Wednesday, March 22, 2006

More Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week News

BPR reader Leah writes:

I saw that you mentioned that Kara Saun showed at Mercedes Benz Fashion Week. I wanted to let you know that I attended a show earlier in the day and found none other than Andrae in the front row at the Elsie Katz Couture show! (Thus answering the question...where's Andrae? He's in the front row!) I spoke to him briefly after the show, he was so nice! And, by the way, blown away by the collection.

While driving away from the show, I saw Nick walking down the street towards the venue. I don't know which show he attended.

Thanks, Leah!

We found these images from the Gran Centenario event.

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LauraK said...

Thanks for your excellent report, Leah. Hi Andrae! Hi Nick!