Wednesday, March 08, 2006


Post your reactions to the Finale here!


StinkyLulu said...

I've thought Ms. Dao was the one to beat, ever since episode 2. And, o'course, DirtyDiana's babydoll put her over the top!

I couldn't be more pleased.

Gigolo Kitty said...

I loved Chloe throughout the show. It was not just about her clothes but also about her personality. She is professional, never vicious to others, and always polished in her worksmanship. I don't think she is the next great American Fashion Designer (none of them were in my opinion) but she will do very well for herself.

Kari said...

I had been wanting to watch for the entire season and it never worked out, so I was THRILLED when I saw that Bravo had a marathon run of the entire season today. I watched every epsiode and loved it!! I picked Chloe as my favorite during the first episode. I thought she was very talented and had great style. I was very happy to see her win:) I'm totally hooked on this show now.

team make-out goods said...

I love, love, loved Chloe through the show, but her final runway show was soooooo disappointing. It was almost all gowns and the thick bridesmaid fabric - ICK. I seriously wasn't overjoyed by any of the designers collection.

Aunt Gina said...

I admit I was surprised when Chloe won, but not unpleasantly by any means. I would have been pleased had either she or Daniel V won as I thought they were simply the two most talented and consistent designers of the batch, and they both proved themselves over and over again.

I will admit (everyone sit down) that I thought Santino presented a very respectable collection, not a chicken suit or Sound-of-Music-on-acid treatment to be seen, and I give him credit where it is due.

Who couldn't be happy for Chloe? And Daniel V will be just fine. It was so close at the end it was almost like having two winners.

Thanks for the hard blogging all season, Laura rock.

see you at Season III....


anapestic said...

Having seen only the still photos previously, I had expected to like Santino's collection most and to not like Chloe's collection much at all, even though I like her very much personally. But when I saw the clothes in motion, I thought that her collection was terrific and that the other two collections were a bit lackluster in comparison. Still, I think they were all strong collections, and I'm sure they all have futures in the fashion business.

jfkeeler said...

I too, based on online pictures expected to like Santino's collection the best and Chloe's the least. But movement makes all the difference! As Heidi noted the lines were very beautiful and I think the jewel colors really great. Some of the dresses reminded me of early 1970's Biba dresses. I lived through the 80's in high school and chose to wear vintage instead of the horrible designs of the period and I can tell you those outfits she designed are not '80's prom dresses!

I loved Dan's stuff it was very wearable, but if he could have gotten some of Chloe's ideas on color combined with his eye wow, what a collection!

I had expected, based on photos, to like Santino's the best, but I agree, that the fit did not flatter the models. They were swimming in those dresses and not in a flattering way. I was really dissapointed for him, because, I sort of wanted him to win. I guess I felt at this point he emotionally needed it this most.

Many have criticized the show for giving the prize to Chloe, but I think the fact that she has a head for business may have been a factor after Jay's refusal of the money last year. Also, just because someone has a business does not mean that they don't need capital! A business can always use more capital. And that can be hard to come by, especially when you are trying to grow or take the next step. This sort of money can be a godsend to a young struggling businesswoman/artist.

Also, she is at the point in her career where she can really capitalize on this sort of thing. She has talent, skills, business acumen, and experience and is still young.

grudge girl said...

I'm surprised and delighted with Chloe's win, but I still like Kara's collection the best. I'm bummed we didn't get to see it.

I agree that Chloe's collection looked so much better in motion. Weird, isn't it? Not a fan of the giant, Barbie pink pouf-sleeved coaty-dress thing, but I loved the sleek, fitted dresses with the interesting backs. And that gown on the unearthly Grace was fantastic. I am enraptured over the fact that it had sleeves!

I sort of had to laugh at Deborah Messing's gravitas in her vocal delivery and questioning of the finalists. She sounded like a very earnest high school teacher to me. Heh.

Congratulations to all the designers for their beautiful work.

katiecoo said...

Is anyone commenting on Daniel's final evening dress that the model absolutly could NOT walk in? I kept saying "she's going to trip!" and then she did! Trip on it!

That dress was not designed to be walked in which was totally surprising to me. It was his model Rebecca too! Was it too long or just poorly designed?

katiecoo said...

