Saturday, February 11, 2006

If You Had To Choose One...

design that was your favorite from each designer, which would it be? For me, I liked these the best:

Chloe: the black and gold suit modeled by Shannon
Daniel: the gorgeous white dress-coat
Santino: the red dress modeled by Allison
Kara: the turqoise and copper dress

How about you? (Thanks jrt!)


memee said...

Santino: The teal/turquoise dress (Beautiful color! Hard to pick b/c I loved most of his outfits!)

Kara: The long yellow dress with the black straps (My favorite of all! Again, hard to pick)

Chloe: The bluish-green evening gown with cap sleeves on Grace

Daniel: The plaid pants and leather vest (like the one he made for Chloe)

Robin said...

I would choose the red dress by Santino. Chloe's chocolate satin fitted dress with the keyhole slit in the bodice and the lace peeking out from under the flare at the bottom of the skirt was my favorite. I liked the white/black floral brocade jacket by Daniel; I can't remember what he paired that with--. For Kara--I liked the kimono dress in any variation.

awol said...

chloe: the suit that shannon was wearing

kara: the red top with the gray pleated skirt

daniel: the tan dress with the v-neck and pockets

santino: none.

AJ said...

I'm just copying what I wrote in the other post...

Santino- Agreed on the red dress! I loved it!

Chloe- The structured navy dress w/ long sleeves and a cut out back is stunning.

Daniel- I LOVED the white pleated skirt outfit, but I also REALLY liked the white coat and the white sweater/skinny pant combo with the sexy buttons on the leg. Also, I loved the long sleeved dark dress w/ the buttons all down the front. Am I allowed to have 4 favorites?

Kara- By and large my favorite was the turqoise and copper dress, closely followed by the blue and purple long sleeved gown.

Mod Dots said...

Great question!

Santino: Taupe floaty dress with lighter tan empire waist/beading? (#13 in the slideshow)

Daniel: The black pants & aubergine sweater -mostly because of i love that fab bag (#11 and #12)

Kara: Long dress with aqua halter and orange/golden bottom (#6)

Cloe: The teal evening gown on Grace - she made grace look curvy! (#14)

Anonymous said...

Santino The "showpiece" that Heather was wearing is breathtaking. It has the complexity of something that lives underwater. (Huge compliment!)

Kara I really liked the gold dress with the thick black outline of the bust.

Chloe The back of Grace's dress is fantastic— it's a toss-up between that one and the bizarre lace top/pants combination that the model with the assymmetrical, poofy hair was wearing.

Daniel The first look! Wow!

Anonymous said...

Santino: tie between the red dress and the teal dress with black trim

Daniel: the white pea coat

Kara: the turquoise and rust colored dress

Chloe: the black suit with the interesting neck

npohworks said...

I made a really long post about this in my livejournal actually, included my favorite,leastfavorite pieces from each and my thoughts.

Santino: The lavender minidress with the tweedish coat and matching purple trim

Chloe: the Blue cutout dress modeled by grace

Daniel: The black (?) dress modeled by the girl zulema originally had with the points in the skirt

Kara: high-waisted dress with grey plaid skirt, tulle under, purple satin/silver satin top.

Moi ;) said...

Santino: The long taupe dress (first one) is the nicest of all the designers' offerings.

Kara: Turquoise and Copper

Chloe: Chocolate Pantsuit

Daniel: The tight black shirtdress

Kara's collection was just plain awful. There is No GOOD reason that Kara should even be in this bunch. She and Nick do NOT even compare.

The others had several things I liked. Great job, gang!

Justin said...

Santino: The brown and green dress Heather wore.
Chloe: The chocolate dress with the lace flounce
Danny V. The peice with the pleated skirt.
Kara: The dress with the teal top and dark gold bottom.

JRT said...

so interesting to hear everyone's choices. many of the people's choices are similar. i have to say i am proud of our young designers, and still wish i could see more collections from the auf-ed designers, i.e. emmett, nick, diana, and a few others.

grudge girl said...

Santino: The third one from the end, of the swirly turquoise/brown fabric. The shorter version of the one Heather is wearing at the very end.

Kara: The gorgeous deep purple gown with the aqua sash, which is made more beautiful, I think, by the midnight-skinned model! Yum!

Chloe: Not a fan of much here, honestly. But I do love the way that deep teal, cap-sleeved gown fits Grace. It's GORGE! It's nice to see something with sleeves that doesn't look matronly. (Hello, rest of the collection, I'm looking at YOU!)

Daniel: The yummy irovy sweater with the satin neck and bow at the waist. Pretty! His collection still sort of bores me, but I'm beginning to think that the deeper, conservative colors he chose don't translate in pictures the way they will on TV, or live. I'll have to see.

fluffsters said...

As for the entire collection, I liked Cara's the best. I was surprised. Each collection had some surprising ugly things in it. The most beautiful thing was Santino's chiffony, peachy, green dress. If those are even the colors. Looks like a touch of brown too. Absolutely stunning. If I was rich, I would pay anything for it.

MNchic said...

dan: black skirt w/ black & white floral print jacket

chloe: floral dress w/ blue sash and sleeves

kara: blue tights, black capris, green shirt, and plaid blazer (i know, a lot. whew!) -- modeled by eden.

santino: i am not a fan. end of story.