Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Click Here For an Article About Daniel V


sb said...

"It's as if Jerry Rice had won 'Dancing with the Stars,'" AOL Entertainment said of Dao's victory."
Whoa, that's ridiculous...From what I gather, Jerry Rice was considered more popular than talented (as a dancer)--hardly the case for Miss Chloe! Clearly, she is an extremely talented designer (my favorite, along with Nick, from the start!) plus Santino or Daniel would have won any popularity contest, not her. Geez, can't wait for the "backlash" to end! You rock, Chloe!

lem0ntart said...

I'm happy to hear at least one judge saw what Daniel was trying to convey because I saw it clearly too. It was unfortunate they cut it in editing.
All the finalists were deserving competitors so I'm not going to put down anybody.
I'm a fan of Daniel so this article was good news.

[Not shown was guest judge Debra Messing's positive take on Vosovic's "theme" of Japanese sleekness and military brass. Viewers heard the judges say they didn't understand or see the "story" behind the collection.
"What you didn't see was Debra leaning over and saying, 'Are you serious? I got (the theme) right away.'"]

JRT said...

I don't know how far the PR staff is into finishing, making or whatever the DVD. But I wish they could somehow figure out how to put the whole season finale on the DVD. ALL the comments included from the judges. I could watch all the comments for a couple of hours. Wouldn't bother me, and I would actually pay more for it, since it would be stuff I hadn't seen before. Anyway, I think throughout the season I wish I could have seen more of the discussion from the judges. Also, I think it would have been helpful, even though tedious, for the judges to comment on each designers outfit on every episode. The first couple of episodes they just sent the safe/mediocre designers off. They would have benefited from hearing critiques about their designs as well. Just my opinion. I would love to see something different and never before seen in the DVD.