Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Chicago Fans Meet Tim And Nick!

When I first found about the Chicago audition for Season 3 of Project Runway, I immediately thought, "FIELD TRIP!!!" I was able to convince a few of my friends from work, all female attorneys obsessed with the show, to come with me and off we went to see what we could see. We didn't arrive until close to 5, but there were still a number of hopefuls waiting for their chance. Although the lobby of the W was filled with all sorts of people, you could immediately pick out the contestants from the remaining crowd, what with their crazy outfits and crazy hair (and I use the adjective "crazy" in only the most loving and appreciative way). You gotta love creative, artistic people and how they express themself.

After we settled in and ordered drinks, I decided (after incessant egging on from my friends) to do some investigating of my own, and jumped in an elevator with some hotel guests and a handful of the contestants and an authoritative looking production assistant, to figure out where the actual auditions were being held. Not knowing whether there would be heavy security (and not wanting to be too obvious), I didn't dare get off on the same floor as the contesants when they first got off, instead I rode all the way up with the other guests, chatting with them about Project Runway, and then rode back down to the 6th floor and got off. At the end of one hallway, I spied some clothing racks and contestants getting ready to go in for their audition and more production assistants prepping them for it, putting on their mikes, getting them to sign forms, making sure they had all of their clothing out, etc. I stood against one wall almost paralyzed, wondering when someone was going to throw me out, but thankfully no one did. They all spoke in hushed tones as filming was going on. The audition room was further down another hallway but I didn't dare go there. Instead, I chatted up some folks who had just come out. "It was so quick!...I could barely see Tim and Nick [at that moment my heart leapt]...They were so nice, I wanted their autograph!" were the general comments. The production assistants were bringing up more contestants and I decided to go rejoin my friends and give them the fantastic news that Nick was there.

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christopher.john said...

Whoa, that is big! Congrats on meating Nick and Tim! By they way, the new winner for the challenge Project Designer is up. Here:

LauraK said...

This is a great story! Thanks so much for sharing.