Thursday, March 09, 2006

A Note From Emmett

Dear Laura:

This is a memorable victory for Chloe. Project Runway showcased 16 designers
all unique and talented in their own right. The judges had to make a tough
call but from the start Chloe had always shown originality, fine construction, and quiet determination in her sportsmanship.

I believe Chloe was most deserving of this recognition and she sets a new
standard for the designers of Season 3.

Congratulations Chloe Dao!


Thanks Emmett - we'll see you on the 25th!


echoe311 said...

Emmett is a real gentelman.

thescot said...

I echo(e) that.

Vajra said...

Emmett is so generous. What an absolutely lovely man.

katiecoo said...

I'll never forget Emmett, turning around as he left the runway, saying "was it the shirt?" (in the figure skating fuschia blouson).

Very classy man with a great sense of humor. Best to you Emmett.

katiecoo said...

One more thought. I was touched by Emmett's kindness to Santino when he was having the meltdown during the lingerie challenge. He seems like a person who just knows how to say the right thing at the right time.

praddicted said...

What a wonderful note-remember Emmett, too, helping Andrae sew his dress in COYB? When it was probably not in his "interest" to help someone out? May all your good come back to you, Emmett.

sarahlad said...

What a classy guy! He has stoof by Chloe from the begining and never has waver in his support for her. A true friend and gentelman.... and a great designer.

mcbrayerlg said...

Emmett was so underrated, his designs were absolutely beautiful. He is such a gentle soul, I just love him.

I love Project Runway 2 said...

People who are secure with themselves (their warts and all) don't need to tear down others.

There is enough success in the world everyone who pursues it.

Emmett (and Daniel the way) reflected that throughout the show!

Congrats Chloe and GO EMMETT!!