Thursday, March 30, 2006

Another Season 3 Hopeful - Michel Delon

This audition story is from Michel Delon.

I attended the March 23 Open Call for Project Runway in Chicago at the
W Hotel on Lakeshore Drive...

It was so cold out when we arrived after driving 4 hours from Detroit. Catherine my model, muse and friend, attended with me. We were so exhausted because the day before we put together a last minute photo shoot with a great photographer Davide.

I was #114 in line and it took 6hrs before I was able to present my portfolio. In the lobby of the W I met with a fashion editor from Elle magazine and she reviewed my portfolio to see if I had what it took to make it to the next level. I was so excited and nervous! I would get to meet Tim Gunn and Nick from PR Season 2.

Catherine tried to keep me calm, but I was ready to jump out of my skin. I went in the room with my garments and portfolio in hand and I' tried to remember what the producer from GenArt said about hitting my mark for the cameras. I handed my portfolio to Tim Gunn (what a silver haired fox!!!!) and then the questions began. I was very proud of the garments I took with me; I could only bring 3 of them, so I chose the ones from my Spring 2006 collection that I liked the most. I wanted to convey my passion for what I do, without sounding corny. I think it worked, because I was told that I would be put on the maybe list and that they would discuss my chances further.

So now I wait....

Thanks Michel. We wish you good luck in your quest to make it to Season 3.

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