Sunday, March 26, 2006

An Early Recap From Moi;!

At BPR, ask and ye shall receive! No sooner than the call goes out for recaps, they start coming in. Moi;, like the rest of us, is exhausted. But the photo of her with Tim Gunn is...let's see, how should we put it? Priceless!

ETA: We think we have Moi:'s slideshow fixed! These are great!


praddicted said...

You know Jan is piddling in her panties, LOL. Jan, I am so happy for you!! You guys have to give us details of Macy's, I am really sorry we left-Tell us all about it.

It was really a wonderful day-truly half the fun was the people we were with!

AJ said...


And sad I couldn't come:(

Trish said...

They really are great! thanks Moi ;)

Upstate NY PR fan said...

Thanks so much, Moi - The BPR group looks like great fun and what an exciting tour! It's wonderful that this blog has brought the group together in this online and now "real" experience, and that we can all enjoy your time in NYC, even if we couldn't be there!

The timing was great to see Tim Gunn and the other cast members and to experience the auditions. Can we redo the tour at the next auditions, hopefully in the summer (if they do two this year)?

Moi ;) said...

Thanks! I have some more, I took like 100 so eventually I will get them all in there.

I had a hit on my blog from Estonia today. Wow. Talk about BPR Worldwide!!! :D

thescot said...

You all look so great. Wise, witty and now WOW! Once again (adopt a Garcia grimace), it's all just too much!

Seriously, so glad you had such a wonderful time. Merci Moi, thank you everyone for sharing it with us,

iluvtimgunn said...

I'm so jealous about your trip, and especially that you got to meet Tim Gunn! I hate you all (kidding). Thanks for the awesome photos. At least I can live vicariously through them.

Jan the Dan Fan said...

moi, thank you for sharing your pics so quickly, and for getting a few of me and Daniel! Hee! :)

What an experience-and no praddicted, no piddling, but lots of jumping up and down afterwards!