Thursday, March 16, 2006

From the Mailbox

Here is a great article about Chloe, (Thanks Bridget!) and here is a story about Michael Kors and his mom.... Awwwww.... (Thanks Teresa!) Chloe is also mentioned in Time magazine! (Thanks Alex!)

ETA: And here is a new interview with Tim Gunn in The Advocate. And another Chloe article from an Asian news journal. Thanks Wendie!

And they keep coming! It's a big day for Chloe in the news. Thanks Y!


Tbone said...

"and I like real people better".. that's why we love you Chloe!

There is a great photo of her that accompanies the blurb in Time, but it isn't online. Can someone out there send it in?

KCF said...

My God, is there anyone on the planet wiser, kinder and all-around better than Tim Gunn?? If I meet him at Emmett's party, it will just make my year. I keep wishing for him to mentor me through LIFE!

praddicted said...
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