaneous speaker he is! Daniel speaking in DetroitHe just speaks what is on his mind, no fumbling for the right words, and he is just such a natural in front of an audience. He spoke about what he is doing now; a lot of interviewing with different designers. He spoke of the importance of gaining experience under another designer. He talked about what Project Runway did most for him: presented opportunities. As a fashion school graduate, he would not have had the opportunities that he does now. And he wouldn't trade that for the world. He also filmed an episode of Made (for MTV) in Ann Arbor, with a 14 year old kid who wants to be a fashion designer. He introduced his mom and dad to the audience (that brought applause and cheers) and explained how important it was for him to try to keep them close with his busy life that he is leading.

Click here to continue reading Tiffany's report from Motown....

Wednesday, May 24, 2006

From The Mailbox

Hi Tim!

BPR reader Carrie spotted Tim Gunn at a Street Parade in the West Village! Here is her note:

I had friends visiting me in New York this past weekend and we decided to check out a dog parade in the West Village. We seemed to have missed the actual parade, but much to our delight we happened upon a dog fashion show (themed "The Village in the 60s") judged by none other than Village resident, Tim Gunn. He was his usual gracious, humorous self and did his best to coddle some of the shyer dogs down the runway. Thought you might enjoy seeing a picture of Tim in action.

Of course - we know that Tim must be super-busy with Season Three. How on earth did he have time for a dog fashion show? Hmmmmm...why don't I just write and ask..... : ) Here is his response:

Now for the dog parade... It was last Saturday and it was a commitment that I made when I thought we were beginning the show later in May. I bolted from the designers' workroom to go downtown to my neighborhood to judge the parade and then back, again. It was a "second annual" event at the Bedford/Barrow/Commerce Street Fair in the West Village where I live (Queer Eye Ted Allen judged last year). It was a free event, but we used it to drum up donations to the Block Association. It was high-spirited and a lot of fun. But why don't I understand the virtues of sunscreen? I was already healing from getting scalded on the rooftop of the Atlas last Thursday (taping day one), and there I was fully exposed, again, for a good 90 minutes. Right now, I'm peeling like there's no tomorrow!

Reality Worlds Collide

Here is the dress on a gorgeous model at the Mercedes-Benz Show
And here is the dress on gorgeous Danielle!

Alert BPR reader Anna lets us know that America's Next Top Model Cycle Six Winner Danielle Evans was seen wearing a Kara Saun gown to a UPN event. She looks beautiful!

Video - Diana Eng's Black Box Nation

(Click on the arrow to view.)

This video is courtesy of MAKE magazine and features Season 2's Diana Eng and her business partner and friend Emily Albinski at the Maker Faire event in San Mateo, California on April 22, 2006. You can also click here to Diana and Emily's slide show as well as here to see our own coverage of this event by areback.

Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Something Fun!

Are you supposed to be working? Okay, click here to play!

BPR reader Anna alerted us to a super-fun on-line dress-up site featuring Jay McCarroll's designs! Before I posted it I made sure it was okay with Jay and he admits that he "played on it forever."

Jay looks great, doesn't he?
Click here to play.

Jay is in good company -

Michael Kors, Diane Von Furstenberg, Vera Wang, Betsey Johnson, and Badgley Mischka all have i-dressup dolls!

Kara In St. Louis

Wherever Kara Janx travels, you can count on a BPR field reporter being on hand. That certainly was the case on Saturday in St. Louis as BPR reader Moira sends in this report:
Kara with Moira

Hey BPR gang, I just returned from the Kara Janx trunk show. It was great. As you know, I went to the boutique Friday, per BPR instructions. When I arrived, the boutique was pretty empty with no Kara. I talked the the sales girl who was working and inquired about the kimono dresses. I really wanted the brown/print one. I saw it online and the colors and print are totally my style, it even matches my business cards and a necklace I own. I asked the sales lady where Kara was and the she told me that the event was tomorrow - gasp. We found the dress in my size, I tried it on and it fit perfectly - SOLD. She told me I should wear the dress to meet Kara. I wasn't too sure because I was going to be coming straight from work and I didn't want to ruin it with haircolor. Still, I had to "make it work." What would be better than a picture of Kara and me in one of Kara's dresses?

