Thursday, March 30, 2006

Laura K's Recap - Part One "Where's Dan?"

My son, Daniel and I arrived at JFK on Friday evening. I called my daughter Kaitlin from the cab and she headed over to the Westin to meet us. I also called Dianne, our "Official BPR Tour Guide" and we set up a time to meet and to go over the details of our PLAN.

Dianne met us a little later and we headed out to find some food. Daniel is always hungry. We got a little lost - "I know Chipotle is around here somewhere..." but it wouldn't be the last time. (Cue the foreshadowing music here.)

We had some very important decisions to make. Should we try to go to Toys R Us? How long should we spend at Mood? How long will it take to walk to Kara's? From Kara's to Emmett's? How long will it take to serve us all lunch? And exactly how many of you would actually show up? Hmmmmmm.... all critical questions. Mostly we just visited. Dianne has a whole group of PR fans at her office and I am SO jealous!

Kaitlin had a class that evening and Dianne had plans with friends so we parted ways agreeing to meet in the hotel lobby the next morning. Later on I called Emmett wondering if he was able to invite Diana to our gathering and he said that she was busy but that Zulema might stop by! I called Dianne right away! Zulema!

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