On his blog, Santino said he's in Chicago. Do you think they will be appearing on Oprah tomorrow?

Chrissie said...

Ok, don't jump down my throat about this, but I was wondering, given the disclaimer screen at the end of the show, if Chloe was the winner simply to make good television. She seems like a sweet person and I loved her designs on some of the challenges, but her runway show didn't cut it to me, especially when compared to the other two designers. Yes, the clothes fit the models really well, but the actual collection was kinda boring and guady. Given her backstory and poise throughout the season, and the fact that everyone thought the contest was between Santino and Daniel, it seems natural that the producers would want Chloe to come out on top.

Dorian said...

Isnt funny how the collections came out differently in motion than they did when we first saw the pics ?

I hated DAniel's on paper and I actually found it to be quite pretty from closer/motion.

Similarly I ended up being slightly bored with Santino's (even though I still think he had the best individual pieces)

Maybe it is the power of editing though ... Chloe's winning felt fitting except for the poll that put her last just before she was revealed to have won. Oops LOL

Colin and/or Michele said...

What a turn of the screw ending! I am reeling at the judges' comments to Santino that he wasn't "himself" in his collection after the drubbing they gave him each week for being too "out there". Chloe's clothes were very red carpet event in a cool way, but Kara Janx still has my vote for first place, though.

Brent said...

I really thought it was between Danny V and Santino, but when I saw Chloe's show, I actually spontaneously thought, "Omigod, she could win!"

The colors and styles seem very Eighties to me, except for the backlessness, which to me suggested where Eighties fashion may have gone if the AIDS epidemic hadn't happened.

I don't really want to see fashion return to those kind of electric colors and that shinyness, but the Seventies have been making a comeback since about 1992, and perhaps it's time for that structuredness and seriousness to cycle back around.

Santino was my choice, but congrats to Chloe.

Mags said...

I thought Santino should have won, but I like Lil' Chlo too.

So now that the show's over ... what do we do now?

praddicted said...

Wow, what an ending. I didn't love Chloe's collection the best, I did love a lot of her work all season and think she does have tons of talent. But then-so do Daniel and Santino. What I took exception to was the sudden criteria of being a good businessperson. When did that become a factor-why wouldn't you give it to someone with talent who needs the cash and mentorship, as Daniel V. said? I thought that as far as versatility, cohesiveness and real world wearability, either Santino or Daniel was the better choice. I think the fan ratings on the various polls support that. I didn't love Santino all year but did love his collection, although I think it was a little boring.

Another thing-each 13th piece was AWESOME-a testimony to Nick, Diana and my fave, Andrae. They deserve kudos and I wish they could have at least been present at the runway.

I think all 3 were truly great, good for Chloe and I hope Daniel and Santino have a soft landing-Santino, don't you dare give up. You ARE a winner because I'm sure there are many like me who wondered how you made it to the end and when we saw your collection, knew why. Find your way and you will achieve your dreams. If I win Lotto, I'll back you myself....

The Scarlett said...

My thoughts ... Chloe's dresses looked much, much better in motion than they looked in the photos we posted back in February.

Daniel's collection, while it had some utterly beautiful pieces, wasn't cohesive. I think if he had used the medallion detail more effectively (read, sew in like on the brocade jacket rather than plopped on like on the dress Rebecca wore), he would have had something.

Santino's collection, while beautiful, was completely different than the stuff we saw during the show and actually had me wondering if he in fact was the designer. I'm sure he was ... I just had a disconnect when looking at them and then looking at his previous PR looks.

I guess I thought the 13th garment was mostly designed by the 'assistants' and I didn't see the point of them. Maybe that garment showed their ability to think fast and delegate?

I guess I'm seeing the positive side to this ... Santino is a talent and will find support and an audience for his work. Daniel ... should absolutely work for Michael Kors to build his younger line. And Chloe ... we'll see future collections from her probably before we'll see something from Jay.

Red Guffer said...

I wonder how much of last year played into this year's decision. Chloe is the anti-Jay: female, already established, much more business savvy, much less of an artistic type (e.g. no sketches, just consideration of her client). They probably wanted a contrast to Jay, who really hasn't done that much with his win and whose reality special revealed he's not exactly riding some Project Runway wave of success. They also don't want to be predictable.

