Thursday, March 30, 2006

Another Season 3 Hopeful - Michel Delon

This audition story is from Michel Delon.

I attended the March 23 Open Call for Project Runway in Chicago at the
W Hotel on Lakeshore Drive...

It was so cold out when we arrived after driving 4 hours from Detroit. Catherine my model, muse and friend, attended with me. We were so exhausted because the day before we put together a last minute photo shoot with a great photographer Davide.

I was #114 in line and it took 6hrs before I was able to present my portfolio. In the lobby of the W I met with a fashion editor from Elle magazine and she reviewed my portfolio to see if I had what it took to make it to the next level. I was so excited and nervous! I would get to meet Tim Gunn and Nick from PR Season 2.

Catherine tried to keep me calm, but I was ready to jump out of my skin. I went in the room with my garments and portfolio in hand and I' tried to remember what the producer from GenArt said about hitting my mark for the cameras. I handed my portfolio to Tim Gunn (what a silver haired fox!!!!) and then the questions began. I was very proud of the garments I took with me; I could only bring 3 of them, so I chose the ones from my Spring 2006 collection that I liked the most. I wanted to convey my passion for what I do, without sounding corny. I think it worked, because I was told that I would be put on the maybe list and that they would discuss my chances further.

So now I wait....

Thanks Michel. We wish you good luck in your quest to make it to Season 3.


guilty indulgence said...

What an lovely dress, but I'll be the meanie to say it: no, no, no, to black socks and sexy strappy gold sandals.

If that becomes a trend, it could set me back about 10 years with my father -- I only just got him to stop wearing black socks with his flip-flops.

JRT said...

I like the dress too. And your post guilty made me laugh so hard. I understand exactly what you are saying. Also, there seems to be a more 'arts & crafts' feel about the contestants we have seen so far. That isn't a bad thing, it is just different that last season. I actually like the contestants designs I have seen on here. Should be interesting to see who makes it all the way through.