Click here to read the rest of Moira's report on her visit with Kara...

Monday, May 22, 2006

Congratulations Jay!

Here are the results of Jay's eBay auctions. Congratulations to the winners. We are certain that several of our readers are among the bidders. Perhaps they are among the winners as well. Please let us know.

I hope that Jay will do this again very soon. What a privilege to have the opportunity to own an original piece of artwork from such a talented designer!

About the Amazon Link

Several readers have asked about the Amazon link on our page. Here is a little clarification. BPR is now an Amazon Associate. This means that if you are planning to shop for ANYTHING at Amazon.com and you click through our link to get there, our scholarship fund will receive a small percentage of the sale. So, whether you are ordering the featured Project Runway DVDs or anything else from Amazon we would really appreciate it if you would click through our link on your way. We've even provided an Amazon 'search' box to help shop. Thanks!

NYC Trip - Part Two

Don't I look happy?

For Part One of this "exciting adventure" click here.

After the show the kids and I headed back to the hotel where Scarlett told us all about meeting Nick and David at the Billion Dollar Babes event. The yellow messenger bag was looking great with Nick's Barbie sketch and signature added to Diana's.

We all headed over to our appointment with Tim Gunn and Emmett. We quickly arranged seating for everyone and Tim was right on time. "Hi Tim!" Warm greetings were offered all around (we missed you, Tbone!) It was a special treat for James to meet Tim and Emmett. James is the only one in my house who will actually sit and watch Project Runway with me!
Click here to continue.

Jay's Sketches - Remember to Bid

Original Sketch by Jay McCarroll up for auction with EBayToday is the final day for the Jay McCarroll eBay auction of his original fashion illustrations. Click here for all of the details and to see the selections.

And if any of you are a successful bidder, send a photo of yourself with the sketch! We'd love to see one of our readers get a work of art by Jay.

Sunday, May 21, 2006

Catching Up With Andrae

Andrae at the US Weekly Hot Hollywood Awards on April 26th
BPR loves Andrae Gonzalo. We had not heard from him since his acceptance speech for winning our Top 5 Looks From Season 2 poll with his gorgeous "dirty gutter water" dress. Andrae fills us in on the latest:

....things are pretty busy these days. I am working on a collection for Spring '07. I wanted to drop you guys a note at BPR so that you could let everyone know that Daniel Franco and I are going to be speaking at the Learning Annex in LA, San Francisco, and just me, in San Diego. I'm also writing a book entitled, (what else) "Where the Hell is My Chiffon?" It's always great to hear from you! Thanks for checking in. Andrae

A book by Andrae? Sign us up! If you are an aspiring designer in Southern California, consider seeing Andrae in Los Angeles, San Diego, or San Francisco at the Learning Annex workshops. Thanks Andrae!

Saturday, May 20, 2006

The McCarthy Irish Bread

The darling Peggy McCarthy serving her Irish Bread with orange marmalade
Well, this is a first at BPR: we're featuring a recipe! We kept thinking about the Irish Bread served by the darling Peggy McCarthy at the EMC2 boutique when we visited Emmett McCarthy back in March during the Blogging Project Runway Tour. It was delicious and irresistible, served with orange marmalade. We asked for the recipe and she was happy to share with our readers.

Irish Bread by Peggy McCarthy

Prep: Grease 8 or 9 inch pan (Peggy uses her iron frying pan)
Preheat oven to 350 degrees

· 4 Tablespoons Margarine
· 4 Cups Flour
· 2 Tablespoons Sugar
· 5 Teaspoons Baking Powder
· 1 Egg, Beaten
· 1 Teaspoon Salt
· 1 Tablespoon Caraway Seeds
· 1 Cup Raisins
· About 2 Cups of Milk

Cream margarine and sugar then add the egg. In another bowl combine flour, baking powder, salt, caraway seeds and raisins. Alternate adding the flour mixture and the milk to the creamed mixture just until the batter cleans the bowl (you might not add all of the milk before this happens). Dip hands in flour, gather up the batter and place in prepared pan. Cut a cross in the center with a sharp knife. Optional: brush with egg or milk and sprinkle 1 teaspoon sugar on top. Bake for about 50 minutes.

