Wednesday, March 29, 2006

TBone's BPR Tour Recap - Part 1

On the flight into New York from Detroit, my sister and fellow PR fan Kath turned to me and said, "If I see Daniel Vosovic, I think I'm going to kiss him!" What is it about Daniel that makes middle-aged, married women swoon and teenagers' knees buckle?

We were getting ready to embark on an improbable journey with people I "knew" through the Blogging Project Runway website, but had never really met. This takes a bit of bravery and trust in the blogosphere. It is very easy to hide behind our screen names and throw our comments around with some anonymity. But to actually show my face to everyone who had no clue what I looked like? Was I crazy? (And more importantly, what was I going to wear?)

On Friday evening I turned on my cell phone to discover a message. It was from Laura Kluvo! I had never heard her voice before. And the first thing she said was "TBone, I can't believe I'm hearing your voice!" She and Scarlett and I had been working together so closely, having great fun brainstorming ideas on how to make BPR better and coming up with new things to post. But all of our interaction with each other was electronic. For me, the chance to meet these two in person was a greater draw than any of the "celebrities" we may encounter.

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