Friday, February 10, 2006

Which is the Decoy?

Care to guess? I can't tell at all - they are all great! Yes I saw Grace, and Heather, Rebecca..ummmm was that Eden in the plaid jacket? Was that Allison in the red gown in Santino's collection? It looks like just about ALL of the Project Runway models are there - YAY! So, which collection is the decoy? Why do you think so?


SpiderLoves said...

i think santino has andrae's model danyelle too. she's wearing a brown dress with a lace vest.

Anonymous said...

I think Chloe is the decoy because she didn't show any daywear or sportswear.

JRT said...

it will be hard to choose the decoy because almost the obvious one would be daniel's because it is so simple and maybe bleh. personally i find it strong, just in a different way. but it will be really hard to pick because whoever the decoy probably has one of the strongest collections so they can prove something. unlike austin last year, they have probably had ample time and have been able to prepare a competitive collection. anyway, all four of those designers proved why they deserved to be there. four very strong collections, and very different collections. so basically this post has no answer. I can tell you who I want to be the decoy, but that wasn't the question.

karen said...

No idea for sure I am soooo hoping its Santino.

And why does Kara's clothes look more like Santino designed then then Kara?

asiangirl said...

okay.. i have been looking at these pictures all day.. I believe the decoy is daniel, although I really love his collection.

1. the next competition is evening gown.. and according to his line.. I am thinking this is not his strong point. I can't see Chloe not making a good evening gown, or Santino.

2. I keep looking at Daniel collection and wondering if I am missing something with some of his the blue top with white pants? there must be something great hiding behind that for it to stand alone in the collection... also, the simple black dress with the buttons that go all the way down.. Its just too simple to be a collection that he is fighting for a win.

ps.. I love everything else.. so if I am wrong i will be happy.

Anonymous said...

I posted this in the other post as this section wasn't available yet. So I'll just repost it here:

I think it's Kara who is the decoy, considering some of her dresses were already on her website before fashion week. It seems she tries to incorporate other people's style into her designs, such as Jay's & Santino's. Just have a look and you'll wonder if she really is the decoy.

Anonymous said...

it's either kara or daniel. chloe's and santino's look like they had a lot of time and money put into their garments.

Anonymous said...

Count the number of PR models per designer. Kara only has Eden modeling her collection while the others have at least three. I think Kara is the decoy.

AJ said...

I can't even guess, I'm just going to reiterate that I'm really pleased with all of the collections. I think it's nearly impossible to guess based on the collections who didn't make the top three, because I think all of the designers really outdid themselves and produced collections that were fabulous and personal to them.

I think to say that one collection looks like it isn't done as well as the others isn't a good way to guage, because whether they are in the running for the PR competition or not, they are showing at the biggest show of the year and in the case of all of our designers, the biggest show they've ever done. I don't think anyone slacked because they came in fourth, ya know?

I feel like a proud parent designers did a good job!

JRT said...

"I feel like a proud parent designers did a good job! "--adrienne

hey adrienne, how is you are always so correct or wise in your post. i almost always agree with you. secondly, that quote had me laughing, because in some strange way, i feel the exact same thing.

LauraK said...

I even feel that way about "our" models. Kind of proud. : )

Elaine said...

I think too much can be made of the BR mentorship. It's not a JOB at BR in the offering, not a position on their design team, so the winner doesn't have to fit into the BR design sensibility at all. It's just a mentorship, which means that if the winner wants some advice on Asian factories and production, there are experienced folks at BR they can turn to. At least this is how Jay characterizes the mentorship in interviews with him.

Anonymous said...

I think the Decoy might be Daniel V's as much as I hate to say it. I'm basing this on the fact that one of the reviews had said that Daniel's line was up first. I don't think the decoy would go first to start off the show and then the three finalists would be next. Just my guess on the matter but I could be wrong

Anonymous said...

Correction for the above statment(sorry) I DO think that the decoy would go up first like Austin did the year prior. So I think Daniel is definately the decoy

Tbone said...

I'm guessing (and it really is just a guess) that Santino is the decoy. And if he is, Wow! What a decoy collection.

I've been looking long and hard at the models (I too feel like a proud papa) and I'm almost positive on these:

Chloe: Grace, Shannon and Lesley

DV: Rebecca, Rachael and Eliza

Kara: Eden

Santino: Heather, Tarah, Allison and Danyelle

How do you think Nick felt watching Tarah walk the runway for Santino!! Breaks my heart. And speaking of Nick, has anyone seen him? Was he even there today?

Unknown said...

