Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Preview to a Daniel Vosovic Interview

It seems one of our readers had the opportunity to interview Daniel for an upcoming issue of INLA Magazine. I'd like to offer caution as his website contains language. Also, if you're reading this at the office, you might want to turn your sound down as he has some music embedded on his site:

The Interview

Thanks Kevin K. for sharing this with us!


Anonymous said...

That was a good interview. I love Dan!!

This is kind of off subject, but I saw Andrae being interviewed on the TV guide channel yesterday, and the hosts said something like - now that it's down to the final two, who are you rooting for? And Andrae preceeded to discuss Dan and Santino. I was thinking maybe I misheard and they were asking him about 35D or something, but I can't help thinking about Chloe crying on the previews to the next show. Did anyone else see this on the TVG channel?

j11358 said...

That was a fascinating and very enlightening interview.

I get the sense that Danny V. had more of a foot into the door of the fashion industry prior to PR than people would think.
He was able to attend the WH1/Vogue Fashion awards and he is friends with the supermodel Daria Werbowy?? That's neat.

Anonymous said...

Sorry for the obscenities! I sometimes forget that the internet is full of minors, as well as decent people! lol..I cleaned it up a lil!

Daniel V was such a nice person to talk to. I realize this was strictly professional, but i couldn't help being nervous during the interview! lol. He totally makes you feel comfortable right away though. No attitude no nothing. Really cool person!

InsultComicDog said...

Chloe was crying on the preview but I suspect it had something to do with the "surprise"... and I think the surprise was they flew her whole family in for the show (as well as the families of the other contestants)

Anonymous said...

I sense that Daniel V. is the winner. It's just too much coincidence that they are conveniently waiting til after the finale to premiere his website.

Anonymous said...

Nice interview..good work getting it, especially past the snippy PR people! Where there is a will, there's a way...Dan V. is way more than mere motivation, he's such a cutie!

Chloe crying in the previews? We've seen so much of all the strange ways they have been editing PR...the surprise and her crying may have nothing what-so-ever to do with each other! We'll just have to wait and see. Carry on.

The Scarlett said...

Thanks Kevin K. for sharing this fascinating look! I appreciate you cleaning up the obscenities, too, because I know for a fact we have some minors that read this blog. And of course those same minors love Daniel Vosovic!

What a wonderful opportunity for a writer!

Jaxx said...

Well done!!

JRT said...

beautiful interview. hopefully daniel keeps his head on his shoulders and keeps trucking along. in ten years i would love to see that business and menswear too. it should be interesting.

and to the person who guessed daniel won because he hasn't had a website up yet. i would have to disagree because the other finalists have had their websites up long before the final runway judging. i think him not having one up would be because he has wanted to focus on clothes only, not launching a website.