Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Project Runway Art

Here's another sketch by reader George of our three designer finalists! Thanks for sharing!

As a reminder, there is still time to get your bids in on the Project Runway Designers' Original Sketch Auction here. If you look at the details of each item up for bid you will find that often each lot contains multiple sketches ... at times up to 10! Can you imagine, for example, having 10 Santino sketches or 8 Nick sketches? That makes the current bids seem very reasonable!

I'm also curious to know if any of our readers do fashion sketching. I studied fine arts myself in college and I know that is a specific skill that I admire but sadly lack that talent. It might be fun to have a 'fashion' sketch of the three finalists with their models!


AJ said...

How funny...I LOVE Santino's shirt!

I have done fashion sketching but haven't done any in ages. Maybe next week sometime I'll see what I can come up with, but I can promise it'll be rusty looking!

JRT said...

just one thing to say about this for people bidding. how AMAZING will it be to see the sketches that weren't realized. it would be like opening a treasure chest that hold all these designs that could be realized in beautiful designs. you know there might be gold in some of those 'other' sketches.

echoe311 said...

I do some fashion sketching.

It's not amazingly good, I learned from my uncle a while back, he's the artsy type.

But I do plan to take a course in fashion design next semester because I am interested in exploring fashion as an option.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for posting Scarlet, and all those checking out this image! you can find some of me other stuff at my site.

After just watching the episode of the final three in NY, I'm drawing conclusions of who the winner is..

aj, I'm glad you caught the pun on Santino's shirt! I sketch all the time and even some fashion sketches, but never serious...hmmm.