Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Attn: Knitters!

One of our readers has created a hat similar to the ones that Kara featured in her runway show. Now, I am definitely NOT a knitter, but I know a cute hat when I see it. I can guarantee that my daughter would love this. So, to keep you knitters busy on Wednesday nights - here is a link to Cookie's blog entry with instructions for her version of this great hat.


praddicted said...

That's very,very cool-I'm going to try one for my niece after I finish the 3 projects I'm working on now, LOL...

christine said...

shoutout to the knit crowd. mad love for PR, BPR, and yarn!

as a hardcore knitter, i was definitely rocking kara's hats. the yarn reminded me a bit of recycled silk from indian saris. the colors were very bright and reminiscent. check it out here.

kara references purl soho and suss design in her BPR interview. here's the likely ozark yarn used for the hats.

you can find lots of handspun yarns at etsy or kpixie. these kpixie girls (curators of yarn) are great. i have no connection to the company, except i do know they are based in boston, and each order from them has been a fantastic experience.

if you dont have enough money to afford kara's hats, you're welcome to recruit me for cheap labor... ;) well, i do knit a lot, so if you're BPR and want a handknit piece, lemme know! i do it out of love.

kara's colourful collection and awesome attitude are what make her a winner in my book. :)

christine said...

oops, the 'recruit me' link messed up.

feel free to talk to me about handknits at :) tanks!

Anonymous said...

Mmmm, talkin' 'bout knockoffs, eh?