Thanks Peggy and Emmett for passing this along. Tasting this is like being on the BPR tour and remembering your hospitality.
Emmett and Peggy McCarthy at EMC2 Boutique

Friday, May 19, 2006

From The Mailbox

BPR reader Nancy H reports that there is an auction for one of Nick's Barbies on eBay for a great cause - Love Without Boundaries. Check it out!

Also, Tim Gunn was mentioned by the defamer yesterday. Thanks, Justine.

Last, Diana Eng is mentioned here in the Digital Journal.

Please continue to send us any Project Runway news! Thanks.

Snowflake Gets Her Kimono

The always lovely Snowflakebebe with the radiant Kara and the stunning Dianne
It was a busy night in Manhattan yesterday for Project Runway fans. While Emmett covered the Heidi Klum InStyle party (see below), BPR Tour veterans Snowflakebebe and Dianne ran into each other at Plum, checking out the Kara Janx trunk show.

Snowflake's "CB" Rick scored some major brownie points with us as he sprung a surprise gift on her: the Kara Janx "coffee/cream" kimono! In case you're wondering Snowflake, Rick has our full approval. Now, about that ring.....

Thank you Dianne for these great photos from Plum. We love it when members of the BPR family can get together. And we do truly consider all of you as family.

Click here for a slideshow of the event.

Heidi at InStyle - From Emmett

Emmett and Heidi = Ken and Barbie!

Sharone with Heidi KlumDear Laura:

Tonight there was a party celebrating Heidi Klum being on the cover of this month's edition of InStyle Magazine. It was held at The Thompson Hotel, on Thompson and Watts Street in Soho. Kara Janx had told me that her beloved Sharone was attending in her stead as she was selling her frocks at Plum. I made sure to get a photo of Sharone and Heidi together as he is a big fan of hers!

Daniel V, Austin Scarlett and Kara Saun were there when I arrived. It was great to see them and have a few words with them. They were curious to know about my EMC2 boutique and the progress l am making. I told them they are always welcome to come by.

I had a conversation with Heidi and she told me that she was kept quite busy with the production and filming of PR3. She has her hands filled with her family, working and living in LA and filming in NYC. The InStyle Cover of HeidiIt was great to talk with her.

I took along my camera to give those of you who are anticipating
season 3 something in between seasons!

Best wishes,

Daniel Vosovic, Austin Scarlett, Kara Saun and Emmett McCarthy
Emmett, Heidi and Austin
Photos all courtesy of Emmett McCarthy. Thanks, Emmett!

Thursday, May 18, 2006

A Plum Report!

Hi Emmett, Hi Kara!

Dear Laura:

Kara asked me to help her set up for her Trunk Show at Plum. It was great to meet the owners Jackie and Jeanie. They have had their boutique for a year and a half and have carried Kara's dresses ever since their debut. These photos are before the event.

Kara arrived with a large suitcase of kimono dresses and her fall collection that she will be taking orders on. Kara also brought along her colorful hats that she is taking orders on as "one of a kind" as each yarn has a unique quality. We unpacked the garments, steamed them and changed the hangers in preparation for the evening.
I had to return to my own boutique and get back to designing my own collection! I hope that all the diehard fans of Kara's will come out in support.

all the best,

Click here for more photos.

Thanks Emmett!

Attention St. Louis!

Kara Janx will be in St. Louis tomorrow afternoon (Saturday, May 20th) for a trunk show at TheTime Boutique 7298 Manchester Road, Maplewood, Mo. 63143 from 12:00 - 4:00. Also, according to this article in the St. Louis Today, The shop is co-sponsoring a local contest for fashion designers called Project St. Louis! What fun! If any of our readers are able to attend - please consider yourselves our designated field reporters and send us a report and some photos : ) Thanks.

My NYC Trip - Part One

Kaitlin at the Nikolaki display.
Did you even miss me? Tbone and Scarlett kept things so lively here that I'm sure most of you didn't realize I was gone!

