Wednesday, March 08, 2006


It's hard to believe that tonight is the last episode of the season! FINALLY!

I'd like to propose here that we make no last-minute-predictions. Yes, I've read all of the message boards, blogs, websites and articles that mostly predict Daniel V as the "favorite" but we know that anything can happen on Project Runway. I only mention this to avoid receiving 50 e-mails with links to these items. NO SPOILERS, of course. If someone else announces the winner in advance - don't tell us, okay? We just want to enjoy this. I'm serious here folks. Really.

There will be no criticism of any finalist's collection, personality or appearance. No reminding one another of previous grievances. No references to "80's" or "prom dresses" or "Banana Republic" or even "whickety-whack." No comparisons of the relative hardships of our designers and no complaints about editing. Okay? Just for one day. : )

Let's just enjoy this! All of our designers are winners. The three finalists are already stars. Additionally, Kara has really impressed the Fashion Press. Andrae is absolutely compelling. He could be an actor I swear! Emmett has an exciting new venture. Daniel Franco too. Diana seems to be everywhere with her unique perspectives. Nick Verreos especially has gained recognition, fame and exciting new opportunities because of his appearance on PR (and his tremendous talent of course.) So, there are no losers here. Everyone wins - especially us, the viewers and fans.

Let's take this final day to thank the designers for sharing this with us. Let's wish them ALL the best. Let's thank the producers of the show for a GREAT second season. I can hardly wait for tonight!

Meanwhile...just to keep us occupied here is a link to all of the TwoP recaps of this season's episodes. They are great fun. Many times they weren't completed in time for our "Weekend Recap-aloozas" and I failed to add them afterward. My bad. They are wonderful. Enjoy, and have a great day!


AJ said...

Thank you Project Runway for a wonderful season!

And thank you to Laura, for providing us with an amazing place to discuss our favorite show! This has made the Project Runway experience that much better:)


Trish said...

yes, thank you Laura!

I am so sad right now. As excited am I am to see tonight, I'm sad that next week - or next month, etc. I won't be able to come here to read recaps, comments on "this week's episodes".

I do look forward to meeting everyone in NYC though - and to Season 3!!!

Thanks everyone!

Jan the Dan Fan said...

This is so bittersweet. I'm so psyched for tonight's episode, but I don't want the Season 2 experience to be over.

Laura--your site has been such great fun. I loved having a positive place to share my joy over this show, this season, and this cast--particularly Daniel V! :)

Shawn said...

I second your motion that we keep it clean and just remember how wonderful PR is! I am going to really miss seeing all of the designers each week...can't wait to see what is going to happen tonight! YAY PROJECT RUNWAY!

Thanks for being so kick ass and keeping us up to date on all things Project Runway.

sallahdog said...

Thanks Laura, this site is an absolute gold mine. Passions run high about this show, but I truly appreciate a place that allows debate but believes in being civil and fair.. not always easy to find on the internet these days...

I completely agree that everyone of these designers is a winner in their own right. When you think of how hard it must be to expose yourself and your ideas and all the just plain hard work that these contestants put out in a grueling month of production (no days off at all). To trash any of them at this point would be petty and mean spirited.

Thanks to all the contestants on this seasons PR for all your hard work and sharing yourself with us! You done good!

Bmoboy said...

I am reminded of the feelings I experienced when two local teams went all the way and won their respective championships. It was like I was an extra member of the team.

The difference with PR is that no matter who wins tonight I will be happy. All three have proven their skills and talent. I'm not rooting against any of them.

As you put it so well, everyone of the designers won this year. Whether the prize was increased business opportunities or new fans and friends, each of them has done well.

I feel like I have met a new fascinating group of creative people who have allowed me to watch as they faced unusual challenges and learned more about themselves.

I will miss the excitement and anticipation of Wednesday evenings and the rehashing of Thursday mornings. But it's been great.

See ya in Season 3!!

praddicted said...

Thanks, Laura for this great blog and wonderful place to chat and share our thoughts fairly, *nicely*, equally and without digression. I've really enjoyed getting to know everyone and we'll just have to thin of some things to keep us busy in off-time!

It's so true-all of the designers are winners, aren't they? And so were we!

erin said...

Thank you for this blog Laura! It's been a great resource for my favorite show, as well as way to interact with all the PR addicts out there. I am sad to see it end, but it's always exciting to think about the next season.

JRT said...

Today is a feeling of utter mixed emotions. I am glad to finally see the collections come down the runway, nervous to hear the results, and depressed that these magnificent designers will no longer be on television show for me to watch on Wednesday nights.

To all the designer: You all are truly amazing and awe-inspiring. You have given me the desire to push my creative sense further. The work by each designer has been wonderful to watch evolve. The designers were each had their own style and it amazed me how you could continue to create 'new' designs in such a short period of time. If you really think about that aspect of time, it is absurd to think about. And again, never forget that each of you are amazing at what you do. Keep pushing forward and the brightest of bright futures is ahead of you all.

To Mamma Laura and the mods here, thank you for providing us this forum to speak our mind and gather as a community to discuss one of the best shows (yes, reality show) on television in the last couple of years. This is the haven for up-to-date information about PR, and has over this season become somewhat of a life-source for me, as weird as that sounds. The creativity of the moderators on this website is evident too, in this beautifully designed blog. You all rock, and never forget it.

To the rest of the community here, thank you for providing thoughtful insight and intellegent conversations throughout the season. Can't wait to see you all back for Season 3.

Sorry this is so long, just wanted to speak my mind.

thescot said...

