Monday, February 06, 2006

Good morning!

Monday morning means it's speculation time. We've seen the previews, and read everyone's opinions here, and here. By the way, it's not too late to enter your favorites. Don (Thanks, Don!) is keeping a tally for us.

Soooo... Who will be out this week. And why? Who will win? And most important....where did Santino get those pants? I don't believe any of the designers are going to make red plaid pants complete with pockets. Those pants are probably either something that Santino brought himself OR there is some kind of a Thrift Shop element to this challenge. Perhaps, since Daniel has immunity, he wanted to have a little fun with Santino. That would be priceless!

Santino should just get his own show. The SANTINO Show. At this point, his "designs" are inconsequential.

No matter who is "out" this week, I'm going to be very sad. These designers are all very talented and fun and I've really enjoyed getting to know them. They are all winners.


Mercedes said...

If "a favorite will be out this week"
My worst case scenario:
Nick is out and Chloe wins.
I think we have seen an arc were Nick has continuosly disappointed the judges in his designs. It wouldn't surprise if he's out.

My best case scenario:
Santino is out and Chloe wins.
For this scenario to happen the producers would have grown a spine and gone with talent over drama. But I also feel Santino has "redeemed himself" to the public. He hasn't been as annoying as before. He's the funny one lately. So, people might be more accepting of him staying now than a couple of weeks ago.

It's a shame if Nick is out because I wouod much rather see his collection rather than Santino's.

memee said...

I think Chloe will be out and Santino will win. Chloe's designs have been so similar and if you look at them all together you can really see that she is taking very few chances and is lacking in some ingenuity.

Santino is due for a win and in the past few weeks has been improving his attitude which, in my opinion, was the main thing stopping him from winning challenges. No matter how people feel about his personality, you have to admit that his line would be a great show to see with all the time he would have to work on it. Just look at how well he did on the first challenge, when he was working on his own.

praddicted said...

I'm thinking it's Nick, although then I'm thinking that's what "they" want us to think-they've been playing up the "I want to go home" angle and although they haven't replayed it, I think that Nina's comment must be directed to Nick-I think it would take more than one disappointing design for her to say she is no longer impressed. But that comment doesn't mean that person is aufed either.

You know, I'm going to miss the show terribly but I'm going to miss this blog!!! Oh, my gosh, I'm actually going to have withdrawal!!

Anonymous said...

has anyone watched the runways from Fashion Week - there is a lot of stuff that looks like Santino or Danny - but not much that looks like Chloe or Nick - what do others think -

AJ said...

I'm thinking that Kara will be out this week and Chloe will win.

Of course, this is all in my

I would love to see Nick win, but that doesn't seem like a likely scenario.

As for reality-based choices, I have no clue. It could be anybody at this point...I'm still reeling over Andrae's exit.

Anonymous said...

I think Nick will crash and burn this week (we've seen glimpses...) - it's just a gut feeling I have. I think Chloe will win. Why? I have no idea. I'm just feeling very psychic today. ;-)

Tbone said...

The previews provide much speculation regarding who is designing for who this week and the more I look at them the more confused I become, so I won't even try.

The judges comments and the "audience favorite will be auf" voiceover are much more predictive, IMO. Kara is not an audience favorite, so I think she's safe. DV is immune. That leaves Chloe/Nick/Santino.

Of those 3, I speculate that Chloe designs for Nick and based on what he's wearing, probably will not be aufed. That leaves Nick/Santino. They truly are "audience favorites", even more so than Chloe.

Both Heidi and Nina have been shown saying "I hate it", but who to? I'm going on a limb to guess Santino, even though the story arc has benn leaning against Nick lately. The win? No clue.

voxqueror said...

i'm hoping that kara will be out this week...she seems nice enough, but after the whole "danger, no trespassing" debacle (was it just me, or was her way of saying that 400 timers in that episode uber-annoying?) and the fact that she's made only one outfit i actually liked (in last weeks ridiculous challenge), i think it's time for her to go. i can't imagine seeing an entire collection designed by her.

BUT since the previews are taunting me, saying a favorite will be out, i'm desperately afraid that nick will be auf-ed this week...and that would make me cry into whatever food i've had delivered during the show.

praddicted said...

