Friday, March 24, 2006

An Audition Account From a Season 3 Hopeful

We received a letter from Kayce Armstrong that we reported about here. She tells us that her bio video is off and describes her time at the Miami auditions:

Inside the audition room (heart pounding, my eyes dilating, adjusting to the change in lighting) when I stood on the X, I had to get extremely focused on everyone in front of me (Chloe, Tim). I immediately congratulated Chloe on her success. She truly is radiant! It was tough, there were moments of silence followed by well thought out and executed questions. As if on the "stand" it is completely necessary to be honest and forthcoming. Tim is hilarious, I couldn't help notice what he was wearing and how he was the one next to Chloe flipping through my "mishmash" as he called it of designs. Ha gaak! I'm not sure who else name-wise was at the table; they did introduce themselves but too much, too fast. My head was spinning a bit and I looked at my model Terri and she gave me the "girl, you go now! look" I was then able to relax a bit and just try to answer the questions without too much blah blah,(which I have been told that I can talk a lot!)

I was glad that I chose the 'tulip dress' because that's got to be one of the hardest things to decide for us designers. Somehow your ego can make mistakes and I needed to try and trust that my decision to have Terri wear the dress was best from a more commercial point of view. I had brought some large photographs (3'X4') to make an impression about the kinds of a things that inspire me; that's when I believe that almost everyone at the table knew that I am not only creative but very serious about my vision.

Tim was tough. Chloe, to my surprise, spoke directly to me and said (not a perfect quote...), "You know that you have to make things within 12 hours or less. Are you able to do this?" I was shaking when I said, "Yes." It will be hard and I will probably come up against things that are beyond my skills. That's when the artist, the creative mind, must take over to find the way.

She says there is more to come but she does describe the adrenaline rush of the moment as well as how hectic this week has been for her. We're told that, among other things, her website will be updated dramatically soon.

We continue to wish her the best of luck and we count her as a friend of Blogging Project Runway. I know we look forward to hearing more of this experience ... and hopefully seeing more of her very soon!


Tbone said...

Thank You Kayce for that report - we wish you the best!

I'm happy to report that I'm in NYC now making final preparations for the big BPR Tour tomorrow. Stay tuned everyone, it's gonna be fun!

Abby said...

I hope you get through, Kayce! Your clothes are so beautiful. It would be a lot more enjoyable watching the show to know that one of the designers was really a good person and a great designer.


MindThatGirl said...

Oh lord, I can't imagine how nerve-racking the audition process must be. I think I would just black out at the sight of Tim.

Hope to see you on the show Kayce!

Unknown said...

My name is Inaia and I am a jazz singer. I used Kayce's dresses for the photoshoot for the cover of my CD. I felt amazing in her designs and my photographer was completely inspired when she saw what I was wearing. There is nothing I would have rather worn. I think she is so talented and I am a huge fan of Project Runway. I would love to see Kayce on the show. If you would like to see the results of my photoshoot in her creations visit