Thursday, March 30, 2006

Missed Tim's Live Chat? - Click Here

The transcript is available at the link above. Several questions from our readers made it through including two(!) from yours truly.

Tim was, as always, informative and charming with phrases such as, "Embrace your inner gladiator" (when talking about the trend toward Roman sandals) and "Think about how you can have a western flair without looking like Brokeback got you good" (when talking about cowboy boots during the spring). He also foreshadowed an upcoming challenge in Season 3 geared toward designing for reality versus runway.

Tbone and Laura K - we've got to work on having our own Tim Gunn BPR Live Chat!


LauraK said...

I missed the whole thing (volunteering in William's class this morning) - but I read the transcript. Classic Tim. What ever Bravo pays ain't enough!

praddicted said...

He's the whole package, isn't he?-smart, witty, such a sense of style-to combine Chinese antiques and Mr Wee, you have to have style to pull that off! I still marvel at how he *sees* things that others miss.

Great interview!