Quite honestly, I think it's anyone but Santino. I actually liked his collection, and I wasn't crazy at all about the others.

Anonymous said...

i agree that kara is probably the decoy and that i wish that chloe had not done so much with the sleeves on her dresses, she's been my favorite, i really love her personality too. i think daniel's collection is really beautiful, and santino's. overall, what a season! thank you for this blog, i have been loving it!

Anonymous said...

Has every designer been named the decoy? This is great. No one knows and there is no consensus. Good job PR and designers for making that happen.

Anonymous said...

i think santino is the decoy because from the pictures, he look the least happy, the other three had big smiles on their face. By the way, I like his collection the most and I think that daniel will win.

Jan the Dan Fan said...

I'm standing by my man.
Daniel wins it all.


Do you think all four were given a budget this time? I'm not an expert, but I don't think any of the collections were "cheaper" looking.

nsa said...


Anonymous said...

Don't like Kara's collection at all - but what an honor for all of them - to present at FW -

I like Santino's - but I'm sure they will think of something to have him lose so golden boy Daniel or golden girl Chloe can win

IMO - Daniel's - boring

Chloe's - boring and dated

Carolyn (Diary of a Sewing Fanatic) said...

I was stunned at how professional all 4 collections were. And my jaw just dropped when I saw Santino's. Who is that masked man and what did they do with the real Santino? No wickey wonk trim, dresses that fit and actually made the models look beautiful! If he is the decoy, he did a great job!

Personally after looking at all the pictures several times, I think Daniel V. is the winner, but hey what do I know?!

Robin said...

I think anonymous is right, Kara is the decoy. Her purple dress with a different colored purple trim and a teal/blue cumberbund like belt is just like a dress on her website in her Fall 05 collection, just a different color (on her website it's gray with lighter gray in the trim and belt). Wouldn't she be more likely to use old designs if she was the foil? I don't know the exact rules, but I'd think that the rules of PR would require that the finale collection must be all new designs.

AJ said...

awww jrt, you're so sweet!

I feel like I've watched a baby egg hatch or They all really shined so brightly during their collections and I am just happy to see how they all grew to come to this point :)

And jrt, I value your opinion as well and LOVE talking to everyone about their opinions on the show and "our" designers!

Anonymous said...

Kara is the decoy and they put her third to throw us all off, as her collection features old pieces from her website and the rest is just santino/jay knockoffs.

If by some miracle she isnt the decoy, then I wish Jaysus was judging and would call her on her thievery, because its not just reminiscent of Jays she blatantly copies him and Santino!Those of you who disagree probably didnt watch season1.

Interestingly Michael Kors also seemed to have copied Santino, in fact he probably only does the show so he can steal ideas. Maybe if Santino put forehead penises in his collection Michael Kors would copy that too. Or maybe anus mouths.

Robin said...

I've been back and forth to Kara's website and the photos of her collection. I'm convinced that Kara is the decoy based on the fact that the "Kimono" dress listed at her store and viewed in the Fall 05 collection are identical to one of the dresses presented during FW.

Anonymous said...

Team Santino! Hope all you haters are eating your words about Santinos 'lack' of talent. He has more talent in his little pinky then the Paris Hilton worshipper!

Anonymous said...

Team Santino???? I wouldn't say he has more talent by any stretch of the imagination. His collection wasn't that awe-inspiring. The best aspect of his collection was how well his designs were sewn, a completely different aspect than what he has shown on the show. And that could be accredited to hiring someone to sew his designs for him.

PhillyKat said...

yup, this is danyelle. (hope html works)

i think santino's was the decoy. i didn't see his model at all. i've checked several times. you're gonna have to tell me what she was wearing. i saw tarah but not heather. it's too bad to cuz i liked his collection just slightly more than chloe's. daniel's was nice but boring. i'm still trying to figure out what the heck kara was thinking.

Anonymous said...

If Santino hand sews most of his designs isnt that harder then the machine sewing chloe criticized him for not doing? Not all of his designs were poorly sewed, I think he just had a lot more time to finish his designs properly therefore they are sewn better. A true artist needs to take their time not just churn out crap in a hurry.

Regardless, Project Runway is about finding a designer with vision not a good seamstress, otherwise itd be called Project Sweatshop! Do you think many of the big designers do their own sewing? Santino has plenty of vision and creativity, moreso then most of the other contestants and he doesnt flake under pressure, and that is what is needed to become a top designer.

Anonymous said...

'Flake under pressure'. Anyone remember the Lingerie Challenge.

'Regardless, Project Runway is about finding a designer with vision.' Then why isn't Diana still around, she had a great vision. It isn't all about vision, the vision has to become a reality.