Anyway, my 14-year-old son, James and I traveled to NYC for daughter Kaitlin's dance program last Sunday. We arrived on Friday evening and headed directly to the Billion Dollar Babes event. We were too late to see Nick Verreos, David Paul and Daniel Vosovic but we had a great time anyway.
Click here to continue.

Wednesday, May 17, 2006

From The Mailbox

Attention New Yorkers! Are you free tonight? Kara Janx will be at plum for an exclusive night of shopping & cocktails featuring the debut of her Fall Collection including her famous kimono wrap dresses in all colors and styles.

Thursday May, 18th

124 Ludlow Street (between Rivington & Delancey)
ny, ny

We'd love to hear all about it!

Also, there is a great article in the Detroit News about Daniel Vosovic. Here is the critical info for Detroit fans: On May 23, fashion fans can meet Vosovic as Fashion Group International's Detroit Chapter honors him at the Detroit Athletic Club. Tickets are $75 to $150 and include an hors d'oeurves buffet. Say...who do we know in Detroit...?
Thanks, Tiffany!

Video - Tim at Gen Arts Awards

(Click on the arrow to view.)

Julie, of Coutorture sent this video to us. Thanks for sharing, Julie!

Vera Wang in for Michael Kors?

This article in wwd.com contains the line: "The designer will have an even wider audience when she fills in for Kors for a few episodes of "Project Runway."

A Note From Daniel Vosovic

Daniel at Billion Dollar Babes Preview PartyHey Laura,

.....The short condensed version to share with the world is that I am looking for a designer to work under for the next year or so, gain some solid practical experience, finalize my business plan, establish my LLC and do things without the hype or pressure of the show. I'll be the first to say that I need a little more experience before venturing out on my own, but am hesitant to just accept A job in the meantime... I'm looking for THAT job which can teach me what I need to learn to help me with my career goals.

Click here to continue.

Zulema Griffin - Brooklyn Fashion Week(end)

BPR reader and sometime BPR tour guide, Dianne (of the mustard coat fame) was our correspondent for the Zulema Matador show. Don't miss the video at the end!
Dianne and Zulema, Matador Show
Thanks to the magic of BPR and the generous Zulema Griffin and Robin Sprance, I was lucky enough to attend Brooklyn Fashion Week(End) to see Zulema's show, Matador. Five friends in tow with me, we headed over to DUMBO (that's a section of Brooklyn that's Down Under the Manhattan Bridge Overpass) and promptly got lost. Luckily we spotted another fashionable group of people who were headed to the same show. The tent at Brooklyn Fashion Week(end)We eventually managed to find the tent, and we ran breathlessly down the red carpet to see Zulema. Much to our relief, we had only missed the first of the night's three shows (sorry Simon Duncan), and Zulema was last. PHEW. We each received a free gift bag and dug in as soon as we snagged seats (third row from the front, near-ish to the end of the runway--not bad). Inside was a copy of Fader magazine, several pamphlets and coupons (if anyone wants a free sunless tan, I've got a coupon for you), a small bag of peanuts still in their shells, a pink flower hair tie (too bad my locks are too short for a ponytail), very bright pink lipstick, a street map of Manhattan with bars and clubs marked on it, and a fun wooden fan. Cool! I won't lie; I am easily won over by free swag.

Click here to read the rest of Dianne's story.

Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Good Luck To The Season 3 Designers!

This is a very exciting week for everyone involved in the production of Project Runway's 3rd season. Filming begins this Saturday, can you believe it? For the designers that have been cast, it also will be their last contact with much of the outside world, at least until Heidi bids them auf weidersehen.

So, for those looking in for the last time at BPR before their journey begins, we send you our love and well wishes. Dazzle us with your talent and please, take one last look at our advice to the Season 3 designers and think hard about how you might handle some of the challenges that could be thrown your way. We don't want to have to tell you "I told you so!"

And don't forget to check back in with us as soon as you can this summer, we can't wait to meet you!

