Sunday, February 12, 2006

Catching Up

Hi everyone,

I'm home and catching up with reading all of the articles and links and message boards that I can find regarding the Fashion Week Show. It's interesting that there is NO general consensus. No one really can tell for sure which collection is the decoy. There are theories and opinions out there regarding the quality of the fabrics and which models were featured in the various collections, but, even among our readers, again - no consensus. Isn't that great?

Also, there is no general agreement regarding the "winner." We all have our personal favorites of couse, but these are subjective and certainly our opinions are flavored by what we saw on the show. There are some who simply loved Chloe all season and so they will love her collection - same thing with Daniel. Also, there are some who simply didn't like Santino and so they will not like his collection. No matter what. This is human nature! Hopefully the judges will not be similarly biased. I can not see Nina (for instance) choosing Santino as the winner. But I could be wrong. I often am!

So, I don't envy the judges. This is a tough call.

Most of all, I have a fresh eagerness to see how this all ends up, don't you? What will happen in the final days? Will we have another Shoegate? How will the final three react to each other after being apart for seven months? After watching the show and seeing the confessionals, will we have any confrontations? Most of all, who are the final three?

Okay, this is really getting good!


AJ said...

LK, I agree. The amazing collections are bringing us to a point where the winner will truly be a surprise! This is so exciting!

OurBoyDaniel said...

LK - yes, you've nailed it. This is more fun than TV has been for a long time.

travis said...

ya...they've been going a great job keeping us all guessing. plus, it's really cool to see the designers do an entire collection, rather than just one piece...they are all very talented. However, I still do have my favorite :D

gumdropgurl said...

i can't wait for Wednesday!

just my opinion, but based on the previews on Bravo, saying "three designers want Santino out," I'd say that Santino is one of the final three and wins this challenge. It would be too obvious for him to be one of the last two on the runway and then out.

Just my guess.

eric3000 said...

Laura, I'm so glad we're back to enjoying the show. I've been away from the computer since Thursday and the postings then were pretty bleak.

We just have to remember that even if the judging process isn't perfect, it is better than most other shows: the contestants are not forming alliances and voting each other off, and the decisions are not made by a few dozen teen-age girls on cell phones or by one megalomaniac with a bad comb-over.

I'm glad we're back to agreeing it's the best show on television!

LauraK said...

I feel kind of a responsibility to voice what I'm sure that viewers are feeling - to acknowledge that those feelings are valid. Then I try to give them a forum where they can vent. Then we can "lighten up" and move on!

eric3000 said...

I understand. Obviously people were very upset and it was good to discuss it. I guess I was just a little stunned and saddened by the level of outrage.

But now we can get back to having fun!

X said...

Kara is the decoy

Curly Glamour Girlie said...

I've just perused the collections for what feels like the millionth time. I commend all the designers for really putting their hearts on their sleeves and giving it their all. If I had to make a guess as to the decoy I'd say Kara or to a lesser extent Daniel.

Santino truly surprised me with his beauty and real appreciation for women and how beautiful he made those models look.