Saturday, March 11, 2006

Kara's Decoy Collection

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Now our Blogging Project Runway readers that are Mac users can see the fabulous Kara Janx collection that was posted on the Bravo site. Thanks to BPR friend, Glenn!


Tbone said...

If she was judged with the others she would have won, hands down. But Tim makes an excellent point in his podacst. If she knew she was being judged, would this have been the collection she created?

LauraK said...

Thanks Glenn and Scarlett for adding this to BPR. We aim to be the most complete resource for Project Runway fans!

Eric said...

Thank you for coming to the aid of us Mac users and posting this.

Was great to see Kara's designs in motion. Loved her combination of color and texture. Only wish she would have poured a bit more of her funk into the challenges during the season as I'm sure she could have claimed a win. Love Kara's designs on her site [especially the men's] so was a bit disappointed not to see a stronger influence on the show.

katiecoo said...

Thank you for this! That was fantastic! Go Kara! Loved the hats!

... said...

Omg, I loved her line, it was great.

I really wish it was her in the final three instead of santino.

But i must admit, if she would have won over chole i would have been happy and sad
i loved both her and chole throught the show
more chole but i still loved kara.

Colin and/or Michele said...

Oh my--it was a spectacular collection just in the still photos we got to see, but on the models and down the runway--superb! Kara really is a PR winner--I actually don't think her collection would have been half as good had she made it to the final three. Being a runner-up clearly gave her free reign to really be creative and just flat-out cool.