Do I have this right-the Runway show is on Friday morning, correct? As I recall-and I'm only going by clothes and the fact that the families were there and models still dressed in their runway outfits-the PR judging took place right after. I know there were interviews and some backstage footage, but it must be shortly after the runway show, don't you think? And I wonder when the reunion show is taped? Maybe Wed/Thursday night since a number of the designers were at the show but at the reunion show, it seems as if the winner wasn't known.

The Scarlett said...

I did some detective work. Mind you, it could be bad detective work. Here goes.

I'm guessing that Daniel V. designed the outfit that Santino is wearing. Perhaps Daniel took a page from Santino and designed something really offensive. Hence the plaid clown pants.

Here are some screen caps:
(Santino and his fabric)
(Kara and Nick)
It appears that Kara is wearing an outfit designed by Santino ... and not a good outfit. I also think she is regretting not defending it in some way. I also think that Chloe designed Nick's outfit. It's not a good look.

Here's my guess:
Santino out
Nick win

I can't imagine that these outfits are designed using fabric from Mood. I'm thinking thrift store.

Matthew said...

I think that, at this point, it's really a crapshoot regarding who's in and who's out. It's been that way for a few weeks now.

First, Zulema wins, and then the next episode is OUT. In that same episode, Andrae (who, in mine and many others' opinions, had been showing more promise of late) was a definitive runner-up to Daniel's orchid dress, and most everyone was praising his work. The next episode, he was OUT. In the same episode that Andrae was aglow with praise, Kara was fumbling and presenting a boring black dress with tape around it, on the verge of being kicked-off. The next episode, she has one of the top three dresses.

It's really up in the air at this point.

Here's my take on who's left:

Nick: I've never been aboard the Nick Love Train. I think he seems like a nice guy, and his bio and Q&A on the official site is very impressive (as per his interests). And, yes, he's cute. But I've just never been wowed or overly-impressed by his work on the show. The Barbie dress was probably his best. So, if he goes this week, I'll be sad because he's a nice person, but not sad because his work hasn't been stupendous.

Kara: Once again, Kara seems like a nice person, although she's prone to pack-on the drama (the Daniel Franco team bitterness, and the Zulema team meltdown). Nothing she's designed has stuck with me (aside from the black tube dress), but, curiously enough, out of all the designers she is the one I'd be most interested in seeing at Fashion Week, simply because I'm intrigued as to what she'd present, given more time. I keep wondering if the limitations of the show are keeping her creativity and craftsmanship down. Don't ask me why I especially think this about Kara, but I do. If, however, she is OUT this week, then it wouldn't kill me. Nor would it bother me if she were IN.

Daniel V.: Yes, he's hot. Yes, he's soft-spoken. Yes, he's kind and polite. But I'm also trying to keep those things out of my head when attempting to evaluate his work on the show. And not being a designer or fashion expert really hinders me in this, but I have to say that I can't discern a particular style for our boy Daniel. Much of his work has been solid and nice, and he's deserved to win on most occasions (the 'Flower Power' episode excepted), but I still can't point blindly to a dress and say, "This is a Daniel Vosovic." Is that a bad thing? Who knows? Does it betray my lack of fashion knowledge? Probably. Do I want him to win? Yes (him or Chloe). Do I think he will win? Don't know. Kara Saun won just as many challenges last year as he has this year, and she didn't win the whole she-bang, so we'll just have to see how it goes.

Chloe: A personal favorite early on, who then moved to the back-burner, and now tied with Daniel V. as my pick to win (both personally and by objective talent. Many have claimed that Chloe's stuck in a rut, but I disagree. Yes, she has a particular style, but I think her dresses have all looked quite different from one other, yet have also been very distinctively Chloe. And her 'Flower Power' dress was robbed, IMHO. I hope she doesn't get eliminated this week.