Extraordinary job, Laura. You have navigated us all through the treacherous shoals of negativity masterfully--mistressfully doesn't sound quite right.
I think I'm VERY much older than the average PR addict--so I don't want what I'm about to say to sound condescending, because I truly don't mean it that way, but I am so happy to have "met" so many intelligent, thoughtful, creative, and, let's face it, down-right funny people on this site. Y'all have upped my optimism quotient a hundred-fold. Thank you everyone.

katiecoo said...

Thank you to Project Runway and thanks to you guys here for this great blog. I'm sad already but excited and hopeful for SANTINO! :D

Can I complain about Jay McCarroll's snotty remarks on the Today Show today? Ugh.

George said...

Well spoken Laura.
This has been a good season and I'd have to agree I've mixed emotions on who should win because I've grown attatched to them in different ways.
Well, here we go.

May said...

This has been a great season and BPR has made it so much the better! So thanks Laura!

All 3 finalists should be proud, and so should Kara. Beautiful, inspiring work, and I'm sure all the designers have exciting careers ahead!

I'd also like to congratulate Tim Gunn on becoming this season's breakout star. Sophisticated, intelligent, fair, and seemingly beloved by all.

marion said...

Thank you to the Project Runway cast, especially Tim Gunn for his erudition and glamour! Many, many thanks to Laura and the other moderators. This truly is a wonderful blog, in part because as a community we behave decently but also because we LOVE that PR! Cheers to all of you!

Trish said...

You're right. I think all the contestants should be congratulated. I mean, obviously we all LOVE Andrae's "Inspiration" dress, but he's not in the Final 3. Nick is famous now thanks to Barbie and he's not in the Final 3 Emmett is opening his store...etc....the list goes on!
Congrats to all!

echoe311 said...

The "whickety-whack" reference made laugh out loud.

All my friends think I'm insane now, but none the less it made me smile.

I never saw the first season, but I bet this season was in a league of its own.

eric3000 said...

Thanks everyone (designers, producers, bloggers) for a great season! I really felt directly connected to the show through this blog.

Have a great time in New York! I'd love to go but I'm not a big enough loser to fly all the way to New York because of a television show. I'm totally joking! I'm exactly a big enough loser to do that but I'm going to resist! I'll definitely be there when the musical opens, though! Seriously, the tour sounds so cool; have fun!

Adriana said...

I can't believe the show's over tonight. What am I going to do Wednesdays? I loved this season even more than the first and I am terribly saddened to be saying goodbye to Season 2's cast. I know they're off to do bigger and better things, and thank GOD some of them write blogs, but I will sincerely miss my weekly dose of these amazing designers.

lem0ntart said...

Thank you Laura and everyone who has contributed to this blog. I really appreciate all the work that has gone into making this fun site for me to look at everyday. (Helped make waiting for Wednesday nights easier) I'm the only person in my family and circle of friends who watches Project Runway. I loved this community of avid PR fans.

Moi ;) said...

What a very sad night for me, I will miss all you guys! I have to laugh, they think Top Chef will do it for us? Ha, if I watch food shows, I want to eat. If I eat, I can't fit into the clothes....!!!!

Laura, what will you do with the blog when it's all over?

soldlikebagels said...

What a season! Big Thanks to Laura K and the rest of the crew for the detailed, well-executed, and non-vulgar blog. Season two had such a variety of talent and beloved personalities, it will be hard to top.

Upstate NY PR fan said...

Laura, moderators and other contributors,

I was just working on a post but it got wiped out! Suffice it to say that I've never visited a blog before but now I have incredibly high standards. Your work deepens and broadens the PR experience, as others have said.

The program presents the studio and creative process authentically, as well as the design jury process. Bravo to Bravo for that achievement! I will be appreciating the hard work of all the designers tonight, no matter who wins.

Laura - you should keep the blog going to follow the next steps for all these designers. There will be more news, I'm sure!

fashionasart said...

Lovely and appropriate comments as always, Laura.

There REALLY are no losers. The creme de la creme here (the final four plus Nick, Andrae and Daniel F particularly, both as human beings AND inspired designers) have gained many "friends" and invaluable recognition in both the industry and media. And wasn't it delightful to witness the Final Three working almost as a team, even though they were in fierce competition. And good reason!!! They were all three in the final stages of exhaustion and sharing the same, almost inhumanly gruelling human ordeal.

It was delightful to have Nick, Andrae and Diana back a"at the ranch" and their help was inestimable/absolutely critical. And they all came up wih "killer" garments, at least partially designed and almost totally constructed by themselves.

I am at peace with the judge's decision. It was obviously a two-way (almost three-way) tie. So other factors came into play, such as the theme/unity of the collections.
And Daniel had that offer from Michael Kors, and probably many others.

I regret that there wasn't at least passing mention of Kara. We did see one of her models in a backstage shot. Her collection was utterly amazing, with a big dose of fun, invention and charm.

I also regretted that Tim was so absent from the final half hour of footage. It would have been special to see him backstage with the designers, giving his unique and, I'm sure, loving critique of their collections.

I don't think Daniel's "purses" added anything to his collection. Tim was right. And it was unfortunate that his model tripped. I imagine that that worked against him to some minor/maybe miniscule degree, assuming the problem was with the design. Obviously there was not sufficient time allowed to do adequate fittings on the models and subsequent final adjustments.

Is anyone who was actually there going to do some commentary here on the total experience. By the way, there's nothing like seeing the garments on the models and in motion. Since real clothes are meant to move, this has to be an essential element in any serious critique.

I did, on second viewing, notice that nearly all Chloe's backs were exposed to the waist, sometimes with bands of material, ribbons, etc draped from the neck. The sameness sort of bothered me, and I wondered if a possible motivation was to save/stretch the material she had available and/or to save time (bypassing the sewing and fitting of these areas. I 'd be interested in hearing her explanation, also anyone else here.Her comment "Lack of sleep has made me a Diva" was priceless.

Terrific show, terrific finale!!!