Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Project Runway Insider - Emmy Entry

Clockwise from top left: Santino's winning design from Road to Runway; Chloe's winning design from Clothes Off Your Back; Nick's winning design from All Dolled Up; Daniel's winning design from Garden Party; Zulema's winning design from On Thin Ice; Santino's winning design from Social Scene
Can you guess which episode of Project Runway was sent to the Emmy nominating committee? Was it:

Road to Runway
Clothes Off Your Back
All Dolled Up (Barbie Challenge)
Social Scene (Nicky Hilton Challenge)
On Thin Ice (Sasha Cohen Challenge)
Garden Party (aka Flower Power)

Tell us which show you think was sent and which one should have been sent. Tell us why.

Yes, we know the answer.


Trish said...

I'll go with Clothes Off Your Back for many reasons.
1. Obviously Andrae's meltdown.
2. We really got to see how the show works - the challenges and the time constraints and the personalities of the designers (Santino "they just didn't want give me 2 in a row" etc.)
3. Diane Von Furstenberg judged. Enough said lol.

AJ said...

I'm gonna go out on a limb and say Social Scene...a lot happened in the episode with the party, the walk off, Nicky Hilton, Marla making a knockoff etc...

In my opinion though, the Inspiration show was one of the best. It had angst, humor, the "mother f***ing walkoff" and really amazing designs...

praddicted said...

I'm picking Flower Power because:

1. The challenge of making a dress out of flowers and those materials vs fabrics was really great. A lot of good exposure to the design process here, I thought.

2. The humor in this episode-the Timpressions, Heidi's houseplant comment and Kara's "I'd rather be smoking it right now"!

3. The five left in this episode were the fan favorites, for the most part and were a large enough group to show the range of the show but small enough to be able to enjoy the personalities and see more of each person, which in the beginning episodes are kind of rushed.

Sorry this turned into a book!

LauraK said...

I'll just say that the Barbie episode was my personal favorite. The designs were fun and whimsical. The sight of the designers holding their dolls during the runway judging - priceless! And we had the famous "Barefoot Appalachian L'il Abner Barbie" quote from Michael Kors.

Jan the Dan Fan said...

I'm going with Garden Party for the same reasons as praddicted mentioned (that wasn't a book-it was a thorough opinion!)
It's also a personal favorite because there was ALOT of Daniel airtime--including his "coming out" story.
Have I mentioned that I MET Daniel?
Just checking... :)

ABC said...

I hope it's not Social Scene.

Nicky Hilton was painful to watch. And I think PR should do everything they can do differentiate their show from the Simple Life.

andy said...

I personally think that the Garden Party will be the entry sent in. It is one of the more specific, more complex challenges (and therefore, a little more interesting). It had lots of humor in the episode, there was a little tension as well with the model walk-off. It was a good balance.

In general, I think a good choice would have been the COYB challenge because I thought it was one of the most interesting challenges, and showed the designer's creativity to the fullest. I also love Chloe, so it was great to see her win.

C Merry said...

I'll go with Trish on this one.. COYB .. its not my favorite of all of them (i love them all really), but for the reasons listed I would guess that would be the one. To see people have to shred their very own clothing to prove their dedication is pretty amazing.

I love the My Scene episode, I just love the dollies getting involved- maybe next season it will be the Bratz LOL. I also love the flower challenge because Tim was really cute in it I love the Flotsam and Jetsum!