Tim Gunn at Gen Art Awards

Click here for information about the Gen Art Styles 2006 Fashion and Awards event tonight in NYC. Judges include Tim Gunn and legendary designer (and Season Two COYB judge) Diane von Furstenberg. Tickets may still be purchased at the door (21 and older) and include a pre-recepton, fashion show, awards presentation and after-party.

Meeting Nick - Billion Dollar Babes Event

Scarlett and the adorable Nick VerreosLaura K. sent me on a mission on Saturday. I was to attend the Billion Dollar Babes sample sale and get Nick Verreos's signature on a BPR messenger bag. When not blogging I'm rather on the shy side but who can refuse Laura K.? And what an opportunity! So I flung aside my timid nature and went downtown in search of Nick.

As I briefly waited on line to enter the sale, I could see Nick standing near a table getting attention from several of his many fans. He has the most electric smile and he comes across as being incredibly warm, hence I was not in the least hesitant to approach him. I told him who I was and that I was from Blogging Project Runway. He said, "I've got the shiv-vers!" just as he did in one of the episodes (I don't recall which one it was!) He complimented my look for the day taking note of the scarf and shoes, pronouncing it all very "Upper East Side." Well, already smitten it was all I could do to not melt.

Let me just say that Nick, besides being incredibly talented, is sooo a-dor-able. He has charisma coming out of his pores. This is a man that belongs on television. I'm quite hopeful that the pilot he shot for mun2 Television will be picked up.

He told me that his garments had sold very well at the event. Sure enough, just a few things remained on the rack. Apparently there will be a number of smartly dressed fashionistas roaming the streets of Manhattan wearing the Nikolaki label. I made a mental note to myself to arrive early next time the event is held to get the best selection.

I asked about his partner, David Paul. Like Nick, David is very approachable and handsome. Together they make a formidable team of good looks, great manners and winning personalities coupled with fashion sense and savvy. How could someone like myself not be won over by their charms?

I showed Nick the messenger bag already adorned with a sketch by Diana Eng. He stated, "Well, I have to draw something, too." Within 20 seconds he had a sketch of Tarah as Barbie on our BPR messenger bag. I was speechless! Did I mention he's adorable?

Well, after I had gushed sufficiently it was photo op time. David so kindly offered to take a picture. Next it was time for hugs and kisses from each. Now I had the shivers! I told myself that the other fans needed their time with Nick; after all, how could you not be drawn to that smile?

As I shopped the sale I noticed Nick was always with adoring fans. This man is not a diva; he is exactly as he seemed on the show I am pleased to report. After having met him I will be even more interested in his career. Nick Verreos is destined to go far!

P.S. In the future, look for a special announcement regarding this messenger bag!

ETA: Click here. You can see photos of the preview event on Friday, May 12th which featured Nick and Daniel Vosovic.

Monday, May 15, 2006

Jay's Sketches - Click Here

As we reported here, you may now bid on the original sketches by Season One winner Jay McCarroll. As per the eBay description, these nine watercolor and ink drawings are one of a kind and signed by the artist. The auctions end on May 22nd. For Jay and Project Runway fans this is an incredible opportunity.

Happy bidding!

Kara Janx - From The Chicago Bureau

If you are a Project Runway designer and ever happen to find yourself in the Windy City, you can be sure that BPR field reporter pc will be on hand. This time she got to meet Kara Janx at the Second City Style Event on Saturday, and you just know what she ended up buying, don't you?

Sharone (aka 'Redman'), Kara & PC
I gladly volunteered when Tbone told me Kara would be coming to Chi-Town via the Second City Style event and would I attend to report on it. Of course, I thought, it’s Project Runway related! Also, the ever resourceful Tbone got me a free pass for the event. So off I went around 4:30 in the chilly and rainy Chicago afternoon and arrived at the Wyndham. When I arrived, perhaps it was the lateness in the afternoon or perhaps it was the bone piercing coldness that had been pervading Chicago the entire week, but there weren’t many people there, probably a dozen but not many more (I was told later there was a rush in the morning). No matter, it just meant I would get personal attention from Kara and I sure did!

