Wednesday, March 29, 2006

From the Mailbox

Hi everybody! Mom's home. I'm catching up on the mail and there are lots of great things to post - TOO MANY!

First is this great interview with Tim and Daniel Vosovic in The Daily Transom. Thanks Florrie and Karen.

Next, here is a report on Tim's appearance on Conan last night. Please feel free to add your own comments. Did anyone record this?

Hi Laura and company,

I caught Tim on Conan's show last night (of course!). He was so charming and funny. Conan said his wife got him watching the show and that he was amazed with how talented and quick the designers were with each challenge. And of course he threw in some Heidi "in" and "out" impressions. Tim was so lovable, especially when he recounted the two times he'd come across Conan in the past -- the first like 12 (!) years ago in a Tower Records and the second last year at the Emmy's I think. Tim even remembered what Conan was wearing -- in 1994! Sadly, the interview seemed to go by quickly, but both of them were so funny and had obvious respect for each other and a lovely rapport. Also, I think Conan wanted to make sure he looked especially stylish for Tim -- and he really did look snazzy. I love them both! They are a fun duo.

~ Celia

Next, Trish reminds us that there is a PR marathon on today including Project Jay. I'm watching the evening gown challenge right now. Oh, hold on, Tim just entered....this is where Tim reveals that Iman is the guest judge... they need to "Continue their trajectory." Have I mentioned that I love Tim? Okay - I can go on now....

Kenneth Fron was thrilled to see that Kara Janx wore a piece of his jewelry at a GLAAD event. Here is a link to more photos of Kara and Daniel Vosovic at the event. Thanks Kenneth!


sarah said...

Daniel looks sooo cute in that suit! That interview was great too. I wonder if Daniel will end up working for Michael Kors. I hope he does get his own line out 5 years from now...hopefully by then I'll be able to afford his clothes too. ;)

Kenneth said...

Hi, Everyone!
I am definitely on cloud 9 that Kara Janx wore my one-of-a-kind beaded necklace "Pebble Beach" Monday night at the 17th Annual GLAAD Awards in NY!!!! This was televised and will be shown on TV April 15th to millions of people around the globe. She is TOTALLY, TOTALLY AWESOME! It is SO COOL! It is my first red-carpet debut showing as well. I have 2 of Kara's tee-shirts and plan to buy 22 more! LOL! Believe me, I plan to stay her friend for LIFE! I hope that you will please, please visit my website, say HI and join my Mailing List, so that I can keep you informed of future breaking news!!!! I plan to feature Kara on my "Celebrity" page very SOON!

Thank you so much!

keys_qwerty said...

Kenneth, I LOVE your collection! It's so unique and colorful - I think I'm going to have to break my ban on accessory purchases and buy a necklace or something fun like that.

I'll make sure to send all my co-workers to your site since we're huge purveyors of jewelry. :o)

liz said...

It's great to see Daniel again. He has such a magnetic personality. I'm enjoying reading everyone's comments from the trip; no, I'm envious. Thanks for sharing.