Friday, February 10, 2006

The Press Responds to PR Fashion Week

Lots of press reports are coming in! Of course you want to hear how the professional critics viewed the collections:


The Star-Ledger

Gawker Thanks Red Guffer

The Mercury News Thanks Clare B.

The New York Times

NY Daily News Thanks Helena!

NY Post

Associated Press

And, of course, scroll down to see links to each collection and check the comments to see how our readers responded right here at BPR!

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Anonymous said...

Found this quote in the comments to the Gawker article
"I thought that Kara's show was hideous and laughable. She obviously wasn't trying too hard (seeing as she is not a member of the Final 3. A friendofafriend saw the actual final three in a meeting at Kors Inc.) . . ."
So Kara could be the decoy.

Anonymous said...

how reliable is a friend of a friend..

Anonymous said...

Mercury News article had this quote:"The winner wasn't announced so there's no giveaway here. People were trying to guess because the winner already knows who she or he is and the rest have to go through the motions of maybe, maybe winning the competition." I'm hoping this is just a misunderstanding as the writer wasn't a regular viewer.
Also, the link to the Star Ledger didn't work - for me anyway.

memee said...

That's surprising - it seems like a couple of them think Daniel's was the best. That really wasn't my impression - I thought Kara's and Santino's were clearly the two best, so it should be interesting to see what the judges decide.

Elaine said...

I think that each reviewer will choose a different favorite just as we have. Opinions will vary widely, even from the "experts"--highlighting that this is a subjective contest very much dependant on matters of taste.

I've said before, no one designer is "clearly better" or "obviously more deserving" than another--except in our own opinions.

Having said that, it does seem to me that the judging criteria changes each week, and that is disconcerting, but I chalk that up to editing (who knows what we didn't see) and the difficulty in establishing objective criteria for such a subjective contest and try not to let it spoil my enjoyment.

JRT said...

hey, i have a quick question if anyone can answer it? when does the actual judging for this runway occur? in other words are they going to wait until march 2nd or whatever? will the judges have the possibility of reading responses to the collections? sorry i actually didn't watch season 1 at all, i was out of country. but my DVD is coming Monday.

Anonymous said...

I was at the show today, and I think there is an obvious clear-cut winner: Daniel. His collection was the most cohesive, creative, well-executed, and each piece seemed to flow into the next. It was classy, beautiful, and in my opinion, lightyear's above the rest.

Diva Delux said...

to JRT

After the final four all show their collections at Bryant Park. The Final 3 go back to Parsons for judging where the winner is announced.

The Final 3 to have to keep quiet about winning or not winning until the Project Runway Finale Part II airs on March 8th.

JRT said...

thanks so much diva. i was just wondering if they choose the winner automatically. thanks again for the answers.

also, all i know is there are going to be some angry people come this Wednesday. and even more angry people come March 8th.

Anonymous said...

I don't understand the love for Kara's collection. I think it channel's Jay's show last season (and far less effectively)