Saturday, February 04, 2006

Do You See What I See? Speculation:

I'll have to watch the previews again but I think Santino has FINALLY gotten his beard trimmed, a shave and a haircut - Hooray! Also, the plaid hat fabric matches the facing on Santino's shirt. Is this newly made? Is this the "Makeover" outfit? Is this a Goorin hat? It doesn't look much different than what he usually wears. But isn't it Kara who tends to include hats in her ensembles? And why so glum, chum? Hmmmmm.... what do you think?


misterminm said...

from the previes that i have seen, this is my best guess:

Chloe and Nick make each other over and then Kara and Santino and paired up. This would give Daniel his free pass.

Would this probably mean that we are knocked from 5 designers down to 3? There only seems to be one more episode left entitled "What's your line."

My prediction: Daniel, Chloe, and Nick are in fashion week with Kara and Santino elminated in a double "auf."

Katey said...

It doesn't seem likely that they would give Daniel NOTHING to do, even though he has a free pass. I envisioned something more like Santino does Kara, Chloe does Nick, Daniel does someone else, etc. etc. until they're all matched up. The thing about a double elimination, also, is that Daniel would be immediately sent to fashion week with his immunity, which seems like something they would be unlikely to do as well. Though I am confused about how there's going to be one more episode before Fashion Week, especially because anyone at Fashion Week will know who the final three are by Friday, and everyone else will find out soon enough. So maybe a double elimination is possible. Who knows.

LauraK said...

We should be down to four by Wednesday. If it's like last year, four will show at Fashion Week. The "top three" and then the "decoy" collection. Last year the decoy was Austin. As I recall, TPTB only realized that they would need a decoy collection several weeks ahead of time. Austin was really scrambling to put it together - which was totally unfair. This year there is no excuse for this. There was plenty of time to either a) Narrow it down to the top three before Fashion Week or b) Give the decoy enough time to prepare a real collection. Should we start a new thread for this topic?

misterminm said...

but there are only 2 episodes left, right? Makover and fashionweek.

Anonymous said...

There are five episodes left, per the Bravo schedule. That includes the finale, which is two parts, and the reunion show, which actually is stuck in there /before/ the finale. Next Wednesday final four (who I presume will show on Friday at FW), the following Wednesday final three. Then the reunion and the two-part finale.

Jan the Dan Fan said...

I think Daniel is in the challenge because he looks different in the previews.
Maybe Tim Gunn paired with Daniel V for this one.

Jan the Dan Fan said...

Maybe Kara is crying in the previews because Santino is pissed about his new facial hair look.

anapestic said...

From the comments Nick made in the previews about Santino driving him crazy, it seems possible that Nick has to make Santino over. The previews (which may, of course, be misleading) also implied that Chloe made over Nick and Santino made over Kara. Either on the Bravo web site or on a TV preview, I read/heard that "one of your favorites" will be going home. They could think that everyone is a favorite, but to my mind, that would mean either Nick or Chloe since Daniel is immune, and Kara and Santino don't seem like the most popular contestants. There was also some footage where Chloe worried about not being able to do menswear, but that might have been to mislead us. My guess (and I'm almost always wrong, so take it for what it's worth) is that Nick gets eliminated and Kara gets eliminated next week. I think the producers consider more than just talent, and if Santino isn't in the final three, there isn't much potential for drama. It's hard to imagine any three of the other four fighting very much. They're all so nice.

Toothy Tile said...

The impression I got from the preview, like others have stated, is that Chloe and Nick are paired and so are Kara and Santino. Since Daniel has immunity, maybe he's just an 'extra set of hands' to help them out in whatever way. Or maybe Daniel just gets to make over himself and goof off for this episode (which I'd actually like to see). In fact, maybe that's the whole point of immunity for this challenge, you end up with two pairs of people making over each other. If Nick was making over Chloe, who was making over Daniel, who was making over Kara, who was making over Santino, who was making over Nick, that's just asking for everything to be a disaster because you've got way too much going on. By keeping it as pairs making over each other, they can use their time more effectively to actually whip up something nice.

I'm not anticipating a double auf at this point.. I think we'll still be seeing 4 collections at Fashion Week. However, I have no idea what they could be doing in the "What's Your Line" episode to actually narrow it down to the final 3.

Anonymous said...

Actually, in the preview on the BPR website, Heidi tells the designers that they will be doing a single "head-to-toe" makeover (one look) for one of the other designers and that she will choose the names randomly. This implies that there will NOT be teams. Also, there will probably be a 4th designer at FW just to keep the public guessing (we would already know the 4, but not the actual 3 still competing)

Anonymous said...

What if everyone else is making over Daniel V?

Matthew said...

"From the comments Nick made in the previews about Santino driving him crazy, it seems possible that Nick has to make Santino over."


This was my assumption from watching the preview. They're really playing-up a discord between Nick and Santino, and why would there be such a discord if they both were on opposite teams?

Anonymous said...

oh! my head hurts!

I wish I had a time travel machine to peek into the future.

Anonymous said...

"From the comments Nick made in the previews about Santino driving him crazy, it seems possible that Nick has to make Santino over."

I think this is what happens. I think Nick has to make santino over, it's a disaster, and Nick gets kicked off. I've been looking for a definitive break that explains Nick's hatred for Santino(which Nick expressed in a post-PR interview) and that would be it. I think most of the designers officially hate Santino after that.

IMO, it would be a mistake for Nick to blame someone else for his aufing. He whined in front of the cameras that he wanted to go home. The judges already have it in for him and think he's vulgar. He's due to go next, it seems, on his own steam.

