Saturday, March 11, 2006

More Advice for Season Three

It seems like the right time to revisit some of our older posts regarding the next season of Project Runway. It will be here soon!

Here is our "design a challenge" from a while back.

Here is our advice for season three contestants.

Here is our early discussion about Season Three!


PhillyKat said...

i have to agree with insultcomicdog; do away with the decoy and let there be 4.

i really liked the voluminous vocation and doggy in the window challenge ideas. also, i kept waiting for them to design something for the pregnant heidi myself. it's too late for that now.

here's my idea:
Real Women Wear Designer Clothes -
The designers are given plus sized models and must design a day to evening ensemble (or an evening gown). This challenge to open them up to the fact the fashion industry ignores, MOST WOMEN ARE NOT SIZE 2! Mo'Nique should be the guest judge.

Anonymous said...

Missed out on the "suggest a challenge" thread the first time around, but it did kick up an old memory of a contest the National Enquirer used to have. (Wait! Don't tune out yet, this is going somewhere!) The gist of it: create the most elaborate sculpture/item of clothing you can, using nothing but old issues of the paper and, presumably, fasteners like glue, staples, and tape. The winners tended to achieve some astounding effects using collage, intricate folding, etc. Of course I can't seem to find any examples on Google, but I swear I'm not hallucinating this!

For the purposes of the show, I suppose they could take the designers to the NY equivalent of Paper Zone...but personally, I'd like to see them stick with tabloids/magaines heading for the pulp pile. Drag 'em to the nearest newsstand that's getting rid of the previous week's unsold stock, let them go nuts, see what happens. It'd be an ideal early-season innovation challenge, especially if you limited the budget for extras to $20 or less...just enough for adhesives.

Anonymous said...

I think there should be a maternity challenge!