Not saying that Chloe wasn't worthy of a PR win, but I do wonder how much last year influenced their choice.

AJ said...

I know that I was an advocate of disliking Chloe's collection prior to last night, but I've changed my views in some senses.

While I'm not a fan of the 80's chic, it is coming back in style and Chloe was spot on with an ambitious and fashion forward collection. Everything the judges said about her seams and how she understands a woman's body was exactly right. The pictures I saw didn't do justice to how those dresses curved with the bodies of her models.

While my personal taste leans more toward Daniel's collection, and I think the judges were blind in not seeing the Japanese and military inspirations, I have to congratulate Chloe on a job very well done. She'd been so consistent all season, and deserved to win.

As for Santino, I thought his collection was beautiful. Was it safe? Yes it was, but as all the judges stated, his vision is unstoppable.

I hope Chloe uses this opportunity (the money, mentorship, etc...) to realize her dream beyond her boutique.

Congrats to all of the designers...I don't see them hurting for work in the future. And to Daniel...hello!! Michael freaking Kors offered you a job!

Everybody is a winner and I'm sad to see this season end...thanks to everyone on this blog for making it really special!

Tbone said...

I found my parental bear claws coming out on the judging runway. I was so proud of all 3, like they were my own children. How DARE they say anything critical after all they have been through?

I must agree with the many comments about Chloe's line in motion. Once those dresses were fitted on the models and walking the runway, they were fabulous! They came to life. Pictures couldn't do justice to the collection.

DV and Santino were equally strong, each with unique points of view. I did not envy the judges on having to choose between the three.

In the end, they are all winners. Chloe gets the car and cash, but DV and Santino and Nick and Andrae and really all of them gain from the exposure.

A surprising, amazing ending to an incredible season!

dkellergrl said...

I'm so happy for Chloe and Daniel. Thank God that the judges recognized that what Santino produced for his runway line wasn't what he produced at all for the entire run of the competition. They wanted to see a SANTINO original with the more is better (ruffles, beading, etc) and asymetrical bustlines. If I hadn't seen the photos from Fashion Week, I would have never known that was his line. Then, the 13th outfit had all the markings of Andre's fashion sense. I think they made the right choice with Chloe being the winner for this season. Seeing their lines on the runway, showed that Chloe IS a designer. Her designs looked rich, elegant and wonderful on the runway. I agreed with all the judges on her seaming. The dress that Charlize wore to this year's Oscars looked like something from Chloe's line.

btw - I loved Daniel's line the best. It was clean, classic, simple and elegant designs that I currently stock in my wardrobe. Solid colors, staple pieces that I can mix and match with other items. Brilliant designs. He'll go very far in the fashion world.

Curly Glamour Girlie said...

3 Questions:

Who designed Heidi's dress from last night??? It was gorgeous!

When does that issue of Elle come out???

Do you think Daniel's really going to go work for Michael Kors???

praddicted said...

Here's my ideal ending, LOL-

Declare 3 winners.

Give Chloe the car, Daniel the mentorship and Santino the money.

Give all 3 the Elle spread including their models. BTW, in watching the reruns, I noticed how much Grace rocked the runway. Watch her switch that jacket in the BR challenge and her moves in the Ice Skating challenge. I was impressed-

RJ Flamingo said...

Yes, Michael Kors designed Heidi's dress.

Chloe's collection, "safe"? Hah!

Once again Santino's downfall is that he designs for "art", not for women. Even he admitted that, until the show, he hadn't seen a single one of his outfits on a real person, just dress forms. Every piece fit poorly, and on one of them, the lining was very obviously hanging down below the hem as the model walked the runway. I was rooting for Chloe since nearly the beginning of the season. Her sense of style is timeless, and her sense of body is wonderful. Bravo, Chloe!

memee said...

Thinking about it now, Chloe was probably the only choice out the the three that could win, even though I wouldn't have picked her.

In Tim's podcast he said Santino couldn't have won because otherwise it would be "Project Freakshow," since Jay won last year. So basically it was stacked against him from the very beginning - completely unfair.

Daniel V was too young and got a little too cocky at the the end.

The judges like that Chloe has good business sense, because they don't their winner to blow all the money like Jay did by turning it down. So this is how it had to be - hopefully they'll all go on and be successful in some way.

eric3000 said...

