Friday, February 10, 2006

Were You There?

We know from the comments this past week and today that several BPR readers were on the scene this morning at Bryant Park for the PR Fashion Week Final. We'd love to hear more! What was it like? Who did you see? What impression did each of the collections leave as they walked the runway? Post your experiences here!

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christine said...

i was there! section G row 6, right next to david (nick's partner, so sweet) and donna (marla's friend, very cool). more updates to come, esp on my blog soon, but i have pix to pore over on flickr. enjoy! :)

it was a very, very emotional show. can you imagine pouring all of yourself out there for the world, your family, and the judges all at once? you could really read it on the designer's faces that they were thrilled to be there, and gave everything they got at that one moment.