Friday, March 31, 2006

Laura K's Recap - Part Two

From The Atlas we headed for Parsons. I was still concerned about Dan - but I decided that he could take care of himself. He is going off to college in the fall. I needed to relax!

I had arranged for a gentleman named Pasquale to lead us on a "Project Runway Tour" of Parsons. I didn't want to pretend that we were prospective students or that we would be interested in anything other than the PR rooms. I was completely honest about our reason for being there and Tim Gunn recommended Pasquale. He described him as a "treasure" and he surely is. Pasquale escorted us up to the sewing room and down to the auditorium. (Or was it down and up?) He took us backstage to see the hair and makeup rooms and out to the waiting room. Most of the rooms look completely different. "This can't be the sewing room, the sewing room is orange!" Well, everything is white now and the tables are arranged differently too. Pasquale patiently described how they were set up for the program. He let us know that he actually went to the OFW Show - LUCKY!

We danced, we sang....
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