Sunday, May 07, 2006

BPR Contest Runner Up: Santino v. Nina

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George's version of Team Lingerie
George Nelson is a talented young artist, and no stranger to the pages of BPR. Not only has he been a frequent commenter, his work has been featured here before. Here is a sketch he submitted of Nick and here is another he did of the Final 3.

For the BPR contest, George decided to tackle what was arguably one of the most dramatic moments from all of Season 2: Santino's runway showdown with Nina Garcia from the "Team Lingerie" challenge. This entry came in just under the wire, but he wanted us to know this wasn't just a John Wade type afterthought, he used all of the alloted time working on it!


Laura K: Well, this was not one of Season Two's finest moments. I've been trying to forget the whole episode and then George here has to bring it up yet again. The thing that made this scene so priceless is that Santino was completely earnest in his defense of the lingerie while the models stood there so obviously uncomfortable... George has recreated this perfectly. Thanks a lot.

Tbone: George did an outstanding job of capturing the tone of this scene. I especially love how the font and positioning of the text reflect Santino's vitriolic speech. And the humorous side comments provide much needed balance. Bravo!

Scarlett: He's captured a moment filled with tension and a Christ-like Santino, crucified for his art. This witty entry is reminiscent of a Georges de La Tour ... only with lingerie and deer makeup. It's a merger of Old Masters and Victoria's Secrets. Who wouldn't love that?

George's inspirationMake sure to check out George's website to learn more about him and his art. And make sure to come back tomorrow as we reveal our Grand Prize Winner!

I want them to look like deer!


LauraK said...


Is this for sale?

The Scarlett said...

I just noticed yesterday how George got Santino's outfit so right. It'r really a nice portrait, too.

Anonymous said...

Love how you just see Nina's hand sharing the ominous note(with MK, presumably).

Really, George did a great job showcasing the highlights of the incident in his illustration.

C Merry said...

This is wonderful! I love it!! :) LOL Great expression!

Anonymous said...

This is Grea!!!!

TropicalChrome said...

I love how Santino is popping off the runway, "larger than life"!

Anonymous said...

I love how you all try to make fun of Santino all the time. Regardless of what you put up and what you say, Santino will always be the people's choice as well as the most talented designer ever on project runway. Be mad, be jealous, whatever! I look on bloggingprojectrunway and it's the same 6 people commenting but acting as if this is some official Project Runway site. wtf? Very bias if you asked me.

the north faceリュック said...
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