Friday, February 03, 2006

Those Sneaky Producers!

Ever notice how the designer who struggles with the challenge during an episode is never the one who goes home?

Chloe struggled to finish the Garden Party dress - the entire episode - and...she's in!

Nick struggled during the "Inspiration" episode - and he's in!

Santino struggled with the Ice Skating challenge - and he's in!

Marla struggled during the "Socialite" challenge - and she was in!

Even the very first show last season - Austin struggled with the cornhusks - and he won!

So look for the one shown to be struggling - he or she will be safe.

What else do those sneaky producers do?


Li'l Pony said...

It usually seems to me that when the judges are consulting amongst themselves and trying to decide between two contestants for the winner, the one about whom they have the most complimentary things to say will be the runner-up.

Tbone said...

Okay - this one may be a bit loony, even for the BPR insane asylum, but it is driving me CRAZY how they are editing the Atlas apartment numbers in a way that makes it nearly impossible to figure out where the girls are living.

In "COYB", we are shown a quick clip of the door on "17H" then an immediate cut to a scene featuring Chloe, Diana and Kirsten. So, they started out in 17H, right? Wrong!

In "On Thin Ice", Rob clearly rings the bell on 17H to deliver his skating package to ----- Emmett!

Also in "COYB", we are shown a shot of 37G followed by a scene with Lupe, Zu, Kara and Marla. They must be livin in 37G, right? Wrong!

When Chloe moves in with Zu and Kara after the BR challenge, we assume they are in 37G. However, when Tim comes a knockin' at the beginning of "Flower Power" (or is it "Garden Party?"), he's clearly knockin' on 21H! WTF!! How did Zu, Kara and Chloe mysteriously drop 16 floors and a hall sideways without the cameras catching this precipitous plunge? I mean, either Kara was smokin' some serious hippy lettuce or the producers are maliciously confounding my sense of place at the Atlas.

I know, Iknow - I'm heading to the shock room for more therapy. No need to call for the orderlies...

LauraK said...

Yeah, do you think they do that on purpose? Well, duh? Interestingly, I had an e-mail from someone from the Atlas Apartments suggesting that I add a link to the apartments on my blog. Great idea - of course I added it right away. BUT.... when I followed up with a couple of questions - I got no response. I thought it would be fun to know, for instance, the condition of the apartments after the designers left. I imagined Austin's room would be immaculate and Rob's towels would be all stained with self-tanner. After receiving no response I surmised that there must be some sort of confidentiality clause. For some reason, 35D is famously identified as the guys room, but the girls' room number is unclear. It's just those sneaky producers messing with us again!

Tbone - I have no comment on your condition.... I think it's more serious than previously thought. Get. Help. Now. : )

OurBoyDaniel said...

Also: if the producers include a clip of somebody saying they won, that person does NOT win, and if someone says they are SAFE, they are out. (In garden party, f'rinstance: Andrae speculates that *all* the guys are safe)

Anonymous said...

Ones that are used frequently in reality shows and in PR are that 1) if one of the judges remarks "so-and-so is out of here" it means that so-and-so is definitely staying another week, if not several more weeks; 2) if someone says "I'm gone this week," they're safe; and, conversely 3) if someone presumes that they're safe, they're very likely going to be eliminated.

Also, these apply early on in the competition: 1) if we hardly see anything about a particular contestant, he or she is neither the best nor the worst; and 2) if there is suddenly a lot of focus on someone we've never noticed before, he or she is either the best or the worst (I'm thinking of Lupe in particular).