Friday, February 03, 2006

Our Official BPR Fashion Week Correspondent Checks In!

Today, I was waiting near the steps of the main tent in Byrant Park and who should I see walking out but Jay McCarroll!
He was dressed in typical New York black from head to toe, with a few very "Jay" flourishes like brightly coloured bracelets.
He looked very sharp and slick, and he was loaded down with gift bags, meaning that he'd made the rounds of quite a few fashion shows. He was with a woman, who I think was his manager or handler. They were waiting outside the tents for another show to begin.

Many people on the street recognized and approached him, to my surprise. He was very sweet, and gracious however, and only had the nicest things to say. He wasn't catty at all.
A People Magazine reporter interviewed him, so be on the lookout for that in an upcoming issue!

I personally did not talk to him, because it's my policy to never approach celebrities on the street (this is New York City, after all), but now I regret it, beause he seemed so warm and unpretentious.

I'll be back at the tents tomorrow with my camera, and will be on the lookout for more Project Runway-ers throughout the week.

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j11358 said...


PhillyKat said...

excellent! jay sounds surprisingly approachable. funny, i don't approach celebs on nyc streets either.. usually cuz i never notice them or realize who they are until an hour later. lol

i wish i hadn't taken 6 days cuz i've been sick already this year. i'd jump a train to ny next week. mebbe next year.

AJ said...

Ack! Jealous!

My dad is now going to the Toy Fair which literally starts the day after Fashion Week ends! I'm all like "Go up a day early and...take me with you..."

Like phillykat said, maybe next year...