Saturday, February 11, 2006

Exclusive Report From Fashion Week

Our Final Four
This report was sent to us from our BPR reader Philly Kat:

hey laura,

i was talking to a friend, sammy, who no longer blogs. he went to the show and allowed me to send you what he said. you can post it if you'd like.

"we got there at 9 b/c we knew we weren't getting in and the show would start late anyway. we went to the front and waited b/c nothing was going on in the back. we saw anne hathaway go in, as well as, the queer eye guys (carson, ted, and kyan). we passed austin scarlett on the street but didn't say anything. we watched the show on the screens outside. everyone outside seemed to like chloe and santino. santino's stuff looked more wearable right off the runway, but chloe's seemed to get a better reaction

20 or so people were gathered around and we all watched it. i loved chloe and santino, daniel's was nice but dull, and kara's was a crazy mess. [me: agreed! i'm looking at stills and i was wtf'n all over karas.] then after the show we went around back b/c we didn't think anyone would come out the front. we waited for a while, and debra messing (the guest judge for the finale), diana, marla, daniel franco, lupe, and tim gunn all came out intermittently. everyone stopped for photos except debra and tim.

some of the models came out. daniel and santino's models walked out together and were hilarious. they posed for pics and were adorable. afterwards we saw them running up the street carrying a bouquet of flowers like a torch. when chloe's model came out, we were kind of terrified, but she turned out to be really pretty and sweet. we felt horrible for all the awful things we ever said about her. [me: well, chloe's model is scurry looking.]

we waited and waited and tried to decide if we should just leave b/c they had probably gone out some other way. then the stars aligned and kara, chloe, nick, andrae, emmett, santino, zulema, dan v. came out. they were all nice and took pics. i got a pic w/chloe, andrae, and kara saun, who came out later w/jay.

me: how was jay? was he a b*tch or kind?
him: i ignored him. i don't like him. i got a pic w/kara saun who was awesome. i think people were scared to ask them [thinking they'd say no], or maybe they just didn't like them. i dunno. but i noticed no one was getting a pic with kara saun or jay. i asked kara and she was like "oh, sure!"

Thanks, Philly Kat!


abhinetri said...

Here is a link to an article about Chloe from the Houston Chronicle:

WhicketyWhack said...

I thought Kara's was at least interesting. A mess, is kinda harsh, at least she presented something interesting that caught your eye. I thought chloe's was gaudy and very unwearable. There was one dress which looked like an 80's prom dress disaster! I thought Kara's was definately creative and different but at the same time cohesive.

AJ said...

whicketywhack (I love your name btw!) I agree about Kara's collection. I thought it was funky, young and really fun overall. The gowns were really beautiful too.

I couldn't get into some of Chloe's pieces myself, but she also had some really stunning looks.

kagy said...

I read that Heidi Klum asked for applause for 3 out of the 4 designers collection. Is that accurate? If so, which designer did Heidi NOT ask for the audience to applaud?