PhillyKat said...

i think that is his makeover outfit. in the preview didn't they show him like that after cutting from kara crying on nick's shoulder?

i think santino did kara definitely. they show nick ironing dark material. the only ones in the preview they showed in dark colors were he and kara so he must've had chloe or daniel. i'm leaning toward dan. i think chloe did nick's suit, which looks a li'l big to me. and i think daniel did santino.

yeah he is trimmed. you can see it on his site. if you haven't been there, you should check out the audio file of his timpersonation set to nin. it's too good.

PhillyKat said...

u know the more i look at that photo, i'm sure of 2 things:

a) daniel had to do it cuz it's a skate by.. santino dresses that way so it's not a makeover; OR

b) if dan didn't do it, whoever did is out because it's no makeover.

tom said...
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jilouise said...

Perhaps this is Santino's first sight of the trim and cut while still in his regular clothes?

This will be an interesting episode. In a train wreck kind of way.

OurBoyDaniel said...

But I don't think they need to be "teamed" here -- as long as five designers are making over five designers, it doesn't matter if two make each other over. Chloe could make over Santino, Santino could make over Daniel, Daniel could make over Nick, Nick could make over Kara and Kara could make over Chloe.

jeepers i love this show...

More intriguing: What is KAra saying to Nick in the preview, when she is crying on the couch? SOmething about "wishing" she "had said something" -- what's THAT about? I don't think she would cry that hard about getting herself eliminated. I think maybe she did something that got NICK knocked out and feels really awful.

The Scarlett said...

Why is nobody mentioning the clown pants on Santino? Maybe, just maybe, this is the product of Daniel V. having immunity! This plaid does not look like the work of Nick or Chloe.

Curly Glamour Girlie said...


This is what got me thinking as well. Kara definitely seems to be trying to make something up to Nick or apologize for something. (or a lack of something) I think Nick made Kara over and she didn't say she liked her new look on the runway, hence getting him booted, or in serious danger of getting booted.

LauraK said...

When Kara and Nick are sitting together on the couch, I think it looks like they are both "safe." They have been excused at this point and the other three are swaeting it out on the runway. Who ever made Kara's outfit should be shot. Only guessing of course.

Curly Glamour Girlie said...

Good point Laura on both counts.

But don't they have to go back to the styling area while the judges discuss and then come back out for a final dismissing/awarding????

Mrs. Garlic said...

I think you make a great point laura, but i go back to saying that i don't think nick would have had time for the sag dress if he was doing his collection as well.

the judges have increasingly disliked nick's work.

as for santino's clown/pants makeover, i'm guessing it's the work of daniel v - immunity is nice here. santino did kara. chloe did daniel v. that's obvious from the previews.

and maybe daniel v's flouffy hair is also part of this makeover?

fashionasart said...

It's absolutely too confusing to make an ***intelligent***
guess. Of course, the producers have rigged it that way so we'll all be in line for our "drug of choice"
this Wednesday.

Many good ideas here. If Kara and Nick are safe in the Green Room (as our Lady of the Blog and the preview both suggest) that REALLY SCARES ME, because I would have imagined one of them aufed this episode. That would mean that either Santino or Chloe is BYE BYE. Too sad to imagine.

AGAIN this is a lousy challenge for so late in the series. Pivotal questions: What kind of budget do they have to work with?? What are the guidelines/prohibitions/parameters?? Can they actually alter a person's core appearance a la Santino, with or without their consent?? Isn't that a violation of ones personal space and identity, and as such incredibly perverse and despicable?!!!

On the other hand, whatever happens to Santino, while obviously traumatic in the short run, I think may have initiated a period of serious self-inquiry and some meaningful changes in his life, based on current or at least more recent photos
featured on his website and reading between the lines in his recent interview (a more sensitive, humanized Santino)

I'm completely confused about who's the next Auf.
I can't imagine that it would be Chloe, and Daniel has immunity. If the screen cap shows us Santino's makeover, then I think that WHOEVER is responsible for it should be out. PERIOD. They've made him look even more like a clown than usual (gratifying, no doubt but an incredibly expensive gesture, if it causes their exit) and robbed him of his air of decadence and mystery (qualities that I personally find intriguing--sorry, Santino haters).
How could ANYONE be so dumb as to send Santino onto the runway looking like that--a bizarre cross between a plucked chicken and a rain-drenched dog.

This is an incredibly stupid challenge, and one that the designers do not apparently
fully rise to meet, even those who have other times pulled a last minute victory out of the fire. Lucky Daniel!!!

JMO :-((

SciMommy said...

I don't know if anyone is still reading this thread, but I watched the previews for tonight's episode again, and here go my predictions for the next couple of episodes. Here are the designer-"client" pairs in tonight's episode:
Nick - Santino
Santino - Kara
Kara - Daniel
Daniel - Chloe
Chloe - Nick

Consequently, Santino will be driving Nick even crazier than usual, thus causing the silent treatment. Santino himself will design the horrible beige 70's-style outfit for Kara. Santino will expect Kara to say nice things about the outfit, but she will not, leaving Santino sweating before the judges while backstage Kara cries to Nick, "I'm sorry I didn't say anything". The last two people on the runway will be Chloe and Santino, with Santino being sent home. Whatever people may say about him, he is a fans' favorite, if only for his Timpressions (let's face it, at this point, the words "one of your favorites" only rule out Kara).

Next episode: Nick, Kara, Daniel, and Chloe are left and at the end it'll be a situation similar to last year's. A fans' favorite (Austin, Nick) vs. the more consistent yet boring and not as popular designer (I feel bad comparing Kara to Wendy, because Kara seems like a nice person with a sense of humor). Since it seems like Nick has had enough PR and the judges have had enough of Nick, I think they will send Nick packing, and the final three will be Daniel, Chloe, and Kara.