Chloe was my favorite almost from the begining and I was predicting her to win. So why am I not thrilled by the outcome of the show? because I thought her collection was terrible. I hated the fabrics and the colors and found most of the designs boring. It really looked to me like it was done at the last minute. Yes, the dresses had interesting seams but that can be done by any good pattern-maker (oh, did I just say that?!) Anyway, I think she's great and I loved everything she did during the show so I'm not actually dissapointed that she won. I'm just dissapointed in her collection and I thought it was the least impressive of the three.

Although I didn't like any of the collections much, I thought Santino's was the best and was completely shocked he didn't win. Actually, Kara's was better than all three.

I think it is interesting that the designers created better clothes during the show when they only had a couple of days than they did when they had months. I think they work better under pressure. The 13th looks were probably the best parts of the collections.

Octavia said...

Wooo hooo, way to go, Chloe! Well deserved GRATS:)

tiff said...

Congrats to Chloe, and also to Grace! A deserving model who really worked it in Chloe's clothes.

Jan the Dan Fan said...

I had my say last night during the live posting. Still a bit surprised that Daniel didn't win--but I'm not upset. He's had such great exposure and I know he's off to a brilliant design career.

Kara fans--her runway show is now up in the bonus clips at the Bravo site.

the duchess said...

Chloe is awesome and had the most innovative show. Although they were all dresses, they had unique construction and were flattering on the female figure.

Santino's fit was poor and did not show enough complexity or power in his collection. I was surprised since he pulled out some stunners in the challenges. Brown is not inspiring. What happened to his great sense of color?

Daniel played it too safe as well, going for a sportswear look, which has its commercial appeal, but does not show a mature level of talent or a unique point of view.

I find it interesting that both Santino and Daniel went for more muted colors whereas Chloe and Kara broke out the brights. While recent runway collections have been muted, designers have shown that you can innovate with neutrals and Santino and Daniel did show push their designs far enough. Chloe took risks with her designs with different volumes and cutaway designs that were flattering and fun.

Kara's collection definitely appeals to a young, hip consumer more than any of the final three. Her layering technique at times went awry, but she had some great pieces as well and definitely had a strong point of view.

Peace Little Devil said...

I thought it was totally the right decision. Chloe was consistenly the best designer all season. Her collection was exceptionally well-sewn, creative, and fun. Santino unfortunately played it safe, and though I've always loved Daniel's designs, his collection looked more like your standard Banana Republic line. Yay, Chloe!

Jeff Do said...

Can you saying HUGE DISAPPOINTMENT? Compared to last year, all 3 of finalists' collections were uninspired and boring. Yeah, there were some nice dresses but I can't remember any of them now and none of them stood out as a "collection". I can off the top of my head remember the music-inspired and Aviator-inspired collections from last year that totally blew me away.

Maybe they didn't get enough time or something?

Tukie said...

Chloe deserved to win. I believe fit is a very important factor when it comes to clothing. Fashion is an art that is seen through clothes. It is supposed to be worn. Else, it would just be art that is meant to be displayed in a gallery. Therefore, fit is an important factor when it comes to fashion design. Any great artist can sketch an outfit, but the execution is the deal breaker. I’ve looked at a few sketches on and some of them looked great on paper, but the end result looked nothing like the original vision. What it looks like on a person matters! I loved Santino’s collection on the hanger. His blue dress was great, but I was disappointed when I saw it on the model. It didn’t fit her at all. If these people can’t fit their clothes onto their models, who are there, how are they supposed to make clothes for people they’ve never seen?

When I shop, it all comes down to fit. I would only buy it if it fits me and flatters me. Wearing ill fitting clothes is never recommended, no matter how pretty it looks on the hanger.

That being said, I loved all three of them and I’m sure they’ll do great things in the future. I really wish though that Santino and Andre would do a TV show together. I’m so entertained by those two. :)

Abby said...

I'm so happy for Chloe! I spent most of the show trying to convince my mom that Chlo was going to win and she did!


praddicted said...

Okay, I'm listening to Tim's Podcast. Every time he starts to talk about Santino and his issues, I can barely hear it. Tim, you're making me cry!! You are so sweet and you really added so much to this season!!