After doing the initial walk-through to check out the scene, I headed to Kara’s area and introduced myself and told her I was reporting for Blogging Project Runway. I told her that the folks at BPR send her their love, especially from Laura K. At this point, Kara started to gush over how nice Laura is and we both then talked about how amazing and how far reaching the web site has been. In case you ever wondered, she definitely pays attention to the BPR site as she noted that she seemed to be very popular this past week, popping up at least 3 times. I asked her how the show has impacted her, and she said it has been nothing but positive for her in every way imaginable, just amazing.

Click here to continue reading pc's report from Chicago...

Sunday, May 14, 2006

With Love

Happy Mother's Day

Studying BPR

Click here for a larger view.
This is one of those things that you are going to think we made up. We didn't. We have been the subject of a scholarly paper that was presented at the American Educational Research Association's annual meeting in San Francisco. According to the study by Colin Lankshear and Michele Knoebel, Blogging Project Runway "constitutes a significant popular culture and participation phenomenon." We're a "social universe" it seems!

You can read their findings here; discussion of BPR begins on page 10. Several of our readers are mentioned including Jan the Dan Fan.

Hi, Colin! Hi, Michele!

Saturday, May 13, 2006

Reader Requests

Things are falling apart fast here at BPR. Let's bring in Dan to save the day!

Top What?!

People often ask us where we get all of our Project Runway news and information from. We must have some inside pipeline or perhaps a magical orb that kinetically transmits secret data, right? Well, no. Almost all of our best "stuff" comes people just like you who happen to stumble on an obscure article or website or are lucky enough to snap a photo of a PR designer somewhere across America. That's what makes this place so great.

One of the sites we do monitor frequently is the
Bravo press release page. We got all excited earlier this week when Bravo issued a flurry of press releases, alas none had any Project Runway news to share. One of the items did pique our interest though, the announcement of a new competition reality series in development:

"Top Decorator"
"Top Decorator" is a new one-hour eight episode competition series searching for the next great American interior designer. Through a series of weekly pressure-filled challenges testing creativity, ingenuity and interpersonal skills, contestants will be competing for cash to start their own design firm and a spot in one of New York's finest designer showcases. Contestants will be drawn together from all walks of life and will possess a range of skills and training.

Top Decorator? Top Decorator?!? Is that the best title they could come up with?
I think you could do better. Strike that, I know you could do better. In our continuing effort to provide free publicity and service to the Bravo network, what suggestions would you have for naming the show that searches for America's next great interior designer?

While The Cat's Away....

...Tbone's at play! As Laura K and The Scarlett are off doing various and sundry things away from their computers this weekend, control of BPR has been foolishly left in my hands. Imagine the damage that could be inflicted in such short stead as I implement my evil master plan!

Don't worry Mom, I'll clean up as best I can before you come home...

Friday, May 12, 2006

Jay McCarroll's Sketches on eBay

Bid high, bid often for Jay's sketchesSeason One winner Jay McCarroll will auction off original design illustrations featured on the PR spin off ‘Project Jay’ which premiered on Bravo in February. A percentage of the proceeds will be donated to The Humane Society of the United States in support of their fashion campaign that urges consumers to wear clothing that is fur-free.

The auction will include limited edition 10x7 watercolor men’s and women’s design illustrations. Also included in this collection of images is an original design concept for a red carpet dress, which was designed for a supermodel and television host. (Hmmm...wonder who that could have been?) Each illustration is signed and dated by McCarroll.

“The inspiration of the collection was this sort of melding of Middle Eastern and traditional English cultures. The idea was derived from the time I spent in Camden Market in London, England,” said McCarroll.

The auction will start on Monday, May 15th for the duration of 10 days. Each design illustration will start at a bidding price of $100.00. The illustrations can be found on eBay by using the search term Jay McCarroll.

More information on The Humane Society of the United States fur-free campaign can be found by visiting http://www.hsus.org/

Thursday, May 11, 2006

Blogging Project Catwalk

Don't call me Liz!
Many of our readers from Canada and elsewhere have been asking us about Project Catwalk, the UK version of Project Runway hosted by Elizabeth Hurley. We have been so starved here in the off-season that we figured, why not? The only problem is trying to get your hands on this show in the States.

