Saturday, March 25, 2006

Happy 25th Birthday Daniel Vosovic!

Have a wonderful day!


echoe311 said...

Awww.... it's his birthday and he has to judge.


LilyBart said...

We love you Daniel!

pacificblusea said...

Happy Birthday to an incredible designer with classic timeless taste, and

to a man who, like a sage, offers compassion and care to those he encounters.

What an magnificent combo!

karen said...

Happy birthday Daniel. Hope your day was great and you enjoyed yourself!

Abby said...

Happy birthday, Daniel V.


Jan the Dan Fan said...

I got to say "Happy Birthday" in person!!!

Hope you enjoyed your dinner plans and got to have some fun before resting for tomorrow's auditions.

Thank you for being so gracious and kind after such a long day!

kccody4 said...


I bet you made Daniel's birthday complete by meeting him today.

Need pictures and lots of descriptions!!

echoe311 said...

I got to take a pic with him!

It was great!


Jan the Dan Fan said...

kccody--MY day was made complete by meeting Daniel! I'll get my pics sent to our BPR crew this morning.

And Milton--we met him!!! I'm still giggly over it and could dance around some more! You were amazing with the Macy's people and Kristine and I really enjoyed spending time with you afterwards!

Jan the Dan Fan said...

Oh! And thank you TBone and Scarlett for the Daniel birthday pic collage. I noticed the towell shot right away.

You guys crack me up!!!

editorgrrl said...

A few of us met Tim Gunn and Daniel Vosovic after their long day of season 3 auditions Saturday at Macy's. There had been birthday cupcakes backstage--Tim said there was a minor snafu with the candles, and it looked like Daniel was taking a few home in a bakery box.

He had reservations for a birthday dinner with friends but took the time to talk to us, pose for photos, and sign an autograph for Milton. Daniel said he's been going on lots of interviews "but that's good, because it means I've got lots of options."

Karen in New Haven

AJ said...

Happy Birthday baby!