Friday, February 10, 2006

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One of our readers has prepared a video montage of the runway photos set to music. It's something to carry us over until we get to see the real thing!


Anonymous said...

how in the world did you get those pics - amazing

but question only three contestants are supposed to show during olympus fashion week. why are there four?

guess ill have to wait until next week to see!!

AJ said...

Jen, there is a decoy collection since at this point in the television viewings, we only have four designers left. We haven't yet narrowed down to three, so techinically one of the designers is not actually part of the PR competition anymore. They do get the lovely task of showing at fashion week however and good for them!!

Hope this helped!

fashionasart said...

All of the designers can be proud. They have come in with their best work, and the painstaking hours and hours of designing, cutting, sewing, fitting that they've invested are more than apparant.

Nearly every designer has at least one or two dynamite, jawdropping piecess in their collection. It's sad to think that one of them is not in the running. But all of this crew is headed for a niche somewhere or other in the Fashion World.

Santino continues to do his signature work, somewhat in the style of KaraSaun last season. Very glamorous and sleekly feminine. and very little whickety-whack, please note.. Thank you, Santino, for your restraint. You look great on the runway too. Kara's makeover has stuck.

Daniel collection is very polished and very BR.. Almost no risks, and his colour palette is disappointingly quiet. The outfit with the white pleated skirt is stunning. Everything is beautifully sewn, beautifully fitted,
classic, but to my taste disappointingly conservative. (The collection he might do, if he's the decoy or has sworn on a stack of old moldy Vogues to seduce the powers-that-be at Banana Republic. Why bother, none of you are going to be happy there.) Little of the flair we had come to expect from you, Daniel?!!!

Chloe has taken some risks, incorporated Santino's early winning design into a couple of her pieces, and Daniel's Orchid top, here in black. But with the two short, formal, incredibly bravura gowns in different colours, with a slightly Spanish or Italian fllavour (Galliano? ) she has totally surpassed anything she's done before. (The BR "Bonwit" design comes close.)
I think she's in the fast track for the win,

But the most amazing, and pleasing collection for me--surprise,surprise--was Kara's. I thought she was somewhat invisible until the Sasha Cohen challenge, and her Garden Party ensemble rocked. She didn't do too bad with Santino's makeover either. I've speculated elsewhere that the cleverest strategy might be to stay out of everyone's way/coast though the early episodes (avoiding elimination, of course,) then come on strong in an Olympic sprint at the end. And that's exactly what she seems to have done. Another note of interest: in the poll that I conducted about three weeks ago NOT ONE PERSON placed Kara at Fashion Week.
Her collection is amazing: it's bold, witty, full of risks and images we havn't seen from her before. even expressed timidly in her sketches. AND it's eminently wearable. She has reimagined her style over the inteervening months, and I pray that she isn't there as the decoy. I seriously doubt it though. Her colour palette is alive, delightful and as radiant as the Impressionists. Some here will no doubt say (I haven't read any of the other reviews/comments yet) that her collection is modeled on Jay's. That's primarily because of the knitted hats, and the bias toward casual or at least street wear. But I think that it is much more than that, and she has carried it off with unmistakle, dazzling pinache. Bravo, Kara. May we all fly a little higher the next time we take flight, as you have demonstrated with this collection!!!!

JMO :o))

Kathleen Bolton said...

Wow, thanks for putting everything in one place so I don't have to go back and forth between windows.

After seeing the slideshow, I'm amazed at how great all the collections were. Chloe's was a slight disappointment, but slight. She WAS channeling Alexis Carrington for some of those pieces, but Grace's finale dress was a knockout.

Dan V's was totally wearable and would fit best with BR. He had a gorgeous white sweater trimmed in satin that I'd totally wear.

Santino's was lovely too, I like his choice of color, everything floated around the body, figure friendly, except for the hideous leather corset. I actually think he was the decoy and is auditioning for a place in Nicky Hilton's new line of party clothing.

But the big surprise was, as others have noted, Kara! I loved her choice of color, her proportions, it was fun and funky without being insane. My daughter would wear any of her pieces, and she loved the tight tee-shirt number under the cropped jacket. Kara, I think you might actually win this!

CatNFiddle said...

It is totally possible that either Kara or Santino (underdog and outcast respectively) could pull this off, assuming neither is the decoy. They were the two whose designs I wanted to see in my size in a shop, especially Santino's. After so many challenges that most designers would never face in the working world, it's amazing to see what they can do with their own time and space.

Elaine said...

Don and Kathleen:
I think too much can be made of the BR mentorship. It's not a job at BR in the offering, not a position on their design team, so the winner doesn't have to fit into the BR design sensibility at all. It's just a mentorship, which means that if the winner wants some advice on Asian factories and production, there are experienced folks at BR they can turn to.

At least this is how Jay characterizes the mentorship in interviews with him.

fashionasart said...


I thought that Jay turned it down. If that's what it is, it doesn't seem to be anything that you'd want to or need to turn down.

I"m confused. Can anyone here supply more information???

Thx. Donxcyqj

Elaine said...

Jay turned down the money. The 100k is separate from the mentorship. He said he would have done the mentorship but it was just bad timing. Here's an excerpt from the Wasington Post:

He didn’t work with Banana’s designers, however, for another reason. “[E]verything was fine with them, just bad timing. I couldn’t think about mass production in China the week I won the show,” he said. “It was all just way over my head. I was pretty emotional for months. ‘What the [bleep] just happened to me?’ kind of thoughts.”