Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Season 2 Guessing Game

Ah, the things you can learn from Project Runway, The Magazine! See if you can guess who:
(highlight the line below each question to see the answers):

1. Ditched her training as an architect to design clothes.

  • Kara Janx
    2. One of his sisters was a fashion model in the 80's.
  • Emmett McCarthy

  • 3. Finds inspiration from European fashion magazines like Hola!
  • Nick Verreos

  • 4. Likes French-kissing and French fries.
  • Santino Rice

  • 5. Still listens to a favorite Jim and Tammy Faye Bakker album.
  • Andraé Gonzalo

  • 6. Decided to study fashion after seeing Dead Poets Society.
  • Chloe Dao

  • 7. One of his favorite songs is Queen’s “Fat Bottomed Girls.”
  • Daniel Vosovic

  • 8. Designed prom dresses before getting tapped for PR.
  • Zulema Griffin

    AJ said...

    I LOVE that Daniel loves Queen! I'm going to see them in March. W/ Paul Rodgers instead of Freddie Mercury though.


    I only wish I could have seen Freddie Mercury perform live...that would have been the most amazing experience!

    And Santino...who DOESN'T love French kissing and fries? Also interesting that Emmett's sister was a model:)

    What fun facts...these aren't from the BR mag are they? If so, then I totally missed all of them!

    praddicted said...

    That was so cool-what interesting facts!!!

    I love that song, too, it happens to pretty much be on our local station cycle in the a.m on my way to work, so it gets me awake!! How funny is that!!

    AJ said...

    jrt, you could always take it up as a hobby and then...who knows?

    Jan the Dan Fan said...

    "Dead Poet's" inspired me to get a toggle jacket!

    Chris Krakora said...

    Laughing the Jim and Tammy Faye Baker album as well. Now I know where Andrae gets his inspiration from when he went on that big crying jag at the beginning. LOL

    AJ said...

    jrt, you could always take classes! There's a huge fabric store near me that offers classes, so check out what's available in your community, see how it goes. Then if it goes well, get your own machine and who knows...we may see you on the show one day;)

    I already had a machine when I started designing and taught myself how to do certain things (ie: zippers, hems, etc...) It started REALLY raw and looking back (after some design school) at some garments I made my senior year of high school for a fashion show I see the flaws, but you gotta start somewhere!

    E-mail me if you have any questions or need advice. LauraK is also a skilled teacher in sewing:) You've got nothing to lose by trying, ya know?

    AJ said...

    No problem at all dear. I love being creative and there's no reason you can't have more then one hobby...even if it's only one at a time;) Fashion is a great release of creativity.

    Which part of the south are you from? I have family down south. Also, the fabric store here is called G Street Fabrics and I believe it's a nationwide chain, so see if there isn't one near you:)

    AJ said...

    My daddy hails from Milledgeville (sp?), GA originally, and my parents (about to retire) are thinking of moving to, or near, Macon.

    We're in DC now...

    How fabulous that you studied abroad! There are two things I regret from college...there should probably be more...but whatever...

    One is leaving Fashion Design for marketing when I should have either stayed in Fashion or moved into D&M. The other is not ever going abroad. My brother pushed me to do it and now we're both pushing my sister!

    Did you love Paris? Did you study architecture there? How long were you there? So many questions!!

    AJ said...

    I want to travel abroad so badly! I'm looking for a new job right now and am hoping to get back into fashion somehow and be able to travel and just really experience more of what this world has to offer.

    My sister wants to be a brewer, so we're like "Duh, go to Ireland!" Then I can visit her! Plus, she wouldn't have the language barrier issues, and I think that it would be really beneficial to her character. My brother and I tend to be more worldly by nature. She still has time though, and I'm gonna keep pushing her to do it.

    I love visiting Georgia. I'm a city girl at heart, but being in an environment where everyone is so laid back has always made me happy:)

    AJ said...

    I didn't know that about Germany! Thank you, not I've got another option to give her...I feel like her friend in the army just got shipped over there too. I'll be calling her

    God, I would LOVE to live in England for awhile...just to experience another country would be amazing