Friday, March 24, 2006

More News From Chicago

Click here to read an interesting article from Red Eye Magazine on the PR3 Chicago auditions with quotes from Tim Gunn. The competition is fierce just to make the first cut.

Also, here is a link to Paul Wesolowski, another Season 3 hopeful featured in the article. Thanks Kristi!

And introducing Heather Hambrecht, another one of the auditionees in Chicago. Thanks Tilli!


InsultComicDog said...

Heather Hambrecht seems to have a very strong point of view. A good thing when trying out for PR.

SciMommy said...

6'2" (my height, btw), with red dreadlocks and a strong point of view - mark my words, SHE'S IN!!!

Abby said...

I love them both, especially Heather. Her style is kind of retro but very modern.