Monday, February 27, 2006

Emmett's First Newsletter

Dear Friends :

I was so pleased to see all the designers again at the reunion show and at Bryant Park during the taping of the final runway shows during Olympus Fashion Week. Chloé, Daniel, Kara, and Santino put their best work on the runway--I was especially pleased that Chlóe and Kara where there, as they both have become very close friends to me since our bonding experience under the intense scrutiny of the Project Runway cameras last summer. I loved both of their collections and was happy to see Kara get raves afterwards from none other than Womens Wear Daily and Fern Mallis, whom apparently didn't know Kara was the decoy and declared Kara the winner! Kara actually lives a few blocks from my apartment and I talk to her and Chloé almost daily. Chloe showed a passionate collection focusing on luxury fabrics with beautiful and unusual construction.

Chloe's generosity for sharing her experience, insights, and advice regarding my new EMc2 boutique have been incredibly helpful. I also liked Daniel's collection, it amazed me how young and sophisticated he is as a designer. Santino's left behind his television theatrics for his presentation and his designs had both beautiful use of color and silhouette. After the filming, I hosted a cast party at the boutique. It was nice to relax and get to know one another better and, with the cameras finally off, see each other as individuals not TV characters.

Since November, starting my own brand and opening the boutique (more on that later...) has been the most exciting, terrifying, and challenging experience of my life--much worse than wearing that skintight pink shirt during my final episode as a Project Runway contender. My family, friends and colleagues have come out to support me as well as thousands of supporters who have emailed me from all over the country. Thank you, thank you thank you! It's a huge risk but I know I am not alone.

The grand opening is set for March 17--Saint Patrick's Day--wish this Irish lad luck.

much love,


Could we get an "Official BPR Field Reporter" over to Emmett's Store on March 17th? Who is game?


Tbone said...

Congratulations to you Emmett! Know that you will always have friends, fans and hopefully a few customers here at BPR.

And thank you for sharing your insight on the Final 4 collections. We've only seen the pictures so far, but your analysis seems spot on. Erin Go Bragh!

praddicted said...

I'd love to but I can't-have work and am too old to go into NY on St. Patrick's day, ROFLOL.


LauraK said...

Jessie, can you please e-mail me? Thanks!

The Scarlett said...

I love Emmett! I wish him so much luck with his new endeavor.

tiff said...

That newsletter makes me appreciate Emmett a little bit more. I thought he was a little stilted on the show, but with this letter I'm sure he's a lot more genuine in real life.

Anonymous said...

Several people have said that Emmett is very sweet and social.
I guess the nice and fun stuff didn't appeal to the editors very much.
Go Emmett!
Now to get on his email list!

AJ said...

Congrats Emmett!

I may not be Irish, but I can drink like one! I'm going to a St. Patty's Day-ish bar crawl this coming weekend and at least one of my beers will be in honor of EMc2;)

Anonymous said...

I always liked Emmett's quiet, soft, dignified way on Project Runway. I regret that the editors didn't see fit to include more of him in the series...he really was a good balance to the chaos flying around that design room. I will always commend him for his classy and very quiet put-down of Santino when he was ragging on Diana and her group for "never having sex in their lives". Emmett, you really are a Gentleman and I'll bet that you have a much warmer and loving personality than we ever got to see on the show. We were robbed!...and so were you when Santino made it thru with his baboon-ass skating outfit and you were ofted. I wish you great success, both professionally and personally. Carry On!

Anonymous said...

honestly, i didn't like emmett on the show, but all these emails from him to you have totally changed my mind.

ScubaOtter said...

Emmett is one class act; head to toe, and start to finish. I wish him success and joy in all his endeavors.

PhillyKat said...

hmm you think he'll let me in early for a sneak?

i haven't ck'd my email for my newsletter yet.