Why isn't there a DVD release date? Why aren't episodes available on the U.S. version of iTunes? There is a ready audience that I'm sure would be willing to pony up the cash; I know I'm raising my hand here. Hey, it's something to watch during the off-season.

I've had the opportunity to view a few episodes and I have some impressions.

1. Ben de Lisi is no Tim Gunn.

2. I have a message for Sushino. Karl Lagerfeld called and he wants his fan back.

3. Liz Hurley isn't as bad as we've been lead to believe.

4. Why is there a narrator? The constant stream of gab is my chief complaint.

5. Season One of PC is more like Season One of PR than Season Two.

6. They have an interesting twist with selecting the models each week. The winning designer not only gets a choice of model but also has the opportunity to switch two models of two other contestants.

And button up, Brit MK!7. Why are the judges using Polaroids to compare their impressions after the catwalk?

8. Speaking of the judges, I find their chairs distracting. They look like giant marshmallows if giant marshmallows were uncomfortable. (The chairs, not the judges.)

9. And, again with the judges, I have increased respect for Nina, MK and, surprisingly, even Anne Slowey. No one snarks like Michael Kors.

10. Liz Hurley really needed a cheeky, signature way to say goodbye.

I guess what I'm really saying is that if any of us doubted the quality of Project Runway, watch a couple of episodes of Project Catwalk. Oh, And while I would certainly spend the money to buy Project Catwalk, I would only watch it when I get the PR shakes ... er, like right now!

Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Dear Anonymous,

We believe that several of the Season 3 designers are faithful BPR readers. We've had anonymous comments that would lead us to that conclusion. We love that! But we don't want to know who you are, where you are from, etc. BPR is not about spoilers; it is about fun for the fans. Fans want to watch the show and have the drama unfold there. THEN we like to discuss it. While we may make speculations, we don't want the fun of discovery spoiled for us.

We haven't seen your confidentiality agreement. We don't know how you are permitted to behave. We don't want you to risk being eliminated from the show for reasons unrelated to your ability to create fashion. We don't want the fun of being a Project Runway contestant spoiled for you.

While we may all say we can't wait to get to know you, the reality is that for now we will have to do just that. We're looking forward to having a relationship, including promoting your projects, in the future. For now, we wish you the best of luck.

Your BPR Team

From The Mailbox

Does this remind you of Kara?
Kara's kimono dress shows up in the most interesting places! Shojo Beat is a magazine for manga lovers. Here is a link to the story!
Thanks Max.

Here is a link to "Ross the Intern's blog." He mentions meeting Nick Verreos. Our designers certainly get around! Thanks Ann.

Designers, don't be blue - be BROWN!

If you weren't chosen for Project Runway, here is another opportunity for you to show your collection at Olympus Fashion Week in the fall. UPS, yes that UPS, will subsidize and promote the showing of collections by ten emerging fashion designers. The deadline to submit applications and look books is June 1. For more details click here, and here. Good luck everyone. Please keep us posted!

Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Attn: Chicago!

Say hi to Kara from all of us at BPR!
Kara Janx will be in town for "7th in Chicago" on Saturday May 13th from 10:00 - 7:00 at the Wyndham. Click here for details!

Designers In The News

Chloe in San JoseChloe is featured in an excellent article from the San Jose Mercury News. We especially like this nugget from MK:

The show has attracted a loyal following because ``it's about genuine talent,'' Kors says. ``It's not about eating bugs.'' Take that, Survivor and Fear Factor! Thanks Elaine!

Also, Santino gets a nod this week in the MSN TV Highs and Lows as the "Best Villain Semiredemption" (scroll down). Here's hoping he achieves full redemption soon. Thanks Jill!

Monday, May 08, 2006

From The Mailbox

Click here for an interview in the New York Metro with Eric Sauma from Mood. Don't miss this line: "They're back on May 20th to shoot Season Three." Thanks Amy and floretbroccoli!

BPR Contest: Grand Prize Winner!