Santino Once again, I'm not a fashion expert, but Santino's dresses all look the same to me, and that's not necessarily a compliment. Every episode it's been the same high waistline and nearly the same type of cording for the angles. The materials' always had that slightly puffed-out look and... I don't know... it's just not impressed me after the first episode or two. What I think we're seeing with Santino is the 'Jedi Mind Trick effect.' Santino exudes tremendous confidence and compliments himself a lot and talks-up his supposed creativity to the point that it begins to work on people. Honestly, he's more in a rut than Chloe ever has been, yet because Chloe isn't constantly out there drawing attention to herself and exuding confidence and talking about her creativity and skillz all the time, people seem to judge her differently. I don't want to see Santino at Fashion Week, so hopefully he's out this week.

Anyway, that's my take on the situation. Sorry it's so lengthy.

Take care.

Matthew said...

Oh, and just some more speculation - this time regarding the preview talking about how one of our "favorites" will be OUT this week....

Don't put too much stock into the wording or phrasing of promos.

I've watched reality shows similar to PR, and often times the producers/editors/promo-makers will consider any of the last few contestants left standing toward the end as audience "favorites," whether it's true or not.

For example, if the producers are reading these fan sites, then yes, they will probably realize that Nick is a favorite. But if they're not, I could easily see them saying that someone like Kara or Santino are favorites, simply because they've been on for so long. It doesn't necessarily make sense, but then that's television for you.

Another thing to keep in mind about the unreliability of previews: Remember the preview shown all week long where Santino is screaming at Andrae, saying, "I want your soul!" ? And then when that week's episode aired, they even used it as a promo for the next segment after commercials? Did anyone actually see that bit in the episode, itself? Nope. Never used.

So, basically, for what it's worth, I put about as much belief in clips and previews as I do in throwing salt over my shoulder. They can be too easily manipulated or invented to be too heavily trusted.

Also (and this is off-topic for this thread), but has anyone noticed that one of the bonus videos for episode 7 ('On Thin Ice') is of Tim Gunn busting-out Santino for doing impressions of him. Tim approaches Santino, says he's heard that Santino has been imitating him, and wants to hear some of it. There's much laughing and cackling (just like in episode 9), and then Santino launches into a "What happened to Andrae?" Timpression.

So... why did it seem like it'd never happened before in episode 9?

Anonymous said...

I have been watching the NY fashion shows and it's sooo addictive. I have the schedule printed out and have been embarrassingly been trying to schedule classes around the shows I want to see.

I just noticed that Project Catwalk (the UK version) will be doing their show at London fashion week on Monday. It's the same thing, supposedly only three will show. But they'll only be up to episode 5 this week!

LauraK said...

Let's see, Santino has terrified and bullied Nina Garcia, insulted Michael Kors and mocked the divine Tim Gunn.... His designs have been laughable and he knows it. No matter how awful he is - TPTB refuse to let him go because he is so entertaining. Well, he's run his course I think - at least on Project Runway. I predict he's auf this week and a millionaire by Thursday!

Anonymous said...

My brain keeps going around the fact that the show took place during the course of one intense month last summer.

I'm picturing these designers, under pressure, far from home, family, friends and businesses.

I remember Tim's podcast comment about the hours and hours of tape that were edited away.

I’m thinking that my favorite, Nick, won’t make it to the final four or three because a whole series of “What ifs” keep popping into my head such as: What if unseen personal problems got in the way? What if he sees that his vision is distinctly West Coast while the PR2 judges are too wound up in East Coast sensibilities? What if the financing for his dream business came through while he was in NY? What if he can’t control his contempt for the challenges any longer? What if the Makeover challenge emphasizes aspects of style that he personally detests? What if there is another whole series of unwarranted, bad critiques heaped onto him? What if Nick’s entire PR2 experience teaches him that his love of designing for an individual muse is greater than the BR mentorship and that he doesn’t need any further education in the mass marketing of fashion since he is better suited to the one-on-one designing of specialty items for individual clients, plenty of opportunity for which abound in Los Angeles?

What if Nick decides to just drop out of the competition this week?

It would certainly be good TV and it would mean 2 less designers this week if he drops out and another is auf'd.

Anonymous said...

Then there's Daniel with his orchid usage two challenges in a row. He has immunity and will be one of the final four, but will he rest on his laurels and create a ridiculous Makeover outfit for someone, or will he still work toward a win?

What would you do?

dkellergrl said...

I think that Kara will be "auf" this week.