Friday, March 31, 2006

Tbone's BPR Tour Recap - Part 2

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Daniel Vosovic, filmed outside of Macy's, March 25, 2006
She chickened out. There would be no kiss for Daniel Vosovic, but my sister Kath did maintain enough presence to snap a couple of photos. I immediately went into "BPR Field Reporter" mode and wished him a "Happy 25th Birthday". He turned to me and said, "Thank You! Yes, this is my golden day!"

This was all captured on camera by Bravo and there is a slim chance that Tbone may make a cameo appearance on the Season 3 RTTR episode. If this does occur, I will submit my resignation to Laura K, safe in the knowledge that BPR has reached its nadir.

Hi Mom!Worlds collided soon after as I spotted both Laura and Scarlett. It was like meeting long lost family members! We shared an emotional, happy embrace.And then we went to work. We had designers to interview. We had blog programming holes to fill prior to the start of Season 3. We needed information!

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