Marcia's entry, First ever winner of a BPR contest
Remember how exciting it was when we first got to see the PR Final 4 collections from OFW? Nobody surprised us more than Kara Janx. After barely skating by week after week, she managed to leapfrog Nick and Andrae for a chance to show in the tents at Bryant Park. She went in as the decoy and came out as the clear cut winner.

BPR reader Marcia remembers this day well:

From the moment I saw the first look in Kara Janx's "decoy" collection, it became the image that leapt to mind every time I thought of Project Runway Season 2. Something about the silhouette, the fabrics, the vibrant colors simply captured my imagination - that is the essence of fashion! This is my favorite moment from Season 2 - when I first saw this design and said "Wow!".

The judges all said "Wow!" when they saw your creation, Marcia. Let's hear more from them:

Laura K: This just makes me feel happy. It's absolutely amazing and it was the hands-down favorite of all three judges. The lighting, the mood, and all of the details contribute to the success of this entry. Marcia chose a great scene to capture and she executed it beautifully.

Tbone: The more I look at this the more I appreciate all of the little details. The colors are perfect. The little Project Runway logo in the background. The doll she chose looks strikingly similar to Kara's real model. The shoes even match! Simply brilliant.

Scarlett: She even has an audience in there! I look at this and all I can think of is how thrilled Kara would be to see this homage! There's no way Michael Kors could snark this doll. This entry took my breath away.

Marcia's inspirationHmmm, show it to Kara? Okay!

Kara Janx: OMG that is AMAZING! Not only am I completey flattered, but that is just Genius!!!!!!!!!

Hey, let's show Tim, too!

Tim Gunn: I loved them all, but this was my very favorite. It would certainly have received my vote!

Congratulations Marcia, you are the winner of the Project Runway MyScene Barbie, autographed by Nick Verreos!

Sunday, May 07, 2006

From The Mailbox

I really wanted one of Kara's kimono dresses. When I saw that you could buy direct from her website (hopefully meaning she doesn't have to share as much if any of her profits with anyone else) for the same price and with more color options, I decided to order one. Once I had some birthday money gathered I ordered one Black/green kimono dress in size L from KaraJanx.com on Sunday, April 30th (5 days ago). Being a U.S. size 12/14 I was realistic about the possibility that this dress may never fit me and it might just be a collector's item but I was ok with that since I'd have a Kara Janx original. With a promised delivery time of "2-3 weeks" the dress arrived TODAY! And it fits BEAUTIFULLY, is so flattering to any variety of body shapes, I really cannot say enough about it. So if anybody has been debating buying a dress from Kara, here's a full endorsement from a BPR enthusiast. I am so impressed.

Emily, 21, Orlando

BPR Contest Runner Up: Santino v. Nina

(Click on the picture for a larger view.)
George's version of Team Lingerie
George Nelson is a talented young artist, and no stranger to the pages of BPR. Not only has he been a frequent commenter, his work has been featured here before. Here is a sketch he submitted of Nick and here is another he did of the Final 3.

For the BPR contest, George decided to tackle what was arguably one of the most dramatic moments from all of Season 2: Santino's runway showdown with Nina Garcia from the "Team Lingerie" challenge. This entry came in just under the wire, but he wanted us to know this wasn't just a John Wade type afterthought, he used all of the alloted time working on it!


Laura K: Well, this was not one of Season Two's finest moments. I've been trying to forget the whole episode and then George here has to bring it up yet again. The thing that made this scene so priceless is that Santino was completely earnest in his defense of the lingerie while the models stood there so obviously uncomfortable... George has recreated this perfectly. Thanks a lot.

Tbone: George did an outstanding job of capturing the tone of this scene. I especially love how the font and positioning of the text reflect Santino's vitriolic speech. And the humorous side comments provide much needed balance. Bravo!

Scarlett: He's captured a moment filled with tension and a Christ-like Santino, crucified for his art. This witty entry is reminiscent of a Georges de La Tour ... only with lingerie and deer makeup. It's a merger of Old Masters and Victoria's Secrets. Who wouldn't love that?

George's inspirationMake sure to check out George's website to learn more about him and his art. And make sure to come back tomorrow as we reveal our Grand Prize Winner!

I want them to look like deer!