Anonymous said...

And Santino more often then not achieves his vision. Santino doesnt flake under pressure he just doesnt like criticism and who does. He beleives in himself and will argue tooth and nail for his beliefs Least he doesnt sulk and hold petty grudges.

Anonymous said...

Regardless I actually hated a lot of Santinos designs this season but I respect his creativity and his belief in himself.

He will do well whether he wins or is aufed, becuase he believes in himself.

I was rooting for Daniel V overall but his collection apart from about 4 items was a disappointment.

Anonymous said...

Santino has only reached his vision on 2 maybe 3 of his challenges, I do not believe he reaches his vision all the time. And he definitely flakes under pressure. I was talking about the lingerie crying scene he had with Emmett. And he may not hold grudges, but worse, he insults everyone on the show, talk about how he can't stand Diana's voice(what did that accomplish by saying that). So why is holding a grudge against someone who is being repetitively rude to you any worse?

He has a talent to design stuff that is 'different,' which is why his final collection is so disappointing to me. I mean, what is 'different' about those dresses?

LauraK said...

Hey kids, we're all friends here remember?

Anonymous said...

Well obviously Diana wasn't to upset cos she was front row at Santinos show with Andrae the darling little lamb giving Santino a standing o. I think you really have to look passed the editing, as Andrae and others have said there is a nice side to Santino that we dont see much of. I think a lot of what you construe as Santino being nasty is just his way of being affectionate and joking, I dont think he ever meant to insult Nick for example. Sure he can be nasty but he really cared for Nick.

Its all about the drama.

Anyway we all know Santino can be different but if he is in the final three as I suspect I think he is trying to win over the judges.

And really who there is being different, at least Santino is using different fabrics and textures. With Santino I cant say oh he is channelling so and so, like Daniel channeling Calvin Klein/Marc jacobs And please dont say Kara is being different, because Kara is not being different she is being Jay & Santinos lovechild.

Anonymous said...

Also I dont agree with Santino lying on the runway, but hes a hustler and he will do anything he can to win, simple as that.

Summer said...

This isn't the real world, it's reality tv. All of the designers were talented, and it was about good tv and who could make it under a great deal of pressure.

Isn't it great though that we are all so passionate about fashion and our favorites? Fashion is debateable and about personal style.

As for Diana, there is nothing that woman made that I'd actually wear. I include Chloe in that category. I love Santino partly for the personality, and partly for the clothes. He's fun and crazy, and his clothes convey that feeling. Life is hard enough, and it's nice to have clothes that make you feel good.

Kara, I think, is the decoy. She took too many chances. And, it looked like a cross between Jay and Santino.

Ultimately, all the designers got what they wanted which was exposure even if they did not make it to fashion week. Clothes are happy things, and should not be fought over.

I do think Michael Kors has some explaining to do. I see Chloe's x-mas tree skating dress design, a lot of Santino, a knock off of the banana public design. Shame shame on that man. He should know better. I think that's the truly shocking part of the show and something to be upset about. The designs that were not knock offs were very bland. Maybe he sould hire Santino to work for him along with the others instead of just steal the designs. I'm never going to be able to watch him at the judging writing again without laughing because I really do think that he is sketching their designs to copy them. I guess we now know the true source of Kors inspiration. But, I still love him. Got to get your ideas from somewhere.

But, what a great day and a great showing. I'm excited for each and every designer that was there. It looked like a great deal of fun. I can't wait to hear more about them in the future and maybe even buy some of their designs.

JJS III said...

Kara's collection looks like she skinned a few muppets. She's blatantly the decoy.

PsychicBoy said...

After looking at the Fashion Week Photos, I know who is going to win next week's challenge.

Even though Kara has a stronger collection than the others, She is the decoy. She only has one model in her collection and it's her own model Eden.

Santino will win the next challenge. Here's why:

He was able to snag 4 models from this season for his fashion week runway show and not only 4 models, he snagged the best walkers!

1, Tarah (Nick's model)

2. Danyelle (Andrae's model)

3. Allison (Raymundo's model...Remember?? Nick said her walk was fierce!!!)

4. Heather (His model)

The second place is Chloe because she got 3 models.

1. Shannon - (Emmett's model)

2. Lesley (Diana's model)

3. Grace (her model)

Third place would be Daniel V. because he only got to pick 2 models and one is the stiff walker.

1. Rebecca (his model)

2. Rachel (Zulema's model that got passed on to Nick)

so...the decoy is "KARA!"

only 1 model which is Eden.

So she is going to be axed next week !

Santino was also the last one that came out. So predictable.....

As far as the reviews from critics:

One says "The bombastic Santino probably had the weakest collection, just a bunch of pretty pink and green dresses"

"Chloe proved to have great tailoring chops, with some intricate work in her satin dresses. looked like one prom dress after another."

Our prediction is that either Kara or Daniel will win the show's becoming-a-designer contest;

"Kara's show was the only one with real funk, although most of it was from the knit hats and other funky accessories she layered on her pretty color-block dresses."

"Daniel's collection was truly accomplished: Beautifully tailored, and genuinely chic. A black and white floral brocade was mixed and matched with cream and mint colored separates with just a touch of detail here and there: A ruffled lapel, a cowled back on a dress."

So if my prediction is true that Kara is the sacrificial lamb, then Daniel is clearly the winner.

Greycat said...

Kara. It's got to be. It was horrible.

Mercedes said...

I agree the deacoy is Kara. My argument is that regardless of what they design next week, this is what the producers are thinking: "no way can we ax Wendy Pepper (oops, I mean Santino), we need an antagonistic character to make the finale even more dramatic. The audience will behead us if we ax Daniel and between Kara and Chloe, Chloe is more deserving of it."

Now, I am thinking the judges are thinking: "I can't believe the producers are making us look like such fools by having to keep Santino around. But if God is our witness, he shall not take the grand prize, har har har!!"

Ok, enough dramatization for now.

Tbone said...

Here's the running conesnsus of BPR opinions on the decoy collection. I only tallied solid opinions, those who were waffling betwen two designers did not count. I included opinions from both this thread and the FW photo thread:

Kara = 16
Daniel = 8
Santino= 4
Chloe = 3

Jan the Dan Fan said...

I was wondering if anyone was going to keep a tally.
Thank's t-bone.

I wonder if the designers got any sleep last night. Any news or pics from after-parties?

Elaine said...

PhillyCat: This looks like Heather in Santino's show to me:

She's even posted on Santino's blog:

Compare her to the bio pics of Heather on the Bravo site

AJ said...

After checking out Kara's website per robin's suggestion, I would have to jump on the wagon that Kara is the decoy. The pieces in her collection could have been samples not shown on the website since they have a similar feeling.

I LOVED the collection though, decoy or not. But based solely on the similarities to her website collection, I'm gonna say that Kara is the decoy.

nsa said...

I didn't realize that Kara's designs were so similar to her website. Perhaps she is the decoy. Remember Austin last year had to scrounge up what he already had made to show. (Which ended up being costume-y) Kara probably had a lot of polished, finished stuff around, so it was easier for her to pull together a cohesive collection. However, I'm stubborn, and so I still think the decoy is Chloe.

Moi ;) said...

Kara = 17. LOL

Her stuff was too ugly to actually be real, wasn't it? She couldn't possibly be serious about offering those dregs up for a "collection..."???

Anonymous said...

I think Chloe is the decoy.

Anonymous said...

I don't know about anyone else, but after looking at the two black models in Kara's show I don't think Eden's in there at all. The designers' top models were the last ones up in each of their respective collections, but the one in the purple dress has too dark of a complexion and has smaller lips than Eden.

So I think Kara is the decoy partly because Eden's not there (and other people's point that it's a dress she's previously designed); if she were still in the running I would think Eden would be available for the show. But maybe someone can vouch that that is Eden but the photo on NY Metro doesn't do her justice (or maybe, gasp, there was some drama where Eden wasn't available right before the show, a la Morgan, PR 1.0)

Tbone said...

Decoy Update - Kara has taken a huge lead in the opinion of BPR commenters as the one most likely to have been the decoy. Many seem to be hanging their hat on the 1 model theory. We will all find out Wednesday, won't we? Here are the new numbers:

Kara - 22
Daniel - 8
Santino - 4
Chloe - 4

LauraK said...

I can't tell who the decoy is!

Pip said...

i think the decoy is daniel (and that makes me sad) collection seemed to lack a lot of personality as if he pu it together without a strong POV. i know he won a lot of challenges but remember austin scarlett?

christopher.john said...

belive it or not: i belive that the decoy collection is Daniel's, because it seems as if he didn't spend alot of time on this and remember, Austin only had a WEEK to pull HIS collection together to present it on Fashion Week. Even though he used more PR model's that does'nt mean that he's "in".

Anonymous said...

I don't really know who the decoy is, I hope it is santino with his loose sleeves that he created for Kara. I'm really disappointed because I feel Nick should have been with Daniel and Chloe.