Thursday, March 30, 2006

Did You Guess the Right Emmy Episode?

To quote Andrae from this episode, "Where do I begin?"

Yes, it contained most of the cast since it was early in the season.

Yes, Chloe won the challenge and Grace rocked the runway.

Yes, Zulema believed in her far-too-brief, tootie-exposing outfit and sent it down.

Yes, it contained the famous meltdown. And if you watch it again, note that Zulema held the hand of our little lamb.

Yes, it contained the legendary Diane Von Fustenberg as a judge along with Michael Kors and Nina Garcia.

And, yes, we have it from one of the most reliable sources that it is the very episode that was sent to the Emmy nominating committee. We present COYB (or Clothes Off Your Back as it may be known to the less fanatical fans).
Scenes from CYOB


LauraK said...

This makes a lot of sense. Maybe Project Runway will win this year!

praddicted said...

I'm glad that you pointed that out, Laura , about Zulema holding Andrae's hand. And Kirsten is crying, too, isn't she at one point? That's why I watch the reruns so many times-you see things you didn't notice before along with your favorite moments. This was a great episode-but wait, was there any one that wasn't??

Trish said...

YAY! I guessed it right!!!

C Merry said...

Yeah it must be hard to pick they are all so good :) I knew it Trish it had to be that one because I don't think I have ever seen anything like making them cut their own clothes and then